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The first cover which actually made me cry. Thanks @rezomusik for this amazingly emotional cover. Go check it out please, he's amazing ❤ #RIPChesterBennington

Funko announces a new product line, Funko POP! Pins ~ Starting with the Golden Freddy Idol shared at SDCC ~ #FPN #FunkoPOPNews #Funko #POP #Funkos #POPVinyl #SDCC #SDCC19 #SDCC2019 #SDCC50


I know POTUS loves to energize his base, but why make inflammatory (& false) claims? You don't have to like AOC, but she never called his supporters "garbage," & Ms Omar never said she "loves Al Qaeda." These fake quotes are dangerous. I wish he'd stop.

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay @jim_jordan is another very fine young man. I wish cohen wus more like him. When Jordan saw boys molested he knew exactly what to do he shut up like clam. That is the kind of loyalty that I expect.

Peep our first Cinema Saturdays | Tops & Bottoms Review | Ep 1 | The Lion King | {Jumping the Rails Podcast) by J Rails #np on #SoundCloud…

Always a sad day linkin Park had so many songs that remind me and helped me get through childhood #RIPChesterBennington

Coworker: So what’s new in your life? Me: Have you seen the trailer for Cats?

Critics have given The Lion King a frosty reception. It's still going to bring in the big bucks for Disney

As you'd expect, stellar #cosplay at #SDCC.


I got the lamest friends man. Niggahs wanna swallow all these fucking drugs but can trip shrooms and go watch lion king w me. Fuck y’all niggahs

x1 bias dropped until further notice. need to process this information. usually i can accept dog people because love is love but i was sure seungyoun would choose cats for some reason so please stick with me thru this difficult time.

Spring 2022. President Marianne Williamson ensures each American of their entitlement to unlimited free screenings of Cats 2, whose tagline is "This summer... 2... plus 0... plus 2... plus 2... equals... 9 lives. " Podcasts have returned to sustainable levels since Brooklyn sank.

We are currently in Section A of the line for today’s Hall H panel for Marvel Studios that will begin at 5:15pm PT. Follow @DiscussingFilm so you see all of the news from the #MarvelSDCC panel as soon as it is announced. #SDCC #SDCC2019


#DataLimite para pedir 3 camisetas por 99,90 (mais o frete) aqui na Cats! Escolhe na loja e chama no Whats para pedir! #LGBT


#Apollo11 "The Eagle has landet!" Was für eine technische und menschliche Meisterleistung vor 50 Jahren!… says the one that entices attacks against the American people. @realDonaldTrump has more blood in his hands than the cartels put together. Trump makes Juarez look like a cake walk

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we lost Chester Bennington.... .....if you’re hurting, please reach out to someone.....please do #RIPChesterBennington


Big thanks to @ttdwrestling for designing the #MakeBillSweat 2 shirt that we wore this year at @comic_con! @billmiekina #SDCC #SDCC2019


Thanks to all who came by #SDCC Booth #2415 so far — stop by and scan your badge to enter the Captain Marvel signed lithograph giveaway ⚡️ Day 3 here we go #comiccon #sdcc50 #sdcc2019



#WritingCommunity (It is a game only-let's pretend) but if you could be POTUS what would you do to help make the US and World a better place for all? Open ended question. @detective_files #writers #bloggers #authors Answer below

Wow! @SecretService ENOUGH OF THIS BS!!! Start arresting these assholes. Dem senator on Trump: "Punch him in the face" to beat him @jontester mess with PRESIDENT @realDonaldTrump and millions will rise. STOP the HATE! #WWG1WGA #QAnon #SaturdayMorning…

Interesting to listen to these CONgresspeople that are visiting the So Border. Of course they are lol slamming POTUS, blaming him for all the problems there. All we hear from these people is the complaining. We. Are not hearing anything about what they are going to do. ALL TALK!

50 years ago today, Armstrong and Aldrin climbed into the Eagle, separated from Columbia and went down to the surface of the Moon. This image was snapped just after they separated from Collins and were inspecting. #Apollo50th


Did everyone enjoy the #WizardsUnite community day? I finally got a good picture of the Demiguise during it!


