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most of my messages are me just joking around,don’t take me seriously — joking around with a 17 year old girl... about sexual things... literally clownery tom…

Hindu girl refuses to distribute QURAN as ordered by Judge The girl says why only MUSLIMS become terrorists , Hindus were killed in Kashmir and thrown out, But they did not become Terrorists and this the question she raised and she was jailed for her views

I was not an iKONIC yet when I first saw this, I was like, who is that guy in red hoodie? And why is he kissing the girl But now, every time I see this, I just kennat hahaha! Love Scenario || #iKON_LS100M_Spotify || @YG_iKONIC…

#ObamaWasBetterAt Making America Better Not going 'MAGA' to a time when: Alaska belonged to Russia A black man was worth 3/5 of a white man Women weren't counted Kids worked as slaves Brown people didn't exist Yellow people hadn't been invented And red people where hunted #MAGA

“They’re always after me Bucky Barnes.” Captain Irish America

Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif for the first time suggests his country's ballistic missile program could be on the table for negotiations with the US - if America stops selling arms to its Gulf allies in the Mideast.…

When people ask me where I’m from, I always say “America”. When they ask where I’m *really* from, I say “Los Angeles”. When people tell me to go back where I came from (thankfully rare), I say, “Have you ever seen the traffic in LA? You’d leave too.”

Trump tapping into America's palimpsest: a text written, erased & written again; each time leaving traces of the old writing. He's whipping up his base w racist, xenophobic, hateful dog whistle rhetoric connecting to the worst in US past. Nothing good can come of this. #Resist!…

#ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo Give you up, let you down, run around, desert you, make you cry, say goodbye, tell a lie, hurt you

I don't believe i have to explain your own laws for you guys, but, here we go: - trump is not racist. even if he is; - being racist is not a crime (because of the 1st amendment). even if it was a crime; - its not impeachable. Stop acting like children. #ImpeachNow

I mean, who hasn’t had sex in a windmill? #TheBachlorette

Fill in the blank: If you STILL support @realDonaldTrump, you are a ______. a) RACIST b) RACIST c) RACIST d) None of the above *HINT* If your answer is “D” then you are also a #racist . #RacistGOP #justicedems

#TheBachlorette hannah b: i had sex in a windmill... TWICE! luke p:

#TheBachlorette on delivering tonight’s, “I had sex and Jesus still loves me” line to Luke P, “I don’t ever want my faith to be used to judge me for other decisions that I’ve made.”

22 years old and this still makes me hype as hell. #DemigodClaim


I feel like we cannot forget this happened, unironically setting the tone for the whole show #TheBachlorette

“Duuuude, dude, dude...I think *drunk burps*...I think those were the droids we were looking.” #OverheardAtStarWarsCantina

so far my +10s in feh, in the order i finished them, are raven, odin, lucius, clair, leon, mmorgan

The Maldanado acquisition is odd, unless the Cubs are planning to package Caratini in another deal.

So is Caratini on his way back to Iowa in 10 days or....?…

Thanks for putting on a great show #ExtremeRules #ExtremeRules2019


Me when I realized Sasha Banks is not returning tonight or face Becky at #SummerSlam. #Fatal4Way #RAW

That was Nattie's best promo that I've heard. #RAW #Fatal4Way

Why are we suddenly discussing Trump's racism like it's new? Everyone knew that he was racist as soon as he started the birther BS. The people who voted for him voted for him because he's racist and they like that. 1/9 #RacistPresident #RacistInCheif

Acho que esses ratings zuados do Madden são propositais. Olha o tanto de mídia que eles ganharam hoje só com os próprios jogadores reclamando disso hahaha. Ao longo da temporada as coisas devem ficar mais reais...

Jesus tap dancing Christ PlayStation Classic is $20 at Best Buy right now. I’ve spent more money at Taco Bell for crying out loud.


Mi playlist para cuando invadamos el Area 51


No se inquieten por nada; más bien, en toda ocasión, con oración y ruego, presenten sus peticiones a Dios y denle gracias. Y la paz de Dios, que sobrepasa todo entendimiento, cuidará sus corazones y sus pensamientos en Cristo Jesús. Filipenses 4:6-7 #Colombia

Señor Jesús, gracias por tu amor inagotable, por tu protección y tus bendiciones en nuestras vidas, danos un sueño profundo y reparador. Amén

Actor @austinbutler cast as #ElvisPresley in Baz Luhrmann's biopic. @tomhanks is also set to play Col. Tom Parker, the manager who controlled every aspect of Elvis' life #THRNews

The highest rated #Lions on Madden 20: DI D. Harrison Sr.- 95 OVR (92.0 PFF) CB D. Slay- 89 OVR (75.0 PFF) EDGE T. Flowers- 87 OVR (90.4 PFF) WR M. Jones- 86 OVR (71.8 PFF) WR K. Golladay- 83 OVR (81.1 PFF) RB K. Johnson- 81 OVR (81.1 PFF) Do you agree with the top #Lions?

