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Trump is going on about his News Conference ratings. The ratings for Tiger King are huge too. Because people LOVE WATCHING LUNATICS.

He wouldn't be able to brag about ratings if y'all stopped tuning in but noooooooooooooo

Fox News cuts coverage the second the President’s answer devolves into a rant about ratings and The Bachelor. They cut audio until he’s done talking

Someone please make Lindsey Graham defend Trump mentioning The Bachelor finale’s ratings while thousands die from a pandemic

yo de niña diciendo que me casaría con un chico gringo, alto, rubio con ojos azules // yo ahora enamorada de un otaku medio tiktoker que no se baña pero canta bonito


Longtime CBS journalist Maria Mercader dies from coronavirus at 54


Fernando Vinã randomly being in the video for this Murphy Lee verse is legendary.…

In Colombia, the tooth fairy is a rat named Perez. #ShareAFactNoOneAskedFor

#FakeToiletPaperFacts: If you steal toilet paper from the New Orleans Square bathroom, the Haunted Mansion ghosts will haunt you until you either return it or you become the 1,000th spirit in the mansion. #Disneyland

Trump says US won’t pay for Meghan and Harry’s security >>…

Our emotionally immature narcissistic president is failing us in such a huge way. His responses are child like, confusing, and humiliating. Bernie should be handling this crisis right now. #UniteWithBernie

Stop playing g free my baby’s music #FreeAaliyahMusic

So sad. Maria Mercader, CBS News Veteran, Dies at 54 Due to Coronavirus…

Biden can barely speak. Maybe that's why the majority of his supporters have little to no enthusiasm to vote for him. Joe will not beat Trump. We need a transformative politician if we want to defeat the incumbent and his political machine. We need to #UniteWithBernie

#FakeToiletPaperFacts There's plenty for everyone

Now more than ever, we need decisive, positive leaders like ⁦@GovWhitmer#MichiganStrong #StandWithWhitmer Mitch Albom: Hey, President Trump: Her name is Gretchen Whitmer… via @freep

My only quarrel with Murphy Lee is that he said “I like my booties and my boobs like a capital letter B” and I’m just really struggling with that visual.

What da hook gone be?? I dont need no fuxxin hook on this beat - Murphy Lee

More than 1,400 Missourians fought for our country in Vietnam. Today, on #VietnamWarVeteransDay, we remember and thank them for their sacrifices and courage.


It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.~Aristotle #quoteoftheday #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation


“Now is the time to put away childish things. To be a man. You can begin by respecting [our governor]. Her name is Gretchen Whitmer. And like her or not, she represents us to you. She counts. We count. Please, at least act like you understand that.”…

Thank you I knew there had to be something in it for Trump that he shipped of stockpile of PPE's to China- The trade deal- wow just wow…

Big corp(Covidien)bought small corp (developing cheap portable vents for US Govt) to prevent it from producing low cost alternative that would cut into mkt share& hurt profits of Covidien, then AXED program. Medicine under capitalism.Voila! #COVID19…

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.

mission failed i watched her walk into the kitchen and she stared at all of the eggs and she gave me a stare she KNOWS whats up she gave me the Look…

Does anyone find it ironic that Covidien is a Covid villain?…

The MCM remembers those that have fought & sacrificed for their country by recognizing the family members who share their stories. #VietnamVeteransDay #VietnamWarVeteransDay…

Happy Vietnam Veterans Day from the Vietnam War Digital History Project! #VietnamWarVeteransDay


Did C-Lo come to the house on LI to do the sports update?#askfrancesa

#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver I am going to get dressed up so beautifully and sexy and go on a date with my mans!

Years later a few remnants of #Covid_19 will look back on this moment and wonder, Had Xi Jinping of China planned it all, or in tryin to Crush USA & EU had he stumbled onto something with significance that could be seen only in hindsight? #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver


نه دیگه نمیشه، دوباره Nier: Automata رو نصب می‌کنم

On Feb 7 the United States sent 17 tons of PPE to China.…

#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver I'm going to the @CapitalGrille for a rare fillet mignon with a warm red center, oscar-style.

My hype for NieR Replicant is beyond imagination, been listening to the OST nonstop that I found myself lost in it for 2 hours

Good morning from up county where social distancing comes naturally. ☀️ #StayHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #SocialDistancing #covid19 #SundayMorning


Vcs q lutem pra cancelar a billie #BillieEilishisoverparty

can someone tell me why tf billie eilish is trending for liking a meme? #BillieEilishisoverparty bruh really why she liked a meme stop it

さらばゲーム また出来る日まで('ω')

compromise: don’t change the dub actors from Nier Gestalt at all, just let brother Nier open his mouth and Jamieson Price grunts out

#Police is trying to prevent the nation from becoming a victim of #CoronaVirus while they're attacked in return. Then we complain about the attitude of Police. #CoronaFreePakistan #CoronaInPakistan #SideEffectsOfQuarantineLife #CoronaOutbreak…

#SayGoodbyeToAMovie This poster, and the tag line, seems apt:-


With Replicant getting new life it makes me want to play Automata even more. I should just bite the bullet, buy the game and throw it in the backlog pile.

"Come in, and let us banquet royally, After this golden day of victory." - Henry VI PI #ShakespeareSunday

Judge Jeanine about to ruin work from home for everyone.

Why is everyone acting so surprised Judge Jeanine looked drunk AF on TV?

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