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magiging masaya talaga to lalo't na hindi kj si president

“Many minorities like me gravitate to President Trump not because he speaks delicately or never offends us (or others), but rather because he has become the political warrior we need.” My op-ed:…

We found @RealDonaldTrump's racist bone...

This article on a poll showing 57% of Republicans agree with the Presidents racist remarks, misses it on the second paragraph. It says it’s an “illustration of the nations sharp divide” That’s wrong. It’s an illustration of what Republicans stand for.…

a lot of the reporters calling Trump a racist and patting themselves on the back for their own bravery would have been apologists for a Democrat making anti-Semitic remarks and it is not a hypothetical because it has happened in just the past few months.…

CT, YOU CAN!* *(IF You're LAZY, unwilling 2 take time 2 make logical arguments 2 support Your position & educate through self-experience, examples, logic, facts & data sharing. Obviously NOT using "You're a RACIST" requires far more work&proper communication/debate techniques)…

Under Trump, checks and balances haven't always worked so well. Congress has refused to hold him accountable for lawlessness, under Republicans and still now under a Democratic House. Sometimes we can still count on the courts, luckily.…

#WorldEmojiDay 2019: Apple, Google Reveal New Emojis Coming Later This Year Apple and #Google have revealed some of the new #emojis launching later this year as part of Unicode 12.0.


先日アラジンを4DXで見てきました Disneyのアトラクションの様でしたよ! あとはトイストーリー4ダイナーが見たいですなぁ #asukamail

Well done @AstiNovanda for being so quick off the mark! You're right, it was Evil Under the Sun #WorldEmojiDay


Que feliz era cuando mis tardes las dedicaba a ver Disney Channel.

Emanuel Cleaver Calls Out Congress, Then Walks: ‘I Abandon The Chair’-CIVILITY???Ummm, there are babies in cages. #Fmanners…

The Posh Paws Disney Lion King collection will be popular amongst Disney fanatics of all ages. These adorable, high quality soft toys are certain to become a staple in any home that will be treasured forever. #pplion


Jason Chaffetz: Dems demand Trump advisers testify before Congress, but excused Obama advisers…

It may be hard to believe, but some of the most malicious acts of animal cruelty — including crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating and impaling animals and sexually exploiting them — are not felonies under federal law.


“A closed eye admits no light. Only the slitted or open eye can see the path to knowledge.” #WednesdayWisdom


Joan Carles Rodríguez serà el president del Consell Comarcal d'Osona #Osona…

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver explains why he walked out of the contentious House debate on Tuesday night. "The motion to take down the words of the Speaker... [was] just a total disgrace... I just wanted to get through it without embarrassing us anymore."

We Uganda's people should look up and digest ourselves and stop crying of unemployment because we are at all times advicesd on what to do and what is killing us jobless ..... Here the Mrs. President of the Republic of Uganda the first lady Janet Museveni EDUCATES US......


Was going to construct a semi racist tweet about Rafa buying a Chinese lad called Kwa Li Tie but I gave up

And then let's starve, deprive these veterans of home care if they survive all our illegal wars. Clearly McConnell is a psycho.. Hell waits for you old man: corruption, racist evil you flout. You are evil sociopath, by definition. There should be a criminal court against you…

Brace yourself for Turkish twitter to go full racist mode against kurds saying how we will pay and idk what

“Los jóvenes tienen el deber de defender su Patria con las armas del conocimiento” -Don Pedro Albizu Campos #RickyRenuncia #RickyVeteYa

『Disney キングダムハーツ ロング パーカー XIII機関』


キャンディーやアクセサリー入れにぴったり!セトクラフト ディズニー「パイナップルモチーフ型の小物入れ」チップとデールの表情がかわいい☆ 詳細→…

Very impressed by #Neuralink presentation, by @elonmusk ‘s science knowledge/ imagination/problem solving, his ability to build/attract talent teams. Most importantly, the way he talked about the word “benign” - technology must be for good causes, for humanity.