The President has formally nominated Mark Esper, the former top lobbyist for defense contractor Raytheon, to serve as Secretary of Defense. Esper will have to show that he is taking appropriate steps to avoid conflicts of interest.…

not for nothing but the people who are saying "trump's tweets are racist and wrong because actually most of those politicians were born in the united states" are severely missing the fucking point.

Pompeo gave Zarif a special visa to come talk at the UN. He also dropped by ⁦@NBCNews⁩ to say “It is the United States that left the bargaining table. And they're always welcome to return," Zarif said. #NoWar…

Trump Blasts The Left For Anti-Israel Bias - Your News From Israel via @YouTube

#ExaNews ¿Crees que logre llenar el papel?

Uyku mesafeli bize ruhum, berzahta beklemeliyiz biraz daha! #ŞehitlerVatanı #RacistPresident #sela

Austin Butler interpretará Elvis Presley na cinebiografia do músico


#TheSquad is exactly what we need to combat this #RacistPresident. Trump is a fool and a criminal. But hey, maybe the GOP has some words on the matter, let's look at their response!

AU where Kirishima is obsessed with aliens so he joins in on the Area 51 Raid. He's one of the very few to manage to slip past the guards, but he's not ready for the alien that captures him, fucks him with its massive appendage, and impregnates him with its eggs.

Speak truth to power. We are all Americans nobody has the deed or ownership of America #RacistPresident #RacistGOP

Fuck Area 51, let’s jump the #BB21 wall. Who is with me?

This is your #RacistPresident: "Does it concern you,” a reporter asked, “that many people saw that tweet as racist and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point?" “It doesn’t concern me because many people agree with me,” Trump replied

Yüce Meclis'in çoktandır çıkmayan sesi @yavuzagiraliog ile gür ve Hak üzre çıkıyor artık! Şehid Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu'na bir Fatiha sıcaklığında ulaşmıştır bu nida! #ŞehitlerVatanı #RacistPresident #sela

My mentions have taken a bit of a pounding today re that Alan Turing thread. Never intended it to be anything other than a light question about British Jews and it turned into a bit of a pile on. Anyway, have written a thing, and might publish in morrow. Signing off..

Also, Trump’s supporters who support Israel, is it because you believe all Jews must return there to bring about judgement day when Jews must embrace Jesus or be flung into the pit of Hell? If so, your support of Israel is a tad Anti Semitic.…

O padre kkkkkkk Jesus é judeu como eu Hahahahahahahahha hahahahahahahahha hahahahahahahahha hahahahahahahahha #Abner COMO NÃO AMAR? ÓRFÃOS DA TERRA

CHRISTIAN WARRIORS, living an inconsistent ungodly life before a child can provoke a child. A parent who tells a child one thing, then turns around, does the opposite thing himself or herself is full of hypocrisy and false. We must live in Jesus’ Holy Spirit, In raising children

Late news I know but sweet pea is dead? Oh man. One of the best pure boxers I’ve ever seen. Jesus wept. Sad news that.

Men... We need to stand up, stay alert, and protect the women in our lives and strangers who need our help if necessary. I’m so sorry this happened #ripbianca

Because #ripbianca is still trending, here is a few more pics of my dog when he was a wee puppy ❤️


They gave Trubisky a 75 ovr on Madden?


Sweet Pea didn't duck fighters though... RIP Champ....…

BBC News - New face of the Bank of England's £50 note is revealed as Alan Turing…. A brilliant minds mathematician who was critical in solving the Nazi encrypted communications and later prosecuted for homosexuality is now justly honored.