Netflix Releases Its First Official Teaser For Season One Of The Witcher #Video #UpcomingReleases #Netflix #Witcher


Bloomberg couldn't have aptly captured the Kenyan China railway loan relationship. Indeed, China built a railway to nowhere in Kenya, specifically to Duka Moja, a shopping center with 2 shops past Nairobi capital.


The Lion King was really good, a few changes but still good

Omar apollo More like omar Fuck you for not coming to arizona

Early-stage properties available at common sense valuations; contact us for more information: #RareEarthMetals #RareEarthElements #HREE #LREE #HREEs #LREEs #RareEarth #RareEarths #REE #REEs #China #Trump #TradeWar…

They came to this country the legal way , so how can you deport a first lady OR MR. Gorka . Both are U.S. citizens They did not use a fake name like ILHAN OMAR . .OMAR is not even her real last name . She is a fraud…

Nikki Haley's Vision for How to Win Against China An interesting read on how China is perceived in US!…

Giants reach .500 mark after two straight walk off wins in China Basin #SFGiants

Managed to raise enough funds for this man’s daughters school fees some weeks ago - he’s jobless & hasn’t been able to pay rent for 3 months - he told me he tried to sell his kidney ‘Lekin price kam thi’ - I asked him how much - he said ‘Ek lakh’ - his monthly rent 13K His CV


Friday night, baby: time to spend 2 hours crafting text messages to men who DONT respond, drink 3 room temp Hamms at the bar, and then go home to listen to the CATS soundtrack for the first time alone in my bed !!

#TheTrumpDoctrine "I tell friends who treat their wives magnificently, get treated like crap in return, 'Be rougher and you’ll see a different relationship.'" @POTUS #UnstableMisogynist…

“No one can know that we are legitimately excited for CATS.” @sweetestsara

Maybe the stupidest tweet or analogy ever Wow Trumptards with a mentally ill potus with dementia dont get it. All this winning has gone to their heads. #FUCKMAGA #MAGA is for retards only…

Fua, estoy re feliz de que eugenia cooney esté en tratamiento y con que haya sido shane quien hiciera ese video pero a la vez siento que hay tantas cosas que quedaron afuera y que sabemos que ella no va a responder en sus videos. Viendo la comparación de la miniatura del video

Clint in Vegas... buddy Tracie isn’t the only drug user in this relationship is she? Cause you’re hurtin, I can tell. #lifeafterlockup

So this was posted locally. I wish I could say I'm shocked. But fast food & service workers are routinely denigrated, put in dangerous situations, & threatened by management. Everyone should have a right to representation in the workplace. #unionsforall #Bernie2020


Matt Harvey is DFAed. Let’s revisit this gem.


Matt Harvey has more postseason wins than Strasburg... That’s how pathetic the Nationals are…

This is what integrity looks like. The same year, after year after year. Isn’t it beautiful @BernieSanders #Bernie2020…

Dragons, including this Common Welsh Green, will be making their debut at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis this Aug. 31 - Sept. 1! #WizardsUnite

The Russo Brothers jokingly say a SECRET WARS film could be six parts #SDCC


The Russo Brothers panel at Hall H has started! #Sdcc #ColliderSdcc


I now know which character from #ParksAndRec my dog is. #FridayThoughts #dogs


cute date idea <3 1) we pack a picnic (edibles) 2) we’ll go for a walk (wait for the edibles to kick in) 3) go see a movie (Cats, 2019) 4) meet god

The Internet: “If you think I’m going to see Cats you’re nuts. Actors gussied up as animals in a super fancy remake? No thanks. So who’s seeing The Lion King with me tonight?!”

The producers of Cats must be having the worst week of their lives right now.

This Cats movie is ruining my life because I want to mute it in my feed, but then I won’t see actual cats and I don’t think I can handle that.

Experience the Museum of Mayhem presented by @Nerdist at @SparksGallery! Witness incredible unreleased #Borderlands3 art, snag some exclusive merch, grab a drink at Moxxi's Bar, and more! Doors open every day at noon during #SDCC! Learn more:


An Ant-Man fan theory was debunked during the Markus/McFeely #SDCC panel that Scott Lang was safe from the "SNAP" while in the Quantum Realm. The writers explained Scott was just as likely to be snapped in the QR as he was outside of it #Endgame


i almost turned into an anti-disney nigga when my whole audience clapped at the end of lion king. at this is a british audience, we don’t give claps out easily

The Lion King was really good y’all

The Russo Brothers ask who in the crowd is storming Area 51 with them after this #SDCC


Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are stopping by our #SDCC later today bur during their panel they showed this #AvengersEndgame time heist map of where the stones were through the MCU timeline - but they didn’t know where the space stone would be in Captain Marvel.