【Sexy Zone TVまとめ】7月 07/18木 19:00- 日テレ グサッとアカデミア(風磨マリ 07/19金 00:00- Disney イッツ・ア・クイズワールド第8話配信開始(健人 07/20土 13:30- フジ 今夜はナゾトレ 23日よる2時間SP(風磨 07/23火 19:00- フジ 今夜はナゾトレ2時間SP(風磨 07/28日 22:00- TBS 初耳学(健人

#ElonMusk accurately pointed out during his #Neuralink presentation that the constraint of today's technology is how well you interface with it. For this exact reason, we are making the first all-day wearable audio interface #SentienAudio.

The delicate scent of burning leaves and the first hints of copper in the sunlight indicated the season’s change this morning: the autumn equinox. #1linewed

#textsfrommyparents: Answer your phone!!!

Still YouTubing after all these years. #FaceApp


Desbarataron en Brasil una fábrica clandestina que falsificaba autos de lujo Ferrari y Lamborghini


This 100%. It's a bit funny. Who will be the FACE of the Democrats in 2020? I think we're going to get some important information around March-May 2020.…

The new face of Democrats @IlhanMN 1. guilty of 6 campaign finance law violations 2. Married her brother to cheat immigration laws 3. Publicly Anti Semitic 4. Disparaging of USA 5. Socialist/communist This will really go well in “Rust Belt” Democratic States.

Kellyanne Conway says congresswomen targeted in Trump tweet "pretend" to care about migrants at the border and don't respect the military, saying "they represent a very dark element in this country." "I will always stand up against those people."

Amazon Prime Day Is No Big Deal - Visit The Christmas In July Sale To Really Save Big… FOLLOW US TODAY TO SAVE $$ #AMAZON #AmazonPrimeDay #America #business #christmas #ChristmasLights #christmastree #forsale #LED #LEDlights #PrimeDay #StringLights #USA


When Republicans tell you Democrats want to have abortions right up until the moment of birth, they are lying to you. #RickShow

Ricky. You didn’t mess up. You literally cheated, got outed by your side piece and then began dating them after Damon broke up with you. That’s just a complete fuck up.

For the rule to work it seems to need willing or authoritarian partners who will prevent the movement of asylum-seekers

The Area 51 Agents can't kill me in the raid, im baby.

RNC echoes Trump's attacks on Democratic congresswomen..#Trump..#GOP..#whitenationalism..

Wendy is the alien I picked up from Area 51 because she texts like this “dhwicjsoscnwbwk”

Alerta por el primer caso mortal de ébola en la ciudad congoleña de Goma: la OMS avalúa si declarar la epidemia "emergencia de salud pública internacional"



I was told to go back to China on a nearly weekly basis in high school. The insidiousness of “go back to....” is that it’s not overt racism. It’s a bullying tactic to remind you that you don’t belong. But we do belong and we aren’t going anywhere.…

and to think that members of Congress follow this account

कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष पद को लेकर पूछे गए सवाल पर सोनिया गांधी ने दिया ये जबाब…

The President’s comment on members of Congress was unworthy of the office he holds. I applaud the courage of the four Republicans and Justin Amash who stood with their principles and voted to condemn bigotry in all forms.

.@RichOnSports and Doug Waechter share their opinion on the incident between Avisail Garcia and CC Sabathia, that caused the benches to clear at the @RaysBaseball-Yankees matchup on Tuesday. #MLB #RaysUp

If Rep John Lewis, who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. calls you racist, you’re racist. "I know racism when I see it. I know racism when I feel it ... Segregationists told us to go back!"

Where’s the GIF of @AlabamaHannah giving Luke’s limo the middle finger? ICONIC. #TheBachelorette #bachplease

I put Frank Gore through #FaceApp and he didn’t age at all. Based off this, I’ll bet he’s still playing in 2050. #faceappchallenge #49ers #Bills


On the bright side for Leana Wen, it’s a miracle when anyone at Planned Parenthood survives past nine months.

