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Jon Favreau's #TheLionKing scored the biggest domestic opening of all time for a Disney remake at the #boxoffice


Genghis Khan is THE scariest villain from a Disney movie I can remember as a kid. #HATM

Bem vindos hóspedes, à Estalagem Nerd ! Nesse episódio, O Rei Leão ! Falaremos da adaptação para Live action, do clássico absoluto da Disney! Nos acompanhe nesse ciclo sem fim !…


Seems like a good time to mention this Ringer piece on Disney songs, with a couple of Mulan tunes. #HATM…

Thor: Love and Thunder is my most anticipated MCU movie since Infinity War.…

All these people talking about "Disney beating Disney's record" are aware that Disney didn't own Avatar yet when it broke box office records, right?



shang chi was at the raptors championship parade. don’t talk to me if your team’s parade didn’t have an actual marvel superhero.


puto novio pasteloso qtiene caro le voy a meter un sillaso para q se le quite lac ara d principe d disney laput a q m pario

Ya subí mi muy humilde pero bonita opinión de #ElReyLeon #TheLionKing a mi canal:

hmmmm i lowkey wanna write a ya vol 3 cuz i don’t think marvel will give it to us this year,,,,,,

A PESAR DE AMENAZAS DE DETENCIÓN PARA DETENER MI LUCHA Continuo la campaña por el Cnel GARCÍA PALOMO q tiene 174 días secuestrado y sus mascotas THOR y ARPA cumplen 297 DÍAS d cautiverio por Terrorismo Ellos son Presos Políticos en el Helicoide Únete a mi campaña por su Libertad

I'm gonna make the assumption that it's the pigeons causing "Stephen Miller" such a high degree of brain damage and the subsequent psychopathic hoofprints of empathy deficit.

Pictures Of Cats That Have Very Weird But Hilarious Patterns On Their Fur…

i’m just so happy we’re getting thor love and thunder. like i love thor ragnarok so much but i really felt like some things were missing and there wasn’t too much control over stuff but now is completely different, taika will do whatever the fuck he wants and i’m so excited

if you prefer cats over dogs block me

I can’t help but think that if Walt Disney were alive today and he saw the remake of #TheLionKing he’d think to himself this... this is how we make lemmings throw themselves off cliffs.

Who wants some photos from the #Riverdale #SDCC panel? You do! First up, Core Four looks:


Not only is Mariano Rivera one of the greatest baseball players of all time, he’s also one of the kindest and most philanthropic athletes alive. To attack him for being a devout Christian is yet another disgusting low for today’s left wing media. The BS never ends!…

Maisie Williams speculated about what's next for her #GameOfThrones character Arya during the show's #SDCC panel


The cast of #Riverdale opens up about the beautiful season four tribute to Luke Perry. #SDCC

I'd say 'fuck Stephen Miller' but I think God beat me to it.

What a pathetic attempted takedown of one of the greats of all time and a truly exemplary person Here is part of the “evidence” of how outlandishly right wing Rivera is: “He has traveled to Israel on multiple occasions, possibly beginning in 2013.”…

#TheLionKing Roars To Record-Breaking $185 Million Domestic Debut; Tops $531 Million Worldwide…

Watch Fox’s Wallace challenge Stephen Miller on “send her back” chant.

Mariano Rivera closes out Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony in style…

Visitando la placa del otro panameño en el Salón de la Fama en Cooperstown, Rodney Cline Carew (Rod Carew)...con Mariano Rivera son 2 los panameños @radiopanama @CopaAirlines @VisaPA #CopaLatinFest


The people shitting on Trevor May right now should probably be the ones taking a break from Twitter. It's an actual game and hes a human being.

Can the Twins trade Trevor May for V bucks?

Can't believe the #mntwins have dumped 3 relievers in the past week and not one of them was Trevor May. This is the third straight game this bum has cost the Twins.

"... education allowed me to nurture my creative capacity for good" - Ishmael Beah. Embodiment of the IB mission. ❤️if you are inspired by @IshmaelBeah at #IBNOLA2019 #generationIB


“IB gave me the intellectual muscle memory to grasp the tools for success.” Powerful words from Markus Reneau @Yale & @ihsnopanthers1 graduate a #IBNOLA2019 #access #equity #SocialJustice

"IB is an education that bridges gaps" Markus Reneau shares his transcendent story with the IB community at #IBNOLA2019 @IBAlumniNetwork #NewOrleans @CityOfNOLA #lifelonglearning #inspired #education #innovation #InquiryMindset #edchat


Student performance from Kehoe-France School Choir for closing session of #IBNOLA2019…

he will be 16 when they start filming and halle will be 20...thats so illegal?? not to mention he still looks like a 12 year old what is disney doing-


Scarlett dizendo que queria passar um dia na Disney com o Cevans, alguém surpreso? eu não, meus queridos vocês tão esperando o que pra levar a Rose lá?