The reviews are in for @Beyonce's #TheGiftAlbum and people are loving it! Hear the song that has everyone talking, #BrownSkinGirl and see the #Bigger music video!…

On ESPN, Dan Le Batard calls his own network 'cowardly' for not addressing racism

#PriyankaForPeople #IRL #FridayThoughts Definition of real guru according to Scripts and Vedas by Saint Rampal ji Maharaj

Noruega vende petróleo, salmón, hielo y premios Nobel de Paz. Santos, sin duda, pagó el precio.


But it didnt matter when the judge couldnt find any credible evidence for the allegations against Zeke?? @nflcommish ????…

Dan Le Batard calls ESPN's apolitical stance 'cowardly' in response to the 'send her back' controversy…

This is heartbreaking. And with so much of the country in the midst of a heatwave, it serves as a stark reminder to make sure to stay cool and hydrate.… #heatwave

Happening all day today outside of @IlhanMN’s DC office! #IStandWithIlhan

Dan Le Batard is a ReTard

Dan Le Batard is the hero we needed

Former N.Y. Giants player Mitch Petrus dies at age 32 from heat stroke…

Dan Le Batard delivers impassioned rebuke of racist 'send her back' chant despite ESPN rules…


Ex #Giants offensive lineman Mitch Petrus dies of heat stroke via @MailOnline #NFL

Ours hearts go out to the family of Mitch Petrus. Be sure to seek immediate medical attention if you think you or someone you know may be experiencing heat stroke.


RIP Mitch Petrus former New York Giants player has died at 32 s/@Complex

CBS News: Mitch Petrus has died; Former Giants and Arkansas lineman dies at age 32; cause of death heat stroke.… via @GoogleNews

As Trump Supporters Chant ‘Send Her Back,’ Ilhan Omar Says She’ll ‘Rise’ In Face Of Hate…

Check out the new album by Beyonce - #TheGiftAlbum.


Trump is using racism as a coping mechanism for ‘deteriorating’ mental state, claims scientist…

Beyoncé saying “are you with me lions” then MY POWER starting right after gives me goosebumps #TheGiftAlbum

Dos horas y cuarto y ya estoy hasta los huevos. Send vacaciones, que ganas de trabajar no quiero. O un abrazo de esos que te junta todos los trozos cuando estás roto, eso también.

Swedish prosecutors have asked for six more days to investigate ASAP Rocky's assault charge. That will go down well in America later! I am expecting Trump to tweet (easy win if everyone's calling you racist)

Ton nom de personnage de Cats: 1. Titre de petite noblesse favori + Marque du dernier produit laitier industriel consommé + "ee" 2. Mot pris au hasard sur la page "Onomatopée" de Wikipédia X 2 3. toutes les lettres de ton village des Cornouailles préféré mises dans le désordre.

Beyonce’s much anticipated album “The Lion King: The Gift, finally out. Here’s how people are reacting on social media. Check out great African talents like Shatta Wale, Yemi Alade, Wiskid, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, Mr Eazi, Tekno all on this one…

I wish people who call Corbyn antisemitic would have the balls to say he is therefore a racist. They won’t, as this would make them even more ludicrous than they are now appearing.

-I quite like the new twitter layout. -The original Top Gun was also a pile of shit. -See also Cats. -How are they not at the moon yet? Looks like it was fake after all. -Of course Boris is a wanker, he's a Tory so QED. I think that covers everything.

