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Watch #TCU student get booed after winning @DrPepper Tuition contest at halftime of the #Big12Championship Probably safe to blame #Baylor fans. #SicEm #GoFrogs…

those mother fuckers beat up brother nature

CeeDee Lamb has accounted for 40% of #Sooners offense today. The junior WR is up to 140 receiving yards. #Big12Championship

Brother nature ain’t deserve that smh fucking groupies…

WOONG HIT 20K PERIOD brother nature baylor charlie brewer bears at sooners jalen hurts manchester city vs manchester united otamendi ceedee lamb rashford kenneth murray gerry bohanon angelino mike white muslera wan bissaka jalen etihad

I know it’s becoming a cashless society but seeing someone pay for a bag of dry roasted with their phone makes me feel old #SaturdayThoughts

Y’all killed X for no reason and you jumped brother nature for no reason... no sense at all

Hurts with time in the pocket, completes a pass to CeeDee Lamb across the middle as Oklahoma moves to the Baylor 7-yard line. #Sooners #Big12Championship

Today marks the anniversary of the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor. I joined veterans and their family members at the NH Veterans Home to honor the brave Americans who lost their lives that day.


Ceremony honours those killed in 1941 Pearl Harbor attack


The dude that beat up brother nature obviously hates animals. Your move @peta

hawld awn charlie brewer #Big12Championship Baylor #Sooners brother nature canela

On this day in 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. “A date which will live in infamy”


That’s actually really sad about Brother nature. I really hope those young men suffer the consequence of their pathetic actions.

I had an aneurysm about 15 yrs ago, it was a miracle I lived according to the Dr’s. So yeah, I thank the Creator for sparing my life. I vowed to make positive changes & try to make a difference, I think I’m doing ok with that. #SaturdayThoughts

Did anyone actually ever make a video debunking the Pearl harbor conspiracy theories that: 1: President Roosevelt knew the attack was going to happen in advance. 2: The Americans goaded Japan into war with an oil embargo. If not, I can give you the materials to make that video.

Don't let the evil rob your poor mother... #SaturdayThoughts


$ARGX #ASH19 cusatuzumab + aza update ph1/2 in ND AML: n=12, 100% ORR, 83% CR/CRi (8 CR / 2 CRi / 2 PR), 4/9 MRD- (10e-3 sensitivity) out of the CR/CRi tested…

updated -- fun! #ASH19 J&J team shows off 'breakthrough' BCMA CAR-T data, and that could cause a big headache at bluebird and Bristol-Myers $JNJ $BLUE $BMY…

Saw this trending. Sounds about right #MonsterGirlGenerator


بورنموث 0-3 ليفربول أهداف ليفربول بجميع الإعادات HD تشامبرلين , كيتا , محمد صلاح ملخص المباراة كاملاً #ميديا_ليفربول #BOULIV #YNWA


Naby and Fred motm performances on the same day somebody hold me

#APleaToGenZ HA the majority of us are still in high school, we're the ones living with the shit gen X and boomers put on us. That's a gigantic okay boomer

NB KItty Hawk Air Society Members and Corps Cadets took part in “Breakfast with Santa,” bringing holiday cheers and smiles to local senior citizens and area youth. #NBNation #IntegrityServiceExcellence @NBCPride #Christmas #USAF


Thanks to the Vernon community and all those who helped support the Viking Club’s annual Pancake Breakfast with Santa. Next up, VTHS hosts the HWS Cheer Competition at 5:00 and then Ice Hockey at Skylands At 8:00. Come out and support the Cheer and Ice Hockey Teams.


#CRAFTSMANgiveaway "of course I'm on the nice list" would be worn to work, of course. XL please.…

I would love to win this for my Dad who has used #CRAFTSMAN Tools since the 1960's. My Dad has always been there to help us when something broke and it would be nice to give him something back in return. #CRAFTSMANgiveaway…

I need one because I fix everything #craftsmangiveaway

2019 Holiday Sweater GIVEAWAY. Are you a mechanic? Are you on the nice list? Use #CRAFTSMANgiveaway and tell us why you deserve one of these mechanic must-haves for a chance to win. Official rules:


okay i'll use my witch knowledge to renew the fucking show, i'm gETTING TIRED #renewannewithane #weloveanne

honestly what makes me the most angry is that it isn't on netflix yet. LIKE WHAT HOW I'M WE NEVER EVEN AND I'M- PIRATE #renewannewithane #weloveanne…

okay but remember ruby almost hating on anne and then she's like "anne... can you ask gilbert if he likes me... please?" #renewannewithane #weloveanne

Portland has an open roster spot and can apply for the Disabled Player Exception worth $2.858M. The exception can be used to sign, claim or trade for a player in the last year of his contract. Rodney Hood has a $6M player option for 2020-21.

#DepressionFeelsLike believing all of your problems could be solved if you could just call and talk to someone you love while simultaneously believing no one in the world would pick up the phone for you. That feeling is a falsehood. Don't believe the lie.

Wish I could share this with the twat of a man I talked to last Saturday in the local bar. He was quite convinced depression was ‘for skivers’... owned his own business and seemed intelligent... but what a nob! #DepressionFeelsLike #DepressionIsReal…

#DepressionFeelsLike Gravy on spaghetti. Gross, pointless, and it ruins every party.

#WeWantStargate Oh bitte ja...aber bitte ohne Mitchell, der Typ war einfach nur beleidigend schlecht als Ersatz für O’Neill. Lieber nen schönen Mix mit ein paar SG-1 Leutchen und denen von Atlantis. (Man darf ja noch Träumen)

I only had to flush once this morning and I didn't have any disruption in my sink water flow. #toiletgate #ToiletTrump Make America Flush It Again or M.A.F.I.A @realDonaldTrump

Okay goodnight WASHINGTON ARMYs, see you tomorrow and gc will start tmrw so talk to u guys then, signing off for now #BTSinSeattle #btsinseattle #BTSINSEATTLE

#IGot5WordsForXmas I'll unwrap my own bottle.

"For me, it sounds like another Tuesday." - Kayvon Thibodeaux on being able to play in the Rose Bowl.

Mario Cristobal on non-conference scheduling: "These guys deserve to find out how good they are so we're going to continue scheduling the best."

Mario Cristobal is pretty fired up.

Kayvon Thibodeaux is going to be a MONSTER. He's come into his own as the season has progressed. I hope Justin Flowe and other 5* athletes sign up to win a National Championship at Oregon. It's coming.

Mario Cristobal should be PAC-12 Coach of the Year. Had a blueprint. Realized it. Built a family.

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