Q. When is India Planning to launch its spaceship to land on the moon? A. India is launching to moon July 22nd : click below to read more #hatehoax #sundaythoughts #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho #NationalIceCreamDay #ItsSoHotThat #SundayMorning #PacquiaoThurman Mayweather ...

More details on Bale situation. Teammates think he's being pushed to China... but key figures are trying to make a Neymar swap happen…

เพลงอะไรที่คุณได้ยินในหนังบ่อยที่สุด? ตอนนี้มี Take on Me - La La Land, Ready Player One, Deadpool 2 Dancing in the Moonlight - The Hitman Bodyguard, Annabelle Comes Home Dancing on my own - Teen Spirit, Long Shot (คนร้องคนละคน) Celebrity Skin - Captain Marvel, J.T. Leroy

40 year old geezers in the cinema for lion king with no kids. Fucking dangerous cunts

Taking kids with you to watch lion king so you don’t seem like an overgrown 5 year old >>>>>

"Zidane é uma vergonha por falar assim de alguém que fez tanto pelo Real. Se e quando Gareth sair será porque é do melhor interesse de Gareth e nada a ver com a pressão de Zidane." - Jonathan Barnett, empresário de Gareth Bale.


Aaron and Dauterman's Jane Thor run is about Jane dying from cancer, but takes the mantle of Thor to protect Earth while the Odinson is gone even though every time she transforms it accelerates her cancer. If you see that as "SJW agenda" and not a story about a hero—fuck you.


I’m glad Thor is replacing man-Thor

Scarlett Johansson looks good for her marvel rolee


Movies mentioned at the end of the #SDCC Marvel panel: • Blade • Black Panther 2 • Captain Marvel 2 • Guardians Vol. 3 • Fantastic 4 • X-Men

Just had to sign a non disclosure form and go to a secured room to look at the new Disney Frozen dolls at a wholesale show I’m LIVING

Pomoże mi ktoś spiracić Disney+?

大変お待たせ致しました! 満を持して『Q posket SUGIRLY Disney Characters -Princess Aurora-』が獲得出来るブースが稼働開始致しました! #Qposket #Aurora #オンクレ #やったれキャッチャー #待たせたな


I used this blog to write about something that, although we've known about for a while, we really saw play out with Endgame/Avatar: Disney's unfiltered ego, financed by making fans feel like part-time investors instead of just moviegoers.…

The Lion King is like, life, y’all. Disappointing.

The #DisneyPlus #LokiSeries Will Follow the #Loki Who Escaped From New York With the Space Stone in #AvengersEndgame…


Ora vi dico una cosa. Per quanto adori molti film con Natalie Portman (vedi pure "Annientamento") lei, ultimamente, mi sta un po' sul cazzo. Però boh, non si vede comunque l'ora del nuovo Thor.

El artículo muy interesante, pero considero que los efectos digitales son el nuevo medio expresivo del cine. Se está perfeccionando y es una forma más de arte. Cats intenta, a través de estos efectos, emular la sensación del teatro, sin que parezca eso, teatro…

#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho They put a $65 price tag on this, because they believe they can, and then leave the price in the computer at $35, so the line in the megachurch book store gets backed up, when the cashier has to adjust the price UP for sale. #megachurch #SundayThoughts


[VIDEOS] #Boxeo #PacquiaoThurman Para #Pacquiao no pasa el tiempo y a los 40 años volvió a dejar bien en claro que es uno de los mejores boxeadores de todos los tiempos…


It’s All Waves Sunny in Philadolphinia #SealifeShows

A beautiful sunrise in the OBX this morning #vbsummerbingo


#AskSixx Do you watch/follow wrestling? If so, who's your favorite? @NikkiSixx


small talk just can’t change my mind something's out there that I just gotta find & make it mine I just need some time You may think I’m just a dreamer & you may think that you are free But are you what you really believe or just a compromise to the green-…

my favorite photo of my cats, Salem, and I now. He is truly concerned about me. Mom is too much. #marveldidthistome


I’ve had 3 other people who have had logins from Brookhaven, GA.... mine was there too and I think they had intentions of hacking my account. Idk what third party is allowing this person or people access to our accounts but my guess is curiouscat.…

.@JoeLoTruglio’s favorite thing about Jake & Boyle is that they show men being unabashedly affectionate with their friends. #SDCC #Brooklyn99

So I just watched the Lion King Remake... It was good! I really enjoyed it! Sure, some things could've been a bit better, but overall, I really liked the film! If the original was a 10/10, then the remake would be around 7.5 or 8, I personally really liked it!

