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Devin Bush: “What coach talked about was engineering a win. The plan was to set up a short game for Devlin and keep things simple for him and not make things erratic for him and put points up on the board early.” #Steelers

Looking at it now, Boone actually managed the game very well. He recognized it wasn’t working with Paxton so he made the move. You could argue about taking out Green but...Ottavino didn’t do the job. And more importantly, if the offense just did its job, we win. Can’t blame Boone

James Conner: “Coach Tomlin made it an emphasis, with it being Duck’s first start, that we need to get points on defense. We started the game like that, so there was this huge momentum for us going forward.” #Steelers


Jets offense looked completely different with the return of Sam

This game is on Boone 100%. Paxton out WAY too soon. Green out WAAAAY too soon. Bringing in the big pen arms too early and Ottavino can’t pitch high leverage any more. #NYYvsHOU

Yeah great decision to take chad green out while he’s dealing.. fuck you Aaron Boone

The fact that #SoICalled911 is trending shows just how sick so many people are. I honestly CAN NOT FATHOM willingly doing this to another group/race/community of people. I cant.

I’ve been angry about the pitching decisions in this game since they took out Chad Green after striking a guy out I don’t care ab pitch counts THEY HAVE A REST DAY TOMORROW

Lamar Jackson. Patrick Mahomes. Kyler Murray. Jacoby Brissett. Jameis Winston. Russell Wilson. Deshaun Watson. Dak Prescott. Teddy Bridgewater. Dwayne Haskins (Pretty Soon.) Wale Said It Best... Sue Me, I’m Rooting For Everybody That’s Black.

Here’s the deal with this poll. 72% tonight want a new QB. I hope Jameis Winston comes out the rest of this season.. stops worrying and throwing like he has a leash on. Just let it fly @Jaboowins #GoBucs…

#Steelers 24, #Chargers 0. This Chargers performance would be far and away the most embarrassing performance of Week 6 if it weren't for Jameis Winston, Freddie Kitchens, Andy Reid, Josh Rosen, the entire NFC East, Jason Garrett, Marcus Mariota and Dan Quinn. #PITvsLAC

Remember when people used to argue who the bust was: Mariota or Jameis? Surprise! They both suck.

You said Jameis Winston was better than him and this man threw 5 picks in one game, your credibility as a sports analyst is beyond garbage. You also sound like your mouth is full of spit when you talk…

Gators blew it. Jags blew it. Sucks, but got to spend most of my weekend celebrating the Prince of Pon, First of his name, who turns 7 in a few hours. Officially become the father of a teenage daughter on Friday, and Im blessed as hell. Shit football teams be damned.

There’s a guy who name searches Jameis after every game to defend his honor. Today I checked to see how he’s holding up. Was not disappointed


Special thanks to @candboperations for the use of heated gators! Must appreciated team and fan support! A Minnesota Must...John Deere Gator! Thank you!! #OGV


An estimated 20-22 thousand people showed their solidarity with the Kurdish people by attending today's demonstration in London. #riseup4rojava #SaveTheKurds #SaveRojava #TwitterKurds #Kurdistan #London #TurkeyOutOfRojava #TurkeyIsATerrorState #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies


Deepening disarray in northeast Syria as Turkish troops advance, U.S. troops pull back and Kurdish defenses crumble - The Washington Post #AmericanHumiliation #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies…

Omfg Cash running up with the roses was so heartbreaking #PowerTV

Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Tyrann Mathieu, Chris Jones, Mitchell Schwartz, Eric Fisher, and I guess Byron Pringle all can stay. Get rid of everyone else.…

#AtatianaJefferson (“Tay”) was playing video games w/her nephew when police shot & killed her inside her OWN home yesterday. The same systems that allow this to happen make it okay to poison Black & Brown communities for oil profits. There’s no climate justice w/o racial justice.…

Kyle Allen warning Cam Newton about taking his job. #NFL #DeepFake

The Winston Churchill phase is for real, yo.


Tasha and Tommy at Lakeisha’s funeral #PowerTV

#TrumpBetrayedOurAllies he will throw anyone under the bus for 30 pieces of brass

Tommy in the next episode of #PowerTV

#TrumpBetrayedOurAllies WHere the fuck are the republicans.. they are just cowards

11 teams passed on Deshaun Watson, even after he did what he did at Clemson. OK.

Salute to the 12 @AP_Top25 voters who had the conviction to buck the unwritten rules and put LSU No. 1 in their poll based on merit instead of rewarding Alabama or Clemson for years past, while ignoring neither has a great win THIS year. To the other 50 of you, grow up.

2018 Clemson barely beat Syracuse at home. 2016 Clemson lost to Pitt (8-5) at home. 2015 Alabama lost to Ole Miss at home. 2014 Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech (7-6) at home by two touchdowns. Yesterday was ugly, Dawg Nation, but hang in there. This season is far from over.

Undefeated Clemson will be playing Louisville on Saturday. Read about the match up here:…

Clemson has played 6 games and is 6-0, is the only team in the nation that has six wins against FBS opponents, has no wins over ranked opponents (Same as Bama)...yet somehow they have dropped two places from the beginning of the season.

FT | EAGS WIN! Eastern Washington collects its third-straight victory to stay undefeated in Big Sky play following another shutout! @sariah_keister with the lone goal as @Kelsee_Winston and the Eag defense keep a clean sheet! #GoEags #BigSkySoccer


Thanks @billburr , @clubsodakenny and all of the people of North and South Carolina for an insane weekend #Clemson #TouchTheRock #Moonshine

Didn’t start Tyreek hill cus I thought he was out... fuck me

If you like the split videos here's the Gators' offense ( and for the slightly more brave, the Gators' defense (

On Saturday, the Lords take the field on the road against Allegheny College, a series which dates back to 1911. PICTURED: JR RB Jimmy Andrews rushes against the Gators in 2018. #NextOneWins #GoLords


"We knew what the outcome was gonna be. We told y'all." #LSU K'Lavon Chaisson following victory over Gators.

Gators remain ranked in top 10 after loss at LSU


I knew there was no stopping the #LSU offense for Florida. Called it on @CBSSportsHQ. @CBSSports | #UFvsLSU #LSUTigers

What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us whilst we're waiting. Trust the process!!! HAPPY SUNDAY FOLKS! (And I gat my spiritual BRA on!) #SundayMotivation #SundayService #lagosflood #NoBraDay #SundayThoughts #PowerTV #NoBraGang


I remember once someone asking how to show a character was a trans man and I suggested have him say, “Ugh, gotta take my binder off,” and they were all I DON’T THINK THAT’S VERY REALISTIC! ... yeah, like I didn’t just put mine on travelling down the A46.

i can’t get over how insane ‘the Wall’ was last night like I won’t stop going on about it because danny really did absolutely smash it n i’ve never been so proud in my life

If every team played rugby like Japan it would be challenging football as the biggest sport on the planet. I love rugby but most games I get to watch these days are just attritional nonsense. Japan are absolutely exhilarating to watch!

Tommy will really kill everybody now that Keisha is dead #PowerTV

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