Why not celebrate #PrimeDayAmazon at #Vromans, where it’s #PrimeDay every day! Our staff are always on hand to give you tailored recommendations, catch you up on the latest bestsellers, or find that book with the blue cover that you’ve been looking everywhere for. #shoplocal


Been eager to pick up some @FANGORIA books but haven’t wanted to make the investment? For #PrimeDayAmazon use the code PRIMEBOOK19 and get $5 off!…

Salute my good brother @StevESPNKim for his perspective on Sweet Pea #RipSweetPea

The fact that Lamar Jackson is above trubisky is pure disrespect…

Hear what your Spartans have to say about last season, this season, and the motto for this upcoming year! #SpartanPride #Redemption

Kindness is free! Thow that stuff around like confetti! #mondaymotivation


Correct answer: Kuldeep Yadav Congratulations! @starrlord2011, @1m_rajesh, @sab_Offl. You win a Free Entry worth ₹50 in 16th July West Indies A vs India A match (Max entries 3 per user). #WIAvINDA #FantasyCricket #SportsQuiz #MondayMotivation

This #Monday feels super charged up as the final week before #VivoProKabaddi begins. Are you as excited as us to see the new #team play with #Josh and kickstart their season 7 journey? Tell us in the comments below! #HowsTheJosh #MeMumba #Mumboys #MondayMotivation


This week may the Lord be your secret hiding place, protecting you from troubles and surrounding you with songs of deliverance. May joyous shouts of rescue release your breakthrough in Jesus name. (Psalms 32:7 TPT) #MondayPrayer


Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, an……


Index and proof edits have been sent off! Now to turn my attention to tomorrow's presentation for the final 'Exploring Inequalities' @UCL_GCJE @resfoundation roundtable where I'll be sharing preliminary findings in advance of report writing beginning in earnest. Exciting times!

If you commented it on the area 51 we will count that to

#LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO LIVE WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST. John:1:4, 14:6,17:3,1 John:5:12.

#commutemusic: Mr. Bungle — California (1999, Warner Bros.) - Missed this anniversary by two days: The final studio album by Mr. Bungle, California was released 7/13/99 - #mrbungle #mrbungleband #mrbunglecalifornia #mikepatton #trevordunn #dannyheifetz #barmckinnon #treyspruance


I wish more newspapers and TV networks would do this. #SilenceEqualsCompliance - and if I see the phrase “racially charged” again, I’m going to throw something at my screen.…

Instead of storming Area 51 why don’t we do literally ANYTHING else???

TOMORROW: Catch the fallout of #ExtremeRules on #Raw, LIVE from 10am (AEST) on @FOX8tv!


Great to see Aleister Black back in the ring rather than sitting in a broom cupboard. Decent match, likely to be match of the night, but both could do so much more if allowed to. #ExtremeRules #wwe

#RacistInChief will try to divide us and distract us with racist, sexist, xenophobic or homophobic comments, but the reality is that Mueller will testify soon and there's nothing he can do about it. #MondayMorning "Office of the President" #SilenceEqualsCompliance #WeCareDoYou

The share of St. Louis residents working in "creative" fields has risen sharply in the last decade.…

Our country is a hot mess! Watching @KenCuccinelli on #CNN defend our #RacistPresident is horrifying. Stop remaining silent because #SilenceEqualsCompliance

Today In 1967: St. Louis Cardinals star pitcher Bob Gibson has his leg fractured by a Roberto Clemente line drive. He pitches to three more batters before finally collapsing! #MLB #STLCards #Tough


Remains found in a remote area of Oregon are believed to be of missing actor Charles Levin, who played numerous roles on television comedies such as "Seinfeld" and "Night Court."​…

Senators @RoyBlunt @HawleyMO, The St. Louis Fire Dept chief says paramedics are seeing so many bodies & so much bloodshed that they're quitting faster than he can hire replacements. 20 of the 55 paramedic positions in the city are vacant.… #EndGunViolence

St. Louis couple rolls all 7s and 11s with daughter’s birth #GMN…

Authorities in Grants Pass believe they may have found the body of missing Seinfeld actor Charles Levin.…

#SaveTheDate Concert For Terry returns on Saturday, July 27 at St George's Anglican Church in New Hamburg. Performances by Rebecca Binnendyk, Charlene Nafziger, Jesse Parent, Avery Raquel, Tim Louis, Ella Nafziger, and Dayna Manning. Admission by donation.


This Shar-Pei/Beagle is the best St. Louis sports-related combination since Hull and Oates!…

Euphoria really out here being one of the best TV Series right now, and people have the audacity to sleep on it. #EuphoriaHBO


Expect steady rain in the middle of the day in #StLouis. A damp afternoon is forecast. More on Today in St. Louis right now.


#漆黒満喫中 イルメグについた!!