Denying blacks from renting in your buildings or working in your casinos is racist Birtherism is racist Calling all Mexicans rapists and criminals is racist Telling brown skinned congresswomen to go back to their countries is racist Donald Trump is a racist. Always has been.

Al Franken resigns over a photograph that he allowed to be taken where he jokingly put his hands over the breasts of a woman where a flak jacket. Trump and Epstein sexually abused underage girls and life goes on as if nothing has happened. This is wrong.

leftists are never going to be able to have a revolution if you guys literally can’t keep yourselves from buying shit on amazon for two days

अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प ने मंगलवार को कहा कि वह चाहते हैं कि उनकी सरकार इसकी समीक्षा करे कि क्या गूगल चीन सरकार के साथ मिलकर काम कर रही है। #Google #DonaldTrump #China…

Trump’s net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points to 72%, compared with a similar poll that ran last week.…

Ya tengo mi alien del área 51 @rangelrachul

BREAKING: #FaceApp reveals that only function of app is to swap user’s face with Perry Ellis’.

Everyone’s talking about storming area 51 how bout storming @WaterStTavern to remove @jefftritt ?

Lo que esta pasando con Luisito es una cortina de humo para las Chivas que están haciendo el ridículo internacional otra vez........ y que chingue a su madre el América

Power move: Commenting “Wow that #FaceApp really made you look old” on regular pictures

me seeing Luke P. drink alcohol even though it’s a sin #TheBachelorette


So far, names of several senior leaders like Mukul Wasnik, Mallikarjun Kharge among others have been in circulation. However, no consensus candidate has emerged.

This moment, this break up, this speech made by @AlabamaHannah is the reason why she was chosen for this show. This is an empowered woman! So proud of how well you have expressed yourself and stood your ground, Hannah. #theBachelorette #bachplease

Everyone know Trump racist as hell didn’t need Congress to tell me fuck that guy

Rest in peace, John Paul Stevens. Justice Stevens wrote a masterpiece of a dissent in DC v. Heller. Speaking at the 2012 launch of Brady's Legal Alliance, he said it was “mind-boggling” that Congress hadn’t taken steps to prevent gun violence. #Enough

If Congress passes tuition-free college, universal health care, or universal child care and anyone complains about the deficit, just respond with this Limbaugh quote…


I was having a bad day until I remembered Hannah finally told Luke she didn’t owe him anything and sent him packing last night #TheBachelorette

“I just kinda kept missing spots, and they kept putting good swings on pitches.” @RaysBaseball P @colinpoche reflects on his pitching performance against the NY Yankees. #MLB #RaysUp

.@RaysBaseball manager Kevin Cash breaks down the loss to the NY Yankees on Tuesday. #MLB #RaysUp

The pathetic Republican party has you focused on the 4 muslim democrats.... because the Republicans voted for MORE CHEAP FOREIGN LABOR!! Republicans themselves are racist against ALL LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! Another reason to NEVER vote for these con artists again.

On a note: The @BachelorABC franchise really needs to stop casting these TOXIC people. It’s not cute, it’s not good tv. Stop allowing people that are asked to leave to come back, you’re enabling behavior. #thebachelorette #boybye

Luke P: “Can I pray over you before I leave?” Hannah B. and the rest of America, really: #TheBachelorette

Dr Leana Wen, in a Twitter post, said she learned that Planned Parenthood's board 'ended my employment at a secret meeting.'

Four Republicans vote to condemn Trump's racist tweets…

Lewis defends House resolution "“I know racism when I see it. I know racism when I feel it... The world is watching" Legendary civil rights icon John Lewis unloads on Trump from the House floor: ‘I know racism when I see it’ -…

hello and welcome to my tampa bay rays fan account. long time fan, first time tweeter #raysup

Rep. John Lewis on Trump tweets: 'I know racism when I see it'… sure you do everymorning when you polish your forehead in the mirror

#HouseofRepresentatives Trump’s words aren’t a Dem or Rep issue. His words attack at the heart of our Nation. They go beyond any redline into dangerously unprecedented territory. That only 4 Rep’s spoke out is disturbing. How do we govern w/a racist who rules by fear in the WH.