If i didnt know what the cats is i wouldve thought it was a horror movie with that trailer

Cliff to Christie/Jack/Kat/Tommy- I'm going to sleep on it. I dont want y'all to think that I went into thinking "if I win, I have got people that I'm slamming it to" #BB21

#World | #Trump's racist remarks make racism as most searched word

Analysis: How racist tweet became Trump rally chant in three days

Christie- I felt like Nicole was being specifically targeted, and we all at one point ganged up on her. I couldnt let it go. Cliff- I get it from y'alls side #BB21

Man asks #woman to stop speaking #Spanish on a plane—and bystanders start speaking Spanish #US…

Christie tells Cliff that part of the reason for the vote tonight was that Nicole was being bullied and they decided they 'couldn't let her go out like that'. I'm sure that's very comforting to the person they evicted. #bb21

Cliff knocks on the door to the target room & Christie overwhelmingly welcomes him in. Far cry from the garbage you 8 were pulling only days ago. #BB21

'Trust' was mentioned 69 times at Facebook’s Libra Senate hearing – nice

Our love for these people is out of this world. Thanks for capturing our cast, @EW! #AgentsofSHIELD #SDCC #SDCC2019


My first #sdcc day one is in the books. Diagnosis? EXHAUSTION. (Sleep, repeat.) 18, 2019 at 10:20PM


so no one told Beyonce that niniola should've been on this??…

You know, ⁦@RandPaul⁩, this is a sh*tty way to try to meet #JonStewart. Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund | TheHill…

#Video: Lack of financial autonomy is negatively affecting judiciary, Tanko Muhammad tells Senate Watch more: @NGRSenate


Not enough for taking the White House, but the House and Senate must join. #VoteBlue2020…

US Treasury Secretary: We Don't Want Bitcoin Becoming A “Swiss-Numbered Bank Account" Now that the U.S. Congress and Senate have finished their hearings with Facebook, U.S. Treasury Secretary @stevenmnuchin1 has set his regulatory sights on Bitcoin.…

#TheGiftAlbum 82K Twitartir Açılldı #絶対にあなたの本名を当てます Cats 505K #InMyDefense 59K 天気の子 129K Brown Skin Girl 11K #7AñosInvictos #PRETTYMUCHLying 12K 契約解消


Find your way back sounds like something Sarz would produce and something that needs a hook from Niniola.

Lying is #69 on the Itunes US pop chart #PRETTYMUCHLying


Who produced “find your way back”. It has a very distinctive sound #TheGiftAlbum

John McCain would kick his ex-friend Lindsay Graham’s Trump-lovin’ ass if he heard him today.…

*sees the #ITChapter2 trailer once*

Reminder: A Republican is NOT the same thing as a Trump Supporter!!! You don’t need a to align with a political party to be considered racist.

El piriodismo a pesar de todo, comprometido y al servicio del pueblo es ese que abre portadas y telediarios con un encuentro casual entre Trump y Epstein en una fiesta del 94 pero ni mú del mayor caso de corrupción de la historia de España, cuya jueza trata de obstaculizar.

#TrumpPuppet William Barr, who yesterday was found guilty of criminal contempt by the House, has now stopped Hope Hicks & Donald Trump from indictment. Read the FBI evidence! Retweet the FBI evidence! #IndictHopeHicksNow #IndictTrumpNow

.@NicolleDWallace goes there, with fingering Fox News as creating the moment for trump to initiate racist chants at his rallies

hey remember when the ny times carried water for hope hicks and gave her a glamour shot? yeah.

Watch as the president mendaciously claims that he "felt a little badly about it" while his fans chanted "send her back." That's the racist Republican base taking their cues from their racist leader. Video via CNN.

We stand with Ilhan Omar, against the inexcusable and undeniably racist attacks by Trump and his supporters’. #IStandWithIlhanOmar #WeStandWithIlhanOmar

PHILADELPHIA: 13 Cops Fired For Racist And Anti-Gay Facebook Posts, Many Others To Be Suspended [VIDEO] -…


The year is 2089. 70 years prior Faceapp gave Russia all the selfies it needed to power its vanity powered mobile suit which it used to take over America. Immediately upon occupation of America Putin demanded he be added to Old Town Road. Old Town Road has been #1 for 3654 weeks.

Is water really wet ?! Serious question ? #ThursdayThoughts

Am I the only one who doesn’t really care if Russia has my face in a database somewhere? They’ve probably already hacked my Facebook profile anyway


Geopolitiquement parlant c'est une informations très importante ! #GOLD #SILVER #BITCOIN SERONT AU POUVOIR !!…

The INF Treaty is going off the books on August 2nd, says @RNicholasBurns. Victoria Nuland tells him what that means for Russia and America live:… #AspenSecurity

Militants in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula attacked a group of people in a small town, beheading four and kidnapping a fifth accused of cooperating with security forces.