⚠️⚠️Join me and my Crypto Friends at the Bitcoin Ben Global Adoption Tour Saint Louis Charity Meetup!! August 17th at the Officer Blake C. Snyder Memorial Park (Lawrence Hensler Shelter), 9801 Green Park Rd, St. Louis, MO 63123.

I #VoteVako for MLS Player of the Week!

I #VoteVito for MLS Player of the Week!

Anger, if not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury that provokes it. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Даже не знаю, какой же фасон мне выбрать. С цветом я разберусь потом.


Auch eine neue Bereicherung, die es früher nicht gab: Schwimmen unter Polizeischutz?… via @WEBDE_News

ルシウスパパ娘がいたら絶対に溺愛説の話から気持ちが盛り上がって、描いてしまったマルフォイさん家の娘ちゃんのような何か。 My friend and I talked about if Lucius san had a daughter, he would dote on her...then, I made my another OC, Alya Malfoy san.


My hidden folder of Yagyū pictures was found. #ThatsWhyIFakedMyDeath

¡The New Day Nuevo Campeones En Pareja! #ExtremeRules


Hell yea, New Day did it again!! #AndNew #ExtremeRules

NEW DAY are your neeeeeew tag-team champs #ExtremeRules


μ's - サイバーガール / Cyber Girl


oh my girl banhana after recording banana allergy monkey

y is it so hard to find a girl to hop on a song with me

ugly girl summer


I'm feeling abused by #BigLittleLies tonight. Jesus Christ. This is fucking brutal.

If geraldo call u a racist...babyyyyy you are David mf Duke

ORAMOS: A través de ISAÍAS 61: 1>11. Por los dirigentes en los tres niveles de gobierno. Por los servidores públicos para que desempeñen correctamente su encargo. Y por los Ciudadanos Mexicanos, capaces de Agradar a DIOS, glorificar a CRISTO JESÚS, promover la PAZ y Prosperidad.

"Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things [which belong] unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes." ~Luke 19:42 #Jesus #Bible #Love

Che, ¿qué onda los memes del Área 51? ¿No se cansan de dar vergüenza ustedes?

jesus fucking christ

TWITTER may not be the only way to spread the good news of #Jesus Christ. But It's a Good One!

Jesus que me dê paciência viu kkkkkkkk nu

Top 10 is fucking atrocious jesus christ

How fucking racist do you have to be for one of the most racist administrations in modern history (NIXON) to sue you over discrimination? That's next level, racism hall of fame type shit. Jesus.…

me in area 51 showing the aliens tmylm

My alien that I snuck out of Area 51 waking me up at 3AM to ask me where he can watch Avatar: The Last Airbender online for free


#RacistInChief #TrumpIsARacist #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW FINALLY y’all seeing how much of actual sh1thead trump is

Geraldo is a Closet Democrat. Puerto Ricans lucked out when the USA took them under it's wings. Why? What do they offer to the USA?. Nothing, but yet they are LIBTARDS. I wish Geraldo would stop referring to the Trump as "my friend" Trump is not your friend. He is your President.…

Someone pulled a reverse Uno on me #ThatsWhyIFakedMyDeath

Just found out that St. Louis pulled a fast one on the whole world by renaming "Saint Louis Bread company" as "Panera" in the rest of the country. I feel lied to and betrayed.

St. Louis Fed Economic News Index, our real GDP “nowcast,” projects annual real GDP growth of 2.8% in Q2, down from 2.9% a week earlier


They've been charged with five counts of first-degree murder, five counts of attempted robbery and ten counts of armed criminal action.

Fantastic talks & panel about the sleep disturbances in tauopathies with Joseph Oh ⁦@josephoh0517⁩, Dr. Thomas Neylan, and Dr. Erik St. Louis, led by Dr. Lea Grinberg ⁦@grinberg_t#AAIC19@UCSFmac


show tonight in St Louis with Inches From Glory and Crumbie (mems @shadybbug) at Blank Space!!

Going home to St. Louis this upcoming week. Anyone have any breakfast or lunch recommendations? I'm always looking for new things there.