Didi Gregorius hits a grand slam (5) to right center off Colin Poche Exit Velocity 100 MPH Distance 406 FT Launch Angle 27.87 #RaysUp vs #PinstripePride

Live bullpen cam. #Raysup.

“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon...and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” -JFK #Apollo11 #Apollo50

There have been absolutely no reports about Coraline being turned into a live-action movie. It just started trending all of a sudden. No clue why lmao.

Fascinating stroll through the troubled history of America’s most beleaguered federal law enforcement agency, @CBP by the great reporter @vermontgmg — a must-read —…

"Se a CONMEBOL quiser aumentar seu público e torna-se competitiva, eles devem convidar as equipes européias, convidar a Espanha, convidar a França, convidar Portugal. Se eles convidarem Portugal, Cristiano pode ganhar uma Copa América antes de Messi." - José Mourinho


As a new US left surges, worried rightists rerun old ideology. Don't blame capitalism, capitalists say. Blame gov't (as if capitalists' don't control gov't). Capitalism = good; gov't = bad (except when rightists rule). Excuses for system failure.

Why Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson are so scared of Ilhan Omar.

SIN PELOS EN LA LENGUA - Tras su enojo con América, Jorge Rial sigue tirando palitos.…

Trump’s cruel “remain in Mexico” policy is supposed to exempt those with health conditions. Instead a 3-year-old girl with a serious heart condition who has already had a heart attack & surgery had to choose which parent would be taken away against DHS-contract doctor’s advice.

A federal judge barred former Trump adviser Roger Stone from posting to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Stone, who is accused of lying to Congress, has been using Instagram to criticize the case against him, a violation of a gag order issued in February

“Harper is running on her own, without any assistance from @justicedems...But back in Washington, incumbent Democrats privately suspect that @JusticeDems and @aoc are behind it.” DC is so corrupt that people can’t understand plain ideological motivation.

#Apollo11 1969/07/16 3:29:00 GET (12:13:00 HO; 19:13:00 IT): Aggancio del modulo di comando al modulo lunare - le foto…


Y’all distracted by this Area 51 raid bullshit, when Trump out here actually raiding people’s homes and tearing families apart. stupid

Update: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on October 29th, 2019 with a PC Steam release in Winter 2019.…


Democrats are fascists. Almost all Republicans are enablers. Anyone stepping out of line gets the treatment.…

8 WAYS TO CREATE A SUCCESS MINDSET: 1. Don’t overthink things 2. Focus on your strengths 3. Visualize your future 4. Up your peer group 5. Learn from failure 6.See challenges as opportunity 7. Dream without limits 8. Be thankful for another day #TuesdayThoughts

Collins: "But, except for using a little more gas - And I'd be interested in your numbers on that - everything went nominally [with the transposition and docking maneuver]." CAPCOM: "This is Houston. Roger. We copy." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Collins: "During the course of that, we drifted slightly further away from the S-IVB than I expected. I expected to be out about 66 feet. My guess would be I was around 100 or so; and therefore, I expect I used a bit more [propellant] coming back in." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Poor Kellyanne, she missed the civics classes in grade school apparently, Supporting Democrats is as American as is apple pie, Kellyanne. Mick Jaeger said it best: "You can't always get what you want."…

Happy #WorldSnakeDay! Wait... What do you mean this isn't the Snake they meant?

happy world snake day from my spooky noodle to yours #WorldSnakeDay


Sencillo, si algún “manifestante” tiró Gas fue un trol encubierto pagado por el gobierno para crear una narrativa. Recuerden que ellos cogen de pendejo hasta los de ellos mismos. Abran las mentes. #RickyRenuciaYa #RickyRenunciaYa…

.@realDonaldTrump’s presidency is over, and @KellyannePolls broke the camel’s back. America was never about this ethic & racial bigotry, I escaped this in former Yugoslavia so I did not come to US to put up with this & be exposed to “go back to your country” ethnic cleansing

Esposa de colombiano que perdió penal ante Chile: "Llegaron amenazas con fotos de los niños"…

Denuncio la persecución y el asedio de antimotines contra mi persona y mi colega @donatelonica , ambos trabajadores de la Voz de America. Mientras finalizábamos una grabación para una afiliada una camioneta nos persiguió hasta un hotel donde nos refugiamos.


