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Chinês filha da puta the last of us 2 adiando por tempo indeterminado. Espero q a próxima pandemia só afete amarelos, só p pagarem pelo transtorno

Drake parabenizando Quavo pelo seu aniversário na live que o rapper está realizando agora em comemoração.


A4: Lots of Zoom mtgs for us! We held a town hall today for district staff and hit the 300 limit! #Advancechat…

Windows版Zoomにユーザー名やパスワード漏洩の脆弱性。メッセージに書かれた外部アドレスに注意… @engadgetjpより


I am not worried about Zoom Bombing, but I am getting increasingly with Zoom meeting bombardment... I feel all my life energy is sucked by 15 Zoom meetings a day

black ppl can entertain themselves under any and every circumstance lmao quavo live and them dollar streamers are lit

Since we are inside all day and night and life feels backwards we are embracing it. Breakfast for Dinner tonight! #StayAtHome #californialockdown

As a reminder the more I listen to politicians on the TV, and see people throwing full BBQs during a pandemic the more I believe that Thanos was right! #StayAtHome

Draw with a @Pixar storyteller TOMORROW at 2pET at @GMA on Instagram! Pixar's Kelsey Mann is going to teach you how to draw Ian Lightfoot from @pixaronward! Grab a pencil & paper and tweet your photos afterwards using the hashtag #ONWARD! #StayAtHome


Trump: “C-O-V-I-D-19. You know what that is, right?" OMG!! Does he know what that is? Because up until last month, he thought it was a Democratic hoax. Maybe replacing the pandemic response team with Jared Kushner wasn’t such a good idea? Just a thought... #TrumpPressBriefing

So who's next to add to this lame Coronavirus Response Team, Sean Hannity?Who the fuck is Jared Kushner without nepotism? #TrumpPressBriefing

#TrumpPressBriefing. I have to get this off my chest. Mnuchin’s standing up there bragging they stayed up ‘til 4 in the morning working. Most medical residents (at least the older ones) worked 36 hours straight on call every 3rd night for 3-4 years. STFU

Lecture done! First time doing a Zoom with that many people. Over 90 at one point! A lot of chatroom nonsense but that is what you get with large groups of anonymous people. As I like to say, I've been in chat rooms since 1995 or so, so I've pretty much seen it all already...

Had a really lovely time tonight, making pizza and watching others eat pizza via Zoom for @whatjoewrote's bday. Followed up with a pub quiz then another chat with Edinburgh pals. More video chats would be welcome - it's definitely brightened my day :) *hair flips included*

"The MPs are given laptops, credits. Is it a must they meet physically, there are so many apps; zoom, skype, house party. Why can't they use the same to help Kenyans at this juncture." ~ Yvonne Okwara is one legit and direct to point journalist Citizen TV acquired. Viva #NewsGang

This is PERFECT time to quickly survey parents/staff/students on how #DigitalLearning is going (too many Zoom meetings? not enough? etc.) so you can adjust to make things easier on everyone. @kelvineducation is doing this for districts! ❤️ it! #coronavirus #COVID19


In the mail--"How the South Won the Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy, and the Continuing Fight for the Soul of America" by historian Heather Cox Richardson.…

LOUISIANA STRONG: Pelicans shooting guard @jj_redick and his wife, Chelsea, are spearheading a campaign that will provide millions of meals throughout south Louisiana while it battles the coronavirus.…

Lockdown in South Africa might be followed by a protest by the look of things.

The founder of Styx calling in to remember Ed Farmer is the most Farmio meets thing that could happen today.…

The improvement in #airquality since the #StayAtHome order has brought blue skies to Southern California. But nighttime ozone levels in the #InlandEmpire are also on the rise thanks to this unique atmospheric chemical behavior.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.... #ATL #COVID19Pandemic #DeadlineWH *Doug Collins too*

Robert Kraft lends @Patriots plane to transport N95 #coronavirus masks from China…

#NFLxFOX El gobernador de Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, adquirió un millón de máscaras N95 de China; sin embargo, no tenía cómo trasladarlas a Estados Unidos Robert Kraft intervino y le prestó el avión de los Patriots; así que ya llegaron a Boston @FOXImpactoNFL


#COVID19Pandemic | Govt allows transit arrangements for stranded foreign nationals, evacuation of those who arrived in #India post-February 15…

Matt Hancock has announced the latest statistics on coronavirus: 163,194 have been tested 33,718 have tested positive 12,949 have been admitted to hospital 2,921 have died The latest scientific analysis says the rate of infection is doubling every 3-4 days. #COVID19Pandemic


Today is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay. It’s an opportunity for learning, to listen, and to recognize the incredible people facing an often invisible challenge. Let kindness and inclusion define the day.

"We are all the same, we are all equal....take my hand and we"ll make it" ...#WorldAutismAwarenessDay @UNICEFKosovo @qshhzh…

#ถือเป็นโอกาสที่ดีของแม่ It start from the mother of a Korean artist sued a person in Article 112 of the law because she was not happy with the fan club that accused herself of April fools day And Article 112 is the law that completely freed the rights and freedoms of the people

Este es el teaser trailer de #TrainToBusan Peninsula

Hello, everyone. Today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day & National Burrito Day, so I'm making my famous Peanut Butter & Jelly Burritos. Have a happy. #PeanutButterAndJellyDay #NationalBurritoDay


New England @Patriots owner Robert Kraft sent the team plane to China to collect personal protective equipment and bring it back to Massachusetts to use in the fight against the coronavirus.…


I strongly encourage everyone to research what happened during the Spanish flu from 1918-1920. #secondwave…

In 2022 election gusto ko mag file ng candidacy yung mga dada ng dada, let's see how u handle a country!!! #istandwiththepresident

Bakit matatakot sa banta na pag di sumunod sa batas ipapabaril? Eh kung marunong ka naman sumunod, anong ikakatakot mo? Rebelde ka ba? #istandwiththepresident

Just in case you haven't seen. Dr. Rishi Desai to @FoxNews: South Korea and the US had their first official confirmed cases on the same day - January 19th. They responded strongly. We dallied. [Trump played golf and held rallies.] And note which Desai. :)…

animal crossing pls say the egg thing was an april fools day joke pls this cant be for two more weeks pls

Me looking at yday's lame april fools #ACNH


Some people don’t know how to April Fools.


I might build a gaming pc instead of getting an Xbox Series X? @Ragevirus_X

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