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You can post pictures of yourself without a bra any day. You can also donate to organizations that help women get treatment for breast cancer any day. You’re not raising awareness of anything but your boobs, and that’s fine, but don’t pretend it’s world-changing. #NoBraDay

Thinking about #AtatianaJefferson and those who loved “Tay”, another black person murdered by police, this time while loving on her nephew at home. #SayHerName. Her life mattered. And she was robbed of her life and robbed from her family and community.

America’s Syrian Kurdish allies struck a deal w/Syrian government (Russia) to bring Syrian troops into areas along Turkish border to help confront Turkish troops, following chaotic day that saw unraveling of US mission in Syria. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies…

'Black people cannot go a single day without having to bear the pain of knowing we are not safe even in the comfort of our own homes in this country.' -- @ColorOfChange… #AtatianaJefferson

#BTSPAVEDTHEWAY 7 chicos cambiaron mi vida y le dieron sentido gracias por existir BTS


The Rams clearly watched the 49ers-Bucs tape, when Tampa Bay ran it at DeForest Buckner again and again and again to success.

Watch SDF: We were determined and honest with our allies, which stems from our culture and traditions as dictated by our ethics. #Rojava #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #TrumpBetrayedTheKurds via @YerevanSaeed

Lord, Jesus I pray for all the breast cancer patients that you visit them. Father, strengthen them and relieve them of their pains. By Your Stripes Lord, Heal them! For their family members, Father provide for them and give them courage. #NoBraDay2019 #NoBraDay

alright ladies it’s #NoBraDayً where are the titties at?


از ترند اسپویل فیلم در دو کلمه جا نمونم! #SpoilAMovieIn2Words…

#AtatianaJefferson was murdered for existing. She was murdered for being in her own home, for having her own lights on, for leaving her own door open....she was murdered for simply existing. I have no words.

Donald’s betrayal of the Kurds is hardly his first - America’s allies now fear allowing vital intelligence reaching Trump because he may share it with the Russians or other dictators. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies

Non-emergency phone line No lights No sirens No doorbell rung No knock on the door This was supposed to be a welfare check!! INNOCENT BLACK WOMAN DEAD!! Why does this KEEP happening? #AtatianaJefferson, 28 #SayHerName…

I'm trying to be a good girlfriend and not watch #PowerTV without bae but he's taking too long

Hevrin Khalaf, was a Kurdish women's rights activist of35 years old. She got killed along w/ her guards by #Turkish backed groups on Saturday. She was pulled out of her car and executed with a cold blood on the road. Rest In Peace. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #TrumpGenocide


LaKeisha: What about Cash? Tasha: #PowerTV

#ABDgündemineTwitAtalım THE TURKISH ARMY IS THE MOST AFFECTIONATE AND COMPASSIONATE ARMY IN THE WORLD #Fortnite Diggs #Skol DeAndre Hopkins Suriye Ordusu #YPGattacksCivilians Tyreek Hill Sidney Jones .

Amazing trip to London with my boy! My travel log will be completed on our flight home tomorrow! Great game @Panthers! #keep£ing #KeepPounding


#AskFFT Damien William or Melvin Gordon?

14 team half PPR with Penny out I have to choose from Marcus Walton Jamaal Williams or DonTrell Hilliard #AskFFT

Against a depleted HOU secondary? A lot of wide open space. Fresh legs should help him deliver. I'm starting him in every league I have him in. #AskFFT…

On Sundays, I only answer to #AskFFT But I have rankings in case you don't feel like tweeting:…

Me looking at the pictures I got for no bra day #NoBraDay


It's only de ignorant one's and perverted people who think that no bra day is for showing there nipples and boob's yet it's a cancer awareness day so revise your notes #NoBraDay


#SayHerName #AtatianaJefferson Training? What training? When a non emergency call results in this scenario? WTF kind of training are these officers getting? #ThreeSeconds not even a knock at the door. #DemandJusticeNow…

Remember that this was a Wellness check NOT an armed robbery! But I guess it doesn't Matter if you are Black!!#AtatianaJefferson

The light and brillant mind of Xavier University grad, prep med student #AtatianaJefferson. The victim of a police shooting where police were responding to a wellness check. They intentionally shot and killed her from outside the window of her home. Is this murder per TX laws?…

"I did what I was told and I’m getting murdered for it": Fabian Coulthard frustrated by go-slow criticism. #VASC #Bathurst1000 ➡️


#IfPumpkinsCouldTalk “Hey buddy.. yeah you.. you ever see American pie?”

#IfPumpkinsCouldTalk these would have a story to tell.........


#IfPumpkinsCouldTalk then you have really really good LSD.......

#IfPumpkinsCouldTalk "Does this shade of orange make me look fat?"


#IfPumpkinsCouldTalk, they might express their confusion at what #NoBraDay is supposed to represent too.


I wouldn't want to argue against Lupin's theory. #LupinThe3rd

There must be 60 ways to call your lover #NicerSongLyrics

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