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#LFC owner John Henry and wife Linda in attendance today #LIVMUN

#続お年玉 シングルファザーであり、 障害者の父親の介護も 行ってます。 お金の使い方は、 息子の教育資金使いたいと 思います。

#麒麟がくる #続お年玉 #CJ_새그룹으로_보상해 rebić tvittarrtirr açıldı 加藤純一 前澤さん

#続お年玉 姉が始めたアフィリエイトの仕事を 勉強して私も始めるための初期費用として使いたいです。 PCでやりたいのですが PCを持っていないので、、 パソコンを買うためになんて 誰にでもできそうなのですが よかったらお願いいたします..

Holding hands before marriage #DisgustMeIn4Words

Longaville. I beseech you a word: what is she in the white? Boyet. A woman sometimes, an you saw her in the light. Love's Labours Lost II, 1 #ShakespeareSunday

Escher really going out with him? Escher really gonna take him home tonight? #AllArtistsSongsAndMovies

-I never could #articulate my thoughts very well. Like the time I told my crush I'd die for her when she asked me to prom. Or when I got a promotion at work and I told my boss he's a dick. I won't even tell you what I did when my best friend died. -That's $5.23, sir. #vss365

Buffer is announcing random stat records now? #UFC246

This #aaronhernandezdocumentary is an eye opener to how brutal, limiting, and shitty masculinity can be. From the homophobia to the excessive competition to how none of his boys offered anything that resembled care. It’s sociopathic.

Anyone else think Kraft knows more than what he’s letting on? #AaronHernandezDocumentary

#AaronHernandezDocumentary offered no inside into the motive of him killing Odin Lloyd. In fact if left more questions to be answered. The real highlight should have been Odin Lloyd, and how an innocent man was tragically killed for no reason.

I don’t care what anybody says the #AaronHernandezDocumentary used Aarons sexuality, CTE and troubled upbringing to excuse his murder(s) just bc he was a famous athlete. This doc. was built for the audience to pity a murderer and I’m not down. #rememberOdinLloyd

This #AaronHernandezDocumentary really saddens my soul! I hate when good souls like him are lost due to the toxic surroundings as a child! Smh

I don’t understand what his sexuality has to do with anything... #AaronHernandezDocumentary

Y'all calling it loyal I'm calling it stupidity. She had kids and dying from cancer and said fuck them kids for her cousin who was a fucking mess. #AaronHernandezDocumentary #KillerInsideTheMindOfAaronHernandez


Comments from Mack, Krzyzewski’s gripes with “physical play,” update on David Johnson, all in the column…


Tre Jones getting tossed around on this app tonight like a rag doll. He didn’t have a good game tonight, but would you rather him play like this on a Saturday in January or a Saturday in March? He’s the key to this engine and there’s no one else I’d rather have at the helm

Goodnight Svenfolk! The tweets definitely made up for the movie! #Svengoolie

Good night everyone, see you all next week for “Berserk.” #Svengoolie #TheOldDarkHouse


David Johnson Leads #11 Louisville Past #3 Duke…

VIDEO: Watch: Louisville's Chris Mack, David Johnson & Malik Williams after Duke win.…

Ten months ago, David Johnson was leading Trinity past Johnson Central and Ashland en route to the state title. He scored 19 tonight in Cameron Indoor Arena to lead Louisville past Duke. Time flies.

Darn, the #VegasGoldenKnights didn't score. Be sure to enter again by following @AdamSKutner, mentioning me, and tagging #AdamKutnerPowerPlay. #VegasBorn #GoKnightsGo

VGK back on the PP. You know what that means. You can win 2 tickets to a future VGK home game. To enter, just follow @AdamSKutner, tweet me and use the hashtag #AdamKutnerPowerPlay. If the Golden Knights score, one person who tweets us will win. #GoKnightsGo!

Duke loses a tight game to a top ACC team and yall ready to freeze Tre Jones in carbonite. Wild stuff honestly.

Cassius (Stanley) was terrific, but I don’t want to single out one guy. We wouldn’t have been in that game if we hadn’t have fought like crazy. Guys like Jack White and Jordan Goldwire did a lot of good things too. - Coach K

If you hate Tre Jones, I hate you. It’s really that simple. He’s still my captain and floor general... and if there’s anything I know about the Jones family, it’s that they are fighters.…

Ay this app is toxic after Duke losses lol... folks really turning on Tre Jones now. If that man doesn’t come back, Duke has at least 5-6 losses to this point. Maybe more.


Tre Jones had too many mistakes tonight. Too many bad shots, too many bad passes or no-passes. He played better in the 2nd half but we EXPECT better. No excuses.

FINAL: Louisville 79, Duke 73. Despite a career night from Cassius Stanley, @DukeMBB cannot recreate the comeback magic that helped it defeat the Cardinals last year.

Piss poor performance by Tre Jones. Jesus Christ.

Cassius Stanley played his heart out man and deserved better than this man. You wonder why he air balled that 3? Cause this man ran 1000 MPH for a straight hour.

Coach K calls a timeout with 2 minutes left. Duke’s next three plays are a Tre Jones iso he gets blocked, an aimless possession ending in a Tre Jones brick, and a Cassius Stanley airball three. The fire k movement is back on

Darn, the #VegasGoldenKnights didn't score. We'll get them on the next one! Be sure to enter again by following @AdamSKutner, mentioning me, and tagging #AdamKutnerPowerPlay. #VegasBorn #GoKnightsGo

This time, it’s Eakin that drew the penalty for Pete DeBoer. #adamkutnerpowerplay @AdamSKutner

Alright then, everybody is now free to use Aaron Carter's music to promote anything they make or sell. FREE USAGE OF ALL HIS STUFF! Too bad his music blows so it's not useful anyway and will probably just hurt your busines.…

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