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Trump had advance knowledge and supported the protest – OBSTRUCTION – by House Republicans who told him they planned to storm the SCIF where House Democrats are holding impeachment testimonies.…

WV GOP lawmaker Alex Mooney shares audio of phone call he made from highly-classified SCIF room. No respect for natl. security! Any normal person with a TSSCI would have been fired and lost their clearance. Just sayin' #ImpeachAndRemove #TrumpGenocide #KurdishGenocide

Our cancel culture demands zero tolerance. You’re attacked if you make an error or mistake. This has devolved into a situation where everyone is “telling” on everybody or nobody speaks up at all. #sharpeway #larrysharpe #libertarian #WednesdayWisdom


Breaking: ABC is publishing photos of the mess the GOP made after storming the SCIF and ordering Pizza and Chik Fil A.


Our wish is finally coming true!! @Louis_Tomlinson's debut album is on the way! #WallsIsComing #Walls


I told you to watch which ones screamed he loudest to protect Trump. These House Republicans are the guilty ones. They are complicit. Watch them.


Capitol police will forcibly remove disabled people peacefully protesting in the halls of Congress but not privileged white men looking to just undermine national security…


“The level of focus that you bring to your job each day, no matter what job you do, has to be at a high end”—Mike Babcock, Head Coach @MapleLeafs #Focus #WednesdayWisdom #Success #Determination


This SCIF thing is boring as hell. Get back to me when the grapeshot has been deployed

Why we elected Trump! “We were supposed to be there (Syria) for 30 days...That was 10 years ago” “Let someone else fight over this blood soaked sand” No More Endless Wars!Permanent Ceasefire #TheFive #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation @realDonaldTrump

This dumb duck has an unsecured phone in a scif and he’s taking pictures and video... What did Trump say we used to do with “Spies” when “we were smarter”? FFS.…

You of all people want to talk about Political stunts? A component of your derangement syndrome is NO ability to self reflect. Add that to the list of; hypocrisy, stupidity & Dunning Kruger syndrome and you have Eric Swalwell. Proving anyone can get elected to congress.…


GOP lawmakers scramble to backtrack after realizing their SCIF stunt broke national security protocols…

You don't have to know everything - sometimes the answer is simply getting the answer! #trucking #shipping #motivational #misterpexpress #youronestopshop #wednesdaywisdom

#DidYouKnow Clownfish are covered in a mucus, which protects it from the sting of a sea anemone. The territorial clownfish chases away anemone eating fish, & in return, the anemone's sting protects the clownfish from its predators. #oceans #sealife #WednesdayWisdom


#1. Because of the law. Passed by Congress. #2 Democrats are using the House rules the GOP voted on in the 115th Congress (Benghazi, emails). They effectively left Dems with the rules they needed to vote to get during the Nixon impeachment. They don't need to now.…

#TheFive Welp bring on the bashing. DON'T CARE. I am so glad the GOP finally are growing a pair. You go ppl!! About time Congress starts standing up 4 our @POTUS

The Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and a titan of the U.S. Congress, Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), died early October 17 morning. He was 68.…

I'm a little bummed that we're not all in agreement that the hashtag for Mobile World Congress Los Angeles should be #MWCLA19, not #MWC19. #MWC19 was months ago, in Barcelona. Everyone please delete all your tweets this week that say #MWC19 and recreate them using #MWCLA19. thx

Podcast: @thekapman returns to chat with @Kelly_Crull + @TonyAndracki23 about the Ross hiring and Kris Bryant's service time dispute:…

Instead of #WallpaperWednesday, we're sharing this photo of David Ross and @SBCubsStu from #CubsCon 2018. Why? You know why...


Estuvo bajo las ordenes de Maddon en las temporadas 2015 y 2016, cuando los Cachorros ganaron la Serie Mundial frente a los Indios de Cleveland #DL #DiarioLibre #Deportes #Béisbol #MLB

Hong Kong Protesters Show Up On NBA Opening Night…

ICYMI: Twitter reacts to #Cubs hiring of David Ross:


he's right. Bron cant bring it up the court every time. he's going to burn out that way…

The only people younger than Juan Soto to go yard in the #WorldSeries: Mickey Mantle @andruwjones25 @MiguelCabrera

This is ridiculous. Let athletes determine who will win the #WorldSeries. Leave animals out of it. Exploiting this dolphin for a sports gimmick is tacky and CRUEL. They shouldn't be trapped at @CMAquarium to begin with.

Game 2 #WorldSeries Is LIVE On @SportsTalk790 TONIGHT | Game Two Of The Fall Classic As The @Astros Host The @Nationals Looking to #TakeItBack  Pre-Game Coverage on NOW! 7:08pm First Pitch TUNE: 790AM I On @iHeartRadio & Smart Speakers


Cannot wait for the first time David Ross has to walk out to the mound and take Jon Lester out of a game @Cubs

But they didn’t let Bron trademark Taco Tuesday’s. Smd…

.@BackAftaThis So @MikeFrancesa just stated that teams can’t announce a new manager on World Series game days. I guess he isn’t aware the @Cubs named David Ross their manager this morning.

David Ross is the right man for the job. He knows this ball club and he knows how to win. There is so much talent on this @Cubs roster and I expect them to be competing for a World Series next season #Cubs #DavidRoss

#LoseYouToLoveMe  is currently #1 in 41 countries on iTunes!


โกนหัวจริง แก้ผ้าจริง หน้าที่ติดพลาสเตอร์ก็แผลจริงจากตอนที่เล่นเอ็มวี พี่แม่งสุดจริงๆ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ #WINNER_SOSO



o pessoal só fala em bi*b*r, parece que Selena nunca teve outro relacionamento significado tipo o que ela teve com o Faustão #LoseYouToLoveMe

It is frickin bats #RuinHalloweenIn4Words

Waking up to this tweet about the Lakers' opening night performance. It's gonna be a good day.…

From the #WorldSeries in Houston: @thomloverro joins @JunksRadio to talk #Nats. Stream:

Like I said Kawhi>Lebron... didn’t even have PG13 in the game

Jornada inaugural de la NBA: los Clippers de Kawhi se quedaron con el duelo angelino y Toronto estrenó el título con victoria en suplementario contra New Orleans;… #NBA


Throwback to when the @Royals were in the #WorldSeries & my first TV news debut.


Oof... I grabbed Raptors at -5.5. Completely lucked out w/ OT.…

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