すーぐ人のマネする系Vtuberです。 でかけてきます。 かっこつけてるけど龍角散のど飴砕いたやつを口でガリガリしてます。 おいしい。 #車好き #車好きVtuber (V要素なし)


‘YOUNG JUSTICE’ Season 4 is in development. #SDCC #SDCC2019


マーベル『ブレイド』再映画化決定! 『グリーンブック』のマハーシャラ・アリ主演で… #マーベル #ブレイド #SDCC #MarvelSDCC #Blades

#DragonBallSuper #Toonami #AttackOnTitan #FoodWars #BlackClover #LupinThe3rd #Shippuden #BORUTO On account of tonight and #CutieSaturday, I have a special guest tonight. A friend of mine is staying over and she brought her newborn son André! Isn’t he adorbs?


i want you to be mine again, baby

Hey, who wrote this thing about Zach Green, who's about to get called up tomorrow? I don't know! Maybe you should click on it and find out.…

What’s up, people of Earth? @HDTGM #Richmond


The recall applies to farm-raised oysters harvested on July 14 under the brand name Union Bay Seafood Ltd., which is based in Richmond, B.C.

Flying Squirrels mount out-of-this-world comeback on Lunar Landing Night RECAP:


The Tigers have been held goalless by the Hawks in the second term. HT - Richmond 2.0 (12) to Hawthorn 4.4 (28) #gotiges


#InAmericaWe committed genocide against the native population so that we could exploit the land using slave labor, and even after we went to war with ourselves, we still exploit and disenfranchise labor—especially nonwhite labor—for the exclusive benefit of the wealthiest elites.

#InAmericaWe have freedom of speech....which includes the right to criticize how America is run. Yes, you also have the right to say love it or leave it, but what's to stop people from (rightfully) using that rhetoric against you when a president does something you don't like?

#InAmericaWe if we are good little liberal douche bags, we get on twitter and regurgitate the lies that MSM has fed to us. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder


#InAmericaWe love guns more than we love people

"The Eagle has landed." At 4:18pm on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong's voice crackled from the speakers at NASA's Mission Control in Houston. With those words, President Kennedy's dream of putting humans on the moon by the end of the decade had come true.

CAPCOM: "Eagle, Houston. You are correct. The lights are there and the flags because we haven't closed the breakers yet. Over." Aldrin: "Roger." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

On July 20, 1969, President Nixon made what might be the longest-distance telephone call ever--from the White House to the Moon. @NixonLibrary #Apollo11 #Apollo50th…

Texas Judge Elsa Alcala, a longtime member of the GOP. “At his core, his (Trump’s) ideology is racism.” She also declared Trump “the worst president in the history of this country” & announced she is leaving the GOP due to its continued support for him.…

The farm, known as the Lake Turkana Wind Power will generate around 310 megawatts of power to the national grid and will increase the country's electricity supply by 13%, President Uhuru Kenyatta said at the launch of the project on Friday

Subterfugios para cobrar indebidamente en el Ayuntamiento. Fiscalía acusándoles de crear un gobierno paralelo para enchufar afines en la Diputación. Auto-quita millonaria del propio President a una empresa del propio President. 'Regeneración', decían...…

Somaliland has withdrawn from talks with #Somalia in protest against the new commission appointed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo that included the son-in-law of the former president, Siad Barre.

“It just came out of left field,” this black Trump supporter said of the racism embraced by the man who fueled the racist birther conspiracy against our first black president, garnered support of white supremacists, insisted on guilt of Central Park 5 after their exoneration, etc…

The #LionKing is set to make $192 to $200 million for the weekend, which, for the second half of the calendar year, is the third-best opening after “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ($247.9 million) and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” ($220 million).…

Cats ain’t want to see me win . I stayed fully invested in myself and my career

#HappyCaturday Japanese Photographer Nyankichi Rojiupa Captures Stray Cats Playing in Drain Pipe Holes (…)


too much shit happening with cats rn

Box Office: AVENGERS: ENDGAME Nears AVATAR, SPIDER-MAN Swings Past $300M, THE FAREWELL EXPANDS As MIDSOMMAR Loses 1,602 Screens via @Forbes by @ScottMendelson #BoxOffice #AvengersEndgame #Avatar #SpiderManFarFromHome #Midsommar #TheFarewell #CrawlMovie


Good morning. I am going to see the Lion King today.