A bases-loaded walk to Tristan Gray and a 2-out 2-run single by Lucius Fox have the Biscuits up 4-0 at the end of 6...

fenerbahcee smehmet besalti63 better Mitroglou mirgehts mehmet890 musaoral enesdmr58 Tolga2327 ender205 poyraz190572 Msglryz deynek44 IZMIRBOY ribozom burakg4s matrax326 alberto10 Samuel 1912mehmet unyeli john41 agahgul eminem1986 furkan0404 lucius Aslanata ugur1985

Врач: Вань, тебе надо делать списки и вычеркивать из них то, что ты сделал чтобы восстанавливать свои ментальные факультеты и не забывать штуки Я: *забыл внести штуку в список* Я: *забыл, сделал ли я штуку из списка* Я: *забыл составить список* Я: *сделал штуку из списка дважды*

i love draco lucius malfoy

Have I played every good yoshi here? Or are more hiding lmaoo I've played Raptor Suarez Lucius Mile Please tell me no others are here lmaoo

"There is as much greatness of mind in acknowledging a good turn, as in doing it." Lucius Annaeus Seneca #quote #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha


this is when harry confronts lucius malfoy and he tries to use the avada kedavra curse on him

A sword never kills anyone; it is a tool in the killer's hand. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C. - 65 A.D.)

The only other time Jason Roy has failed to make 5️⃣0️⃣ at #CWC19 - against Pakistan - is also the only game England have lost with him in the side. Good omen for New Zealand? #CWC19Final


party girl jennie rise!!!!

If you compare Sachin Tendulkar's captaincy and his commentary, you will fall in love with his captaincy. #ENGvNZ #CWC19Final


mah girl @lilah_sturges is watching YOI and I'm so fucking Happy About This Development

#England wins their first ever worldcup since they invented the #cricket ... #CWC19 #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ #EnglandvsNewzealand

Unvaccinated Little Girl Nearly Dies from Tetanus After Fall Outside | Katie Joy…



Tired looking over from Boult? Perhaps trying too hard. #CWC19Final #CWC19 #ENGvsNZ

#bbccricket watching our innings while terrified. My nerves every ball are going through the roof right now and it's not even 10 overs old. #CWC19Final #WeAreEngland

me and the boys breaking into Area 51 to find the Greenland Meteorite and make Stand Arrows

Area 51 moving to Area 52 since y’all gave them a 2 month notice.

اینستا همش شده area 51 :||

⚠️⚠️Join me and my Crypto Friends at the Bitcoin Ben Global Adoption Tour Saint Louis Charity Meetup!! August 17th at the Officer Blake C. Snyder Memorial Park (Lawrence Hensler Shelter), 9801 Green Park Rd, St. Louis, MO 63123. WE CAN ONLY CHANGE THE WORLD, IF WE GET OUT IN IT!

"C'mon, Spark Up!" said Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals (Vintage Wheaties comic book ad) #MLB #STLCards #SundayMorning


#WC2019WithTimes #CWC19 #ENGvNZ #CricketWorldCupFinal #CWC19Final OUT! Matt Henry strikes to remove dangerman Jason Roy early Latham dives forward to take a good catch England 28/1 in 5.4 overs in chase of 242 FOLLOW LIVE:…

Took Frank out for a leisurely Sunday drive this AM @ Downtown St. Louis…

St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index eases to -1.377, its fourth straight weekly decline and lowest level in 17 months (normal stress=0)


Congrats to Hononegah grad Tyler Statler, who made his professional debut yesterday with the Gulf Coast Cardinals. Road to St. Louis officially underway!

#WC2019WithTimes #CWC19 #ENGvNZ #CricketWorldCupFinal #CWC19Final Cautious start by England openers Roy and Bairstow England 16/0 in 4 overs in chase of 242 FOLLOW LIVE:…

“The MetroSTL was the first to report the story in St. Louis. The police department initiated an internal affairs investigation into many of the officers...But instead of distancing itself from the Punisher image the union has embraced it.”…

“Wake not a sleeping wolf.” - Henry IV P2, I.ii #ShakespeareSunday

the strangest change they made to the movie adaptation of chamber of secrets is lucius going from trying to grab harry in the books to what seems to be him trying to cast the killing curse on harry in the middle of hogwarts

Was it for me to kill the heir-apparent? should I turn upon the true prince? Why, thou knowest I am as valiant as Hercules: but beware instinct; the lion will not touch the true prince. Instinct is a great matter; I was now a coward on instinct. #ShakespeareSunday #1H4

Immer wieder neue und interessante Nuancen der gelebten Vielfältigkeit und kulturellen Bereicherung. Wer hätte sich das vor nur 5 Jahren vorstellen können? Wie toll wird es erst in 5 Jahren sein? Danke Frau Merkel, danke!…

The poor and ignorant cling to religion because it offers comforting lies. "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." Lucius Annaeus Seneca.


Chinese Lucius Malfoy


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