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لعبة Ghost of Tsushima هي آخر حصرية لل PS4 ، تعرف على ميعاد الإصدار !


GOTY para Sekiro más que merecido y por fin se ha reconocido la calidad de @fromsoftware_pr que tanto ha dado a la industria #TheGameAwards

Ghost of Tsushima sorprende en The Game Awards con un épico tráiler ¡Su Japón Feudal es brutal!


Ghost of Tsushima'yı Japonca yerine İngilizce oynayacak kişiden korkarım.

Ghost of Tsushima will launch for PS4 in Summer 2020…


Every time I look at Post Malone I can’t tell if he isn’t aware of what’s going on at all times or hyper-aware of what’s going on at all times

Did you know an artist covered Twenty One Pilots at the AMAs?…

ending the VGA with a shitty looking Fast and Furious game that looks like it's from 2007 is even better

Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez announce brand new Fast and Furious game…

I have a final tomorrow... I didnt study at all today. And I'd do it again. #RavensFlock @Ravens

remember when cody wanted to vape in front of post malone so he did !


Two putts. The difference between having reason to pay attention two more days and checking out (again) at #PresidentsCup, writes @RexHoggardGC:


Lamar is scrambling again, and that makes me unreasonably happy! #RavensFlock #RavensvsJets #Ravens #MVP

Sam Darnold's 2019 will be the same as his 2018. Is he going to be good enough? You still don't know. That's a real problem b/c if you're still asking that after Year 2 it's not going to be a good answer. #NYJvsBAL

What did JT say? How T.O. inspired Justin Thomas and Tiger Woods' celebration Friday at #PresidentsCup:


MVP front-runner. Two-time AFC North champ. #NYJvsBAL


Lamar Jackson's ability to extend plays with his legs goes beyond the running game—the threat of run helps receivers get open. Tonight vs NYJ: 9/14, 167 yards, 4 TD when time to throw was 2.5+ seconds (receivers averaged 4.0 yards of separation). #NYJvsBAL | #RavensFlock


Why are yall comparing sitw to Rolling Loud? Sitw is clearly not a rap festival. Yall can’t be this slow

For everyone complaining about that SITW lineup... I think y’all are missing the point that festival life is cool af, and it’s more than just music. There’s literally something for everyone at this festival!

Pretenderの歌詞覚えて歌えるようになりたい。 FOO FIGHTERSの…。

okay so i won’t be doing the lovely foo fighters at ohayo but she’s gonna be my main bitch for colossal and i can’t wait!!

If the #Yankees can add a talent like #Hader, you can't do too much prospect hugging. Now, you have to have a limit, but you certainly need to be open minded.

My happiest hours include sustainably-sourced seafood that's wild-caught in Alaska waters. #AlaskaHappyHour


If you dont think people are paying attention to what is happening here with HipHop in #RVA look at the #SITW bill. Congrats to @NickelusF and the AGM team! this is just the first of so many more wins for every one who has been working so hard for years!

all of us who shared the berxit tweet hexed the election results in a two-hour drumpf window. that's accelerationism

Right now I'm hearing people are actually arguing the president "has cooperated with [Democrats/Congress]" Enough already, enough. Every subpoena defied. Every single one. #trump #impeachmentdebate #ImpeachmentHearings

I know I say this all the time, but just when I think @realDonaldTrump can’t be any more of a sick twisted pathetic small petty insecure asshole he goes ahead yet again and outdoes himself... #Trump #GretaThunberg…

Lawmaker's personal retort to Gaetz draws laughter…

me: makapelo agpanateng nak manen papa: keh uminom ka ti vitamin c han nga puro vitamin p mama: niya nga vitamin p? papa: vitamin pepsi niya connect na ? HAHAHAHAHA SKL

Thank you Rep. Hank Johnson. For Gaetz to raise Hunter Biden's substance abuse is 'the pot calling the kettle black,' Johnson says…

#HourOfCode at another Dallas School Thank you Principal S. Jackson and Mr. Stokes. Amazonians @AWSEducate and @dallasschools for supporting kids because THEY CAN! #HourofCode2019 #AWSFutureEngineers


The way things are going for @TheDemocrats today, we’re about ten minutes from finding out that Hank Johnson wears lifts.…

Rep. Matt Gaetz cited a New Yorker profile that alleged crack cocaine use by Hunter Biden during impeachment debate. Rep. Hank Johnson responded saying “The pot calling the kettle black is not something we should do," a nod to Gaetz’s 2008 DUI

When Hank "Guam Tipping" Johnson starts up Dems just have to cringe Incidentally If Johnson was a Republican Every story that mentioned him would say "Who famously asked if Guam would tip over if we put more troops on it" But he's a Dem So he just says talks crazy & meh…

Inspire kids to #CODE with Arduino-powered @creatorbots that introduce robotics, engineering, and coding in a fun and engaging way. Join the @ISTESTEM Computational Thinking Webinar on 12/12 at 6 p.m. Register at #CSedWeek #HourofCode


Creatorbots Computational Thinking Webinar @ISTESTEM #hourofcode webinar event hosted by @ISTESTEM PLN member @DavidJLockett and @creatorbots -Live now! #computationalthinking #CSEdWeek2019 @iste


#Beisbol Rumores MLB: Yankees súmamente interesados en cambio por Josh Hader… #Baseball

Fantastic day of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and coding today @StCeciliaDPCDSB where students created @sphero powered Santa sleighs. #hourofcode @DPTechTeam @dpguidance @Ms_Henry08


Let's review: -The Electoral College is stupid -The Senate is stupid -#Brexit is stupid -#Berxit is stupid -Having to pay airline baggage fees is stupid -2019 is stupid -Everything is stupid

Happy day four of #CSEdWeek! We finished our @tinkercad Codeblocks ornaments today! Stay tuned for the winning print! Moving to #hourofcode tomorrow on @codeorg @nextech @CSforIN


Day 2 of #10daysoftakeaways from #VSTE19 I’m thinking about how to share with teachers in my new building how I can help them @TimBakner helped clarify five options and I like the distinct breakdown and choice. I’m considering how I can share this with staff when we plan together


Something in the Water General admission and VIP tickets go on sale this Saturday! #SITW More info and the lineup: #VirginiaBeach


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