Democrats are enforcing their rules. "The Wyoming Valley West School District in Pennsylvania warned parents that their children could be taken from them and placed in foster care if they fail to pay their outstanding lunch debt."

Two years ago, the world lost one of its most influential people, @ChesterBe. While he may not physically be here on earth, there is no doubt his spirit lives on each and every day. #RIPChesterBennington #MakeChesterProud

Video: Democrats, celebs and activists appear in 'Manifesto of Hong Kong Protesters' video ahead of Sunday demo #antiELAB #HongKong #china #NoToChinaExtradition @joshuawongcf #hk…

Dear repugnant Republican Evangelical Christians supporting @RealDonaldTrump: How We Treat Immigrants Is How We Treat God… via @sojourners #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayMotivation @AOC @SpeakerPelosi @BernieSanders #TheResistance

Incredibly there are still people who believe the moon landing was a hoax. Probably the same people who believe all the other crazy conspiracy theories. #MoonLanding50 #SaturdayMorning #TheResistance #MAGA #Trump #Resist #ImpeachTrump


Stop the Tape! AOC Makes a Radical Case for Open Borders via @YouTube STOP CORRUPT DEMOCRATS AND SOCIALISTS! #KAG #TRUMP2020

I have a backup grocery store on the way home from the *actual* grocery store for when I forget something. Which is always. #SaturdayMorning

#SaturdayMorning Hellsite "Siri: What is 'Hellsite'?"


Trump retweets far right America hating anti-Muslim racist Katie Hopkins who suggests our country is not great.


"The Eagle has landed." Today marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing! Celebrate by streaming all three episodes of @AmExperiencePBS' #ChasingtheMoon online or with the free PBS video app:…

50 years ago today Eagle landed and five hours before schedule Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon. Happy 50th anniversary to a giant leap

"How DARE you disrespect Yngwie J. Malmsteen by putting Donald Trump's face on him!! GOOD DAY, SIR!!" #FunnyThingsNerdsSay


What is the internal temperature of a TaunTaun? Luke Warm #FunnyThingsNerdsSay

"How DARE you turn Yoda into Jeff Sessions? SACRILEGE!!" #FunnyThingsNerdsSay


Cliff made the move many were afraid to make & nominated 2 Six Shooters, Christie discussed whether she use her power this week, & Cliff tried to reshuffle the game board. Catch up on yesterday's Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Highlights [] #BB21 #BigBrother21


Cliff is HoH and Jack and Jackson are on the block. Who knew Cliff would take the first big move this season? #bbcliff #bbjack #bbjackson #bb21 #bigbrother #bigbrother21 #cbsbigbrother

Like @RobThomas needs to hold a press conference right now and tell us he knows he fucked up and will fix it. I just can't right now. #VeronicaMars #VeronicaMarsRevival #notmyveronicamars #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Welp, just made the mistake of watching the "Cats" trailer before going to bed...I might re-watch the "IT" trailers for something more lighthearted and less soul piercingly disturbing. In all seriousness, don't blame the VFX team, blame unrealistic deadlines set by Studios.

Well @RobThomas a long time ago we used to be friends, but not anymore. Can I have my @kickstarter money back? And hey @hulu I'll be canceling my subscription in the morning. #NoMoreVeronicaMarsEVER #VeronicaMarsRIP #VeronicaMars @veronicamars

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by #VeronicaMars

ok eugenia coming back looking like a QUEEN.

I showed my cat the Cats trailer.


#TheLionKing Friday- ₹ 10.50 cr nett approx. Substantial Day-2 growth on cards.…

5 minutes into @shanedawson’s video and I have the chills. It is so sick how some people treated @Eugenia_Cooney when they had no idea what was going on with her.

Sorry, you do the crime, you gotta do the time. She got off easy. People died. #LifeAfterLockup #LoveAfterLockup

#SignsYourHouseIsHaunted If you’ve seen an unknown creature walking out of your garage.

Andrea needs to wake up and realize Lamar wants to be single .. #LifeAfterLockup

I didn’t realize how many friends Matt Harvey had made. The whole team took the night off to say goodbye and make sure he was good.

I cancelled Cliff along time ago and he remains canceled. I don't care that he put Jack and Jackson on the block. I would have much preferred for Kemi or David to be around to see that or for them to do it. #BB21 #BigBrother21

Trump confirms he authorized Rand Paul to negotiate with Iran after denying reports


Mark Levin destroys Rand Paul in one tweet!