Fake News Media: "Go home hey Gorka!"! President Trump: If you've been rescued by America, then before you constantly bitch about America, go home fix your place, come back and tell everyone how it's done. Fake News Media: Bad Orangeman is racist.

Psychology behind #Iran-US escalation, @hasanahmadian⁩ notes “#Iran cannot afford to live in situation of strategic stalemate,so it has to change the situation, it has to create a way out of a stalemate that #Trump admin is trying to box Iran in”.…

To honor #Apollo11 and #Apollo50th the only way we know how, have another look at #Apollo33 - that time @justwilliams5 split the flagpoles and hit one 445 feet over The Nook. #DiamondLions

1.2M People Are Saying They’re Gonna Storm Area 51 And Here Are 30 Funny Memes About It #area51raid #memes…

To understand why women "Religion of Peace" clerics put their women to run for office for open borders in U.S.A and Europe. Every legal citizen should be armed up. Groups of these men already terrorizing in some U.S. cities. #tuesdaythoughts #KAG #MAGA #AmericaFirst #1A #2A


ich hoffe irgendepper duet de area 51 raid livestreame uf twitch

Bien, ahora con la calle amurallada por parte de @ricardorossello que excusa utilizará la @PRPDNoticias para lanzar gases y peper spray, eso lo quiero ver yo.... #RickyRenuciaYa

#ObamaWasBetterAt wiretapping innocent citizens


CAPCOM: "We copied the - the primary and secondary propellant talkbacks on SM RCS quad Bravo 1 to barber pole on separation." Armstrong: "Roger. Roger. That is affirmative, and we moved that switch to the OPEN position, and they went back to gray. Over." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Find your Menards DIY Persona! Comment your persona & tag your friends! Which kind of #MenardsDIYER are you? #Menards #diy #persona #personalitytest #personalityquiz #homeimprovement #TuesdayThoughts


This is why Trump believes his racist tweets aren't racist…

NASA keeps the #Apollo11 moon rocks in a pristine clean room. And our own @astrolisa got to visit.…

Let me give you one reason as to why a live action Coraline would be a bad idea. This would become even more of a nightmare fuel than it already is. Do you really want to see The Beldam true form in live action? I know about CGI but do you want her to be even more nightmarish?


THEY. ALMOST. FORGOT. THE FLAG. How one of the most iconic moments in history almost didn't happen, via @cfishman and @HISTORY. #Apollo11 #Apollo50 #Apollo50th Watch here:…

Please don’t make a live action Coraline Please don’t make a live action Coraline Please don’t make a live action Coraline Please don’t make a live action Coraline Please don’t make a live action Coraline Please don’t make a live action Coraline Please don’t make a live action C

“The difference in how we view sin is seen in the response, I’m weeping at mine and you’re laughing at yours. All sin stings. My heart hurts for both of us,” Luke P. said in response to Hannah Brown’s tweets about having sex in a windmill #TheBachelorette

Super Monkey Ball is coming to modern consoles...but it's a remake of Banana Blitz…


How Peter Thiel’s Google conspiracy theory made its way from Fox & Friends to the White House.