I’m afraid for the Squad and Ilhan Omar in particular. She won’t necessarily be the black person or Muslim that gets hurt/killed. It could easily be an average person, minding their business who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. #DeadlineWH #IStandWithIlhan

Democrats call for FaceApp to be investigated because it comes from Russia

Trump purposely attacks the squad to enrage the media and proves they don’t care about migrants lol #IStandWithIlhan

#DontKnowWhoNeedsToHearThisBut you can talk to people. please don’t feel like you have to bottle up all your feelings. take care of yourself. ❤️

The difference in crowd for Adrian Martinez (left) and Lovie Smith (right)


Give this tweet some major love! And make a donation to B-B-B-Bernie and the Squad. #Bernie2020 #IStandWithIlhan…

#DontKnowWhoNeedsToHearThisBut Is there a twelve step program for politics??

Last night @BernieSanders was out at dinner with @IlhanMN when the news broke of the racist Trump/Klan rally. Please consider a donation split between the Bernie and Ilhan campaigns #IStandWithIlhan #Bernie2020…


Cornel West describes why it's gotta be #Bernie2020 & why the establishment candidates won't cut it. "My dear brother Bernie has a consistent ethics." #NoMiddleGround #NotMeUs #PeoplesChamp #WorkingClassChampion…

Lovie Smith is here to say: If you want the effect of FaceApp without letting the Russians steal your identity, just go coach Illinois football.…

Lovie Smith look woke AF. Like his blackness is sponsored by @5hourenergy.

Here for the Lovie Smith beard progression


Thank You Senator Bernie Sanders For Leading The #FightFor15 For All The Workers That Sought Your Commitment & Passion To GET IT DONE! #Bernie2020 DELIVERS! House passes bill to raise federal minimum wage to $15 an hour -

Saw Lovie Smith trending then realized it’s just because he still looks like one of Fred Sanford’s buddies ...


#Illini HC Lovie Smith on process of acquiring USC grad transfers Josh Imatorbhebhe, Oluwole Betuki Jr. and Trevon Sidney which Smith couldn't directly acknowledge due to him not being on the roster yet.

Lovie Smith on the day he was introduced as the new Illinois head coach and Lovie Smith today. Three years apart. Coaching Illinois football ages you horribly.


Everybody's talking about TOXIC WASTE CANDY PRIZE PACK. That's a hard one. Six words: CHAPEL BEVERAGE OPENER built on UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES. Totally excited!

"TOXIC WASTE CANDY PRIZE PACK" / when i visit my grandma in marietta georgia, my mom would go buy these candies for me.…


Men's Big Face Baby Orangutan Gorilla T-Shirt… #IStandWithIlhan #PrayForKyoani #ThursdayMotivation #IStandWithPresTrump #thursdaymorning Kyoto Animation David Duval TOXIC WASTE CANDY PRIZE PACK Happy Friday Eve


ル・モンドがKyoAniで少なくとも24人死亡と伝えている。フランス人にとってはViolet EvergardenやLa Mélancolie de Haruhi Suzumiyaのプロダクション。…

Walt disney's chronological frozen body #FoundAtArea51


President Trump welcomes arrest of JuD chief: By S.Muddasir Ali Shah on 18 July 2019 PESHAWAR (Pajhwok):  US President Donald Trump has welcomed the arrest of the Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) chief in a terror financing case. Hafiz Saeed was arrested ahead of…


I hear Trump has now been told about the Mayflower and wants to send it back where it came from #plymouthharbour #1620 #RacistPresident

Democrats Admit to CNN’s Tapper: ‘The President Won This One’ — ‘Squad’ Hurting the Party via @BreitbartNews

#sendherback Can't wait for the Epstein revelations to come... turns out the "Pizzagate" conspiracy started by the russian SS was really all about the rich right wing aholes. Epstein, Trump, Acosta, more sex traffickers to come. Thats right, accuse the other side 4 what you do.

Beside trying to bringing the Trump administration down... What else has the US House done for the America people? Democrat party is poison for this country!

The US ‘president’ is resurrecting the Nuremberg rallies and our PM-in-waiting is waving smoked fish to the approval of those gathered. These aren’t great days. #IStandWithIlhan #ToryLeadershipContest

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