TRUMP HAS ATTACKED: FBI CIA Obama Clinton DOJ Mueller Pelosi The news media NFL CNN NBC John Lewis Meryl Streep Vanity Fair SNL Gold Star families McCain Sessions Schumer Buzzfeed Warren Boeing Canada NATO LeBron football players Nordstrom TRUMP HAS NOT ATTACKED Putin Epstein


I heard Matt Harvey has been DFA by the Angles. I spoke at length when he was realized by the Mets last season which took place on May 4th of 2018.

Matt Harvey pushed himself past his own innings limit post Tommy John/ I’m pretty sure the overworking of his arm in 2015 led to the TOS that ruined his career. So sad from Game one World Series starter to DFA in less than 4 years. Appreciate greatness cause it fades SO fast

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to #God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your #hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 #CBNGoodNews

.@LindseyGrahamSC, I don’t remember John McCain calling white supremacists very fine people, tearing apart immigrant families and putting young children in cages, facing credible rape accusations, and telling minorities to go back to the countries from which they came.…

I don’t remember John McCain putting kids in [camps]…

Amazing to think that Luis Cessa's MLB career will outlast Matt Harvey. Wasn't long ago that Harvey was viewed as a modern day Tom Seaver.

John McCain said that Obama “can’t be an Arab” because he is “a decent family man.” And we are holding him up now as some beacon of racial harmony? Puh-leeeeease…

During the 2008 election, McCain and Obama clashed on politics but both candidates showed mutual respect for each other - a sharp contrast to the vicious racism and lying Trump displays towards his political opponents. #RacistInChief…

OMG! Grateful for some down time today to catch up on my #VBSummerBingo! #VBHasJoy


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by #prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 #CBNGoodNews

That Maxo Kream album is an 8-9 for me right now. The beat selection, storytelling, flow and lyricism are very good all around. Definitely worth a listen, great features on there from Q, Ferg, and Meg

Wizkid recorded lots of songs like Brown Skin Girl on SFTOS (Sounds From The Other Side), but people who are saying he can't write or sing 'quality lyrics' complained that 'it's too foreign'. Nobody that listened to SFTOS was surprised by his performance on Brown Skin Girl.

Las Fans piden apoyo para que los trainees eliminados en esta temporada de Produce hagan su debut,asi que apoyen por favor❤️ #파생그룹_바이나인_데뷔해 #바이나인_데뷔해 #프로듀스X101 #PRODUCE_X_101


me and my darker summer shade that I recently learned to love after being told to hate for years are only listening to Brown Skin Girl today

#produce_x_101 Сыну для ребят, выглядит именно так

I want to mute Cats but not cats

Cats is weaponized confidence.

People that complained about how Sonic looked: meet Cats...

I can deal w ugly cats human faces. But their engine seemed to be struggling when there’s a lot of them in a shot.

Kysten Sinema Joins Republicans in Effort to Expedite Deportation of Migrants with Invalid Asylum Claims via @JackRCrowe


I could be alone in this, but what part of the general public's faith is restored in the NFL by an explanation here that isn't also restored by just starting to do it correctly moving forward? Meanwhile, going on record they did it wrong with Zeke could be damaging.…

Translation: Trump and republicans are moving fast to help flood the market with junk insurance plans that don’t cover preexisting conditions. Republicans want to destroy the ACA and snatch healthcare from tens of millions. All their claims to the contrary are lies.…

#TheLionKing is off to a roaring start at the box office. The film is in theaters today:


Do people actually enjoy these reviews? It's a 35 minute long rant against Disney and he even goes on to make fun of people who enjoy this movie!! This is why audiences hate critics!! #TheLionKing…

ESPN just lost another 10k subscribers because of this jerk... Lmaooooo Keep talking fools "Dan Le Batard"

A Missouri newspaper called out Republicans for their 'shameful silence' on Trump's racist attacks against four congresswomen. GOP rightfully deserves it! AND story I read recently said they were going to use tRUMP’s election 2020 playbook. Losers!…

Just started Last Chance U and Jason Brown just called Independence the "premier JUCO in America" They'd be like, what? 5th best program in Mississippi?

It's amazing brown skinned Republicans say nothing. One man stepped up. Other than that, there a bunch of bobbleheads. Trump's followers love him.


Doesn’t even pretend to listen or care about what she’s saying. He’s just pissed because she got a Nobel and he didn’t.…

Maybe they were never Republicans after all?…

ESPN is going to tank. You can't call 70 million Americans racists and it has no effect. And if you call POTUS one.. WATCH: ESPN Host Dan Le Batard Rips ‘Send Her Back‘ Chant, Calls Network ‘Cowardly‘ for Not Addressing ‘Racism‘… via @BreitbartNews

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