A live-action version of #Coraline is as pointless as making an animated version of Eyes Wide Shut

I feel like Hannah really could’ve used detective Demi for Luke and Jed and not frickin Scott #thebachelorette

Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz HD annoncé sur Xbox One #XboxOne #Xbox…

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD lands on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 29, 2019 (Steam coming Winter 201…


#RaysTVRatings: Last night's fantastic #RaysUp win v the Yankees won the night on FOX Sports Sun. It edged out #theBachelorette to finish as the most-watched program of the night in the #Tampa - #StPete TV market (3.9 HH). Also 3rd most-streamed Rays game of year on #FOXSportsGO

Can't forget @KKiermaier39 starting the rally in a milestone game last night. #RaysUp

A lead-off home run, a solo home run, and a three-run home run in a comeback victory against the Yankees. 'How To Do Monday Nights', by Travis d'Arnaud. #RaysUp @TBRaysUK

How are you going to top Game 1 last night in NYC? Only one way to find out and that's by tuning in for #RaysUp Game 2 tonight on FOX Sports Sun. @RichOnSports and Doug take a quick look in your Honda Road Ahead Preview.

Your 2019 Rays Heart & Hustle Award winner! This @MLBPAA award honors players who demonstrate a passion for the game of baseball and best embody the values, spirit and traditions of the game. #RaysUp


It was a grim night for the #Rays in Yankee Stadium entering the ninth inning and down by two runs. Then, Travis d’Arnaud stepped up to the plate.… #RaysUp @TBTimes_Rays

I just woke up from my nap and my headache is gone like finally. I can’t wait to go to work tmr then.

For you southern people who support Trump, he didn’t make America great again. It was fine the way was. I miss Obama. #ImpeachNow

Just find it really refreshing that a manager is finally talking up the academy rather than hearing 24/7 that our best prospects aren’t ready to take the next step or some other face-covering garbage

my mom said i can't go to area 51 because she don't know the aliens parents

Kleiner Tipp an die Wachen von Area 51: Baut einfach eine Lichtschranke auf. Aus unserer Erfahrung bleiben die Leute dort automatisch stehen.

i finally deleted snapchat, those memory notifications were super rude

This is excellent on why the Dems should be listening to Pelosi and not taking the bait…


"Left Tube" largely boils down to cheerleading progressive Democrats or liberal versions of "Ben Shapiro DESTROYS..." format of gotcha click-bait. Many of these shows are totally devoid of coverage of grassroots organizing + social movements + many are out right hostile to them.…

The democrats want to roll over and let China destroy US manufacturing. They can’t be trusted on any and all issues related to China until they understand the roots of why US manufacturing left the USA.

Rays stun Yankees in ninth as Travis d'Arnaud hits 3rd homer of night

I love Natalya, but if they wanted a face to go against Becky, why not Naomi? I'm so confused. Naomi was the star of the match.

Hopefully Mike Montgomery gets a chance in the Royals starting rotation. That’s what he wants to do but was never going to get a legitimate shot with the Cubs

Travis d’Arnaud hit 3 HRs tonight against the Yankees including this 3 run shot in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs? That’s a shame.

Me: The Pirates have returned to the abyss that was 1993-2012. Also me: Travis d’Arnaud is slugging .542 for the Rays and I don’t even know what you call more misery than an abyss but that is the special place where the Mets reside.

Night! #RaysUp

Farewell, Mike Montgomery. Thanks for that final out and for being a swell guy. I hope you do well in KC. #Cubs

Rays stun Yankees in ninth as Travis d'Arnaud hits 3rd homer of night

After #Natalya’s Victory In The Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match, She Squares Up To The Champ And The Man #BeckyLynch.

Winners & Losers: RAW 07/15/19 #Natalya


#Cubs trade Mike Montgomery for veteran catcher, send Willson Contreras to injured list:


The Cubs were busy Monday night, acquiring catcher Martin Maldonado from the Royals for pitcher Mike Montgomery. They also put catcher Willson Contreras on the injured list with a strained right foot.


Framber Valdez should see what I can do to a pizza when I'm bored.…

Based on the MRI, the Cubs feared Willson Contreras (right foot strain) could only worsen his injury playing. He will be placed on the injured list tomorrow.

Travis d'Arnaud 5, Yankees 4. #RaysUp RECAP //


Travis d’Arnaud’s 3 home runs power @RaysBaseball past Yankees for biggest win of the year. #RaysWin #RaysUp #MLB…

Tip your cap, and call him your d'Addy. #RaysUp


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