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You guys really don’t need to lie to prove your point. People are very fatphobic, no doubt about that. But Lizzo looked ridiculous at that game. Both things are true. The fact that people are generally fatphobic doesn’t mean everything you say about a fat person stems from that

I’m over this entire Lizzo conversation, but all I want to say about it is that as much as you guys have been talking about accepting all bodies and all that shit for the past year(s) with your Tumblr ass quotes, a lot of y’all are showing us that you people never believed that.

Hey @RepMarthaRoby, I don’t feel cheated by the majority running the #ImpeachmentHearings - the better I deserve is the impeachment and removal of our corrupt president. Sincerely, an American citizen.

I wonder what type of feedback Lizzo was wanting or expecting when she wore that shit out.

Yes, we should hear from fact witnesses. Let's hear from: President Trump Vice President Pence Secretary of State Pompeo Acting COS Mulvaney National Security Council Legal Advisor Eisenberg Rep. Devin Nunes Former National Sec. Adv. Bolton Rudy Giuliani

Buttigieg: Visualize the sunrise on the first morning that Trump is no longer President. You:

Will no one defend the president on the evidence in front of them?

No Truth isn’t dead. We will fight for it & we will win. Trump will be impeached. And we will find out why Republicans are supporting Putin disinformation over our own country. We will not give up on America.…

Un campeón de América pretende al mediocampista de River, quien tiene contrato con el conjunto Millonario hasta junio de 2020…

Proton Packs Are Back in ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Trailer


I like this trailer but (you knew there was but, right?) it feels very regressive, like a movie that could've been made 30 years ago, which perhaps is the point.…

lo que más me jode de lo de Juice WRLD es que era (a mi parecer) uno de los artistas más talentosos de esta “nueva ola”


I didn’t listen to Juice WRLD but my son loved the music, so we had a great convo about art, death, emotions, and love. Then he sent me his favorite songs to listen to. #TalkToYourKids #JuiceWRLD

wtf why are there people on tik tok faking seizures and calling it "juice wrld challenge" i rarely get offended by shit but this is absolutely disgusting. never ever joke about having a seizure that's just gross

If you aren't having fun creating content, you're doing it wrong. #quote #mondaymotivation


The problem was never with @Ava DuVernay's storytelling or the importance of When They See Us. It's about what (and who) the #GoldenGlobes considers remarkable. And that's a shame.…

set a new Bioshock in a castle but the castle has multiple different biomes and also the twist is that you were in the inverted castle the entire time

Grade 7s learning to work with #ozobots. They’ll be pairing up with their younger reading buddies to teach them how to code later this wk. #hourofcode @HST_YCDSB @MrBonavota_HST


Lupita Nyong'o è stata snobbata dai #GoldenGlobes, ma continua lo stesso ad avere nomine e considerazioni quindi magari (alla fine) verrà nominata agli Oscar. Poi è vero che quest'anno c'è molta concorrenza. Vedremo.

Grade 7s exploring the Hour of Code. Students work collaboratively to complete a series of coding tasks, while navigating through the wonderful world of Minecraft... @StGregoryCA @OpiyoOloya #coding #hourofcode


Updated: #GoBucs expect QB Jameis Winston will be able to play through a broken thumb on his right throwing hand after visiting a specialist. However, the injury may limit him in practice.…

Winston has witnessed some stuff


From The Aftermath: #Bucs QB Jameis Winston will have a second opinion on his fractured thumb, but the early thought is that he can play through it.

Sparked by Jameis Winston, the #Bucs rallied back for a wild comeback win and a three-game win streak. Read more about the game as SR goes in depth in this NEW 2-Point Conversion.…

The NFL's best story yesterday: Bucs QB Ryan Griffin. He has been in the league for seven years, and finally got to throw his first passes.


We referenced this last week -- 2001 was Manning's fourth year, his last "bad" year, followed by 12 straight Pro Bowl trips. His early INT numbers remain a source of hope for those who believe Jameis Winston can still turn a corner with turnovers:……

Week 15 might be the worst group of games we've seen this season. Five games with spreads of 9 or more + Bucs vs Lions, Dolphins vs Giants, Jaguars vs Raiders and Browns vs Cardinals. Rough scene!


Kai Forbath was the Lou Groza Award Winner In 2009 (Top College Kicker, beating Dan Bailey), has since bounced around the NFL Cowboys (where Bailey best an injured Forbath and 3 others for the job) Bucs Redskins Saints Vikings Jags Pats Hopefully Keith O’Quinn can help him.

New Zealand police say no signs of life seen on White Island after eruption

U guys bleed keep... Ago make y'all feel soon like how my telegram people dey feel...

dunno bout y’all but i’m REALLY not ready to lose bellamy and clarke.

Grave: Cinco muertos deja hasta ahora erupción del volcán White Island en Nueva Zelanda… #nuevastecnologías #feedly

‘I like hate comments more than no comments, I don’t know you but you know my name’ #BanKpopAccounts

Hoy, hace 3 años estos colores nos unió! Lo festejamos así ⚪️⚫️⚪️ La aventura continua...


for so many twitter users that claim to be woke y’all will really ignore racism if its directed at something you dislike #BanKpopAccounts

White Island volcano eruption: Five dead, others missing in New Zealand


New Zealand volcano: 'no survivors' on White Island, police believe – live news…

5 confirmed dead.........No more survivors expected after White Island eruption in New Zealand via @MailOnline

Fun Fact: The Tampa Bay Bucs have the same record as the current NFC East division leader. The Dallas CowBITCHES with a 6-7 record. If Tampa was in the East they would be in the hunt for a division title.

5 NFL teams that should want Cam Newton on their roster next season • Bears • Broncos • Bucs • Chargers • Panthers (duh)

The Rams gave up 110 points to the Bucs and Ravens. In the other 11 games, they allowed 152 – or 13.8 per game The defense deserves more attention as one of the best in the league

Missed this earlier, but announced attendance for Bucs-Colts on Sunday in Tampa was 50,232. Down from 54,333 announced vs. Saints, but still much better than 40,038 vs. Cardinals. Bucs remain 30th out of 32 teams in average home attendance for 2019.

promare was jus as good the third time lol my heart was pounding

Amazing group of men. LOVE these guys! 4 years ago they bought into a vision & have built a culture of excellence day by day. 3 straight seasons ranked in top 10 & in the NAIA playoffs. Scholar team each year. Great foundation in place. Big things to come! #ChooseExcellence


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @awsumlol is amazing


Poona’s bulrush on 1st down was amazing

i’m gonna go ghost mode like Juice Wrld

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