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What a beautiful site!!! Where does this double rainbow end??? The Home Depot !!! @NoblesvilleHD @BPlantenberg @SeanWeakley


Treating my campaign crew to some much-deserved ice cream on National Ice Cream Day! #NationalIceCreamDay


Matt Heavner (North Lincoln HS/South Charlotte Panthers) is a very talented 2022 SS prospect. Also pitched in this game (T83). Athletic dude with a beautiful swing. He crushes balls, including this one. NC State commit with a very bright future. ⁦@matt_heavner

Exactly 40 days until bantering mid-MSU game with you beautiful people. LETS FINISH THIS SUMMER STRONG


#BrownSkinGirlChallenge Loving this hashtag. So many beautiful brown skin girls, so I had to join in.


Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! Image: Detail from @gulliverhancock’s 2013 art card “Walking New York”. #MTAArts


Chantel started that. You are a fucking drama queen. I hope Pedro leaves you. #90DayFiance

THE ETERNALS to feature MARVEL'S first deaf superhero:…


cut my hair, got glasses, and apparently developed a p strong resting bitch face lmao #LGBTQglowup


When #TheEternals hits theaters next November, it will bring with it the MCU's first deaf superhero:…


Some of you are insensitive sha, Diane hurt her hand on Friday and she was even crying, she was complaining about it yesterday in the afternoon touyo was still around, l am trying to understand how her complaining about it now translate to acting up becoz she misses him #BBNaija

@realDonaldTrump⁩ will be calling his State run ⁦@FoxNewsSunday⁩ fake soon Fox News host Chris Wallace tells Stephen Miller: 'No question' Trump is 'stoking racial divisions'… via ⁦@USATODAY

No lying. This movie is making a big noise. | ‘The Lion King’ bites off $185 million debut, a July record>>


The creepy parody of the day was seeing clips of overt racist Stephen Miller trying to define racism whilst having his ass handed to by a host on Fox.

Stephen Miller and Toilet are huddled together in the Oval coming up with the most racist thing they can imagine to distract the American people from Mueller’s testimony Wednesday. *yes i am guessing

Eu sou feia pra cacete, mas vai foto mesmo assim #BrownSkinGirlChallenge


Stephen Miller Shreds Ocasio-Cortez, Omar Over Their Comments, Policies

Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for ice cream. #NationalIceCreamDay


Today is National Ice Cream Day! "Just like ice cream can bring us comfort when we’re upset, Jesus can bring us peace too. When tough times come, we can look to Jesus." - studentdevos - #nationalicecreamday #icecream #comfortfood #comfort #Jesus #peace #catholic #faith


Shortly after 10 p.m. on a recent night, a car came to a stop at the edge of the woods. The door opened to release 3 children: boys of 12 and 15, and a girl, 12, with an emoji-covered backpack. Then the driver threw the car into gear and sped away.


En Provence l’OM En France l’OM En Europe l’OM Dans le monde l’OM !!! Allez les marseillais !!! #OMASSE #EALigue1Games #TeamOM…

Miller did very well. Wallace wants to conflate attacks on Obama as atracks on the country. They are two different things. Trump doesn't highlight the squat team's attacks on him but their attacks on the country.…

Real madrid fans went to go see the “best team” in Europe in they hometown just to loose again bayern LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Pacquiao skips #SONA2019, says OK to Thurman rematch

WATCH: Chris Wallace repeatedly presses Stephen Miller on "send her back" chants at Trump rally


Camera man dont be unfortunate take us back to the main room, am worried about Diane not people playing ludo by 2am #BBnaija

A day after @MannyPacquiao defeated Keith Thurman, the 40 year-old Filipino boxing icon says he "will definitely be back in the ring." | via @DYANCASTILLEJO #PacquiaoThurman

I listening twice because it trended today. Wallace began acussing Trump as racist showing his tweet. In the tweet HE DIDNT MENTION ANY NAME----- Miller was superb-----Stephen Miller with Chris Wallace via @YouTube

Apparently Nadler went on FOX News and gave Chris Wallace (and Fox viewers) a sneak preview of the Mueller testimony enumerating the impeachable crimes Mueller will tell them about. Good for him. Throw a monkey wrench into their wretched brains.

Can't wait for #MorningKombat (and Dissected!) on @btbshowtime tomorrow. We'll talk: - Edwards's win over RDA - Greg Hardy's future - Hooker's KO of Vick - Pacquiao beating Thurman - What Holloway-Edgar is really about And MUCH more. 12 p.m. ET. Start your week the right way.


Buen triunfo de Manny Pacquiao, a los 40 años, frente a Thurman, en una muy buena pelea en Las Vegas. Razonables 115-112 de dos de los jurados e insólito 113-114 del restante. En cualquier momento retorna Mayweather (42) y hay revancha. Boxeo "maduro".

I will note that what @jzulgad just pointed out is interesting. I can't believe the #MNTwins would DFA Trevor May, but he was just allowed to throw 49 pitches and is now certainly unavailable for a couple of days.

When you drive by Trevor May. #MNTwins


The Twins' self-inflicted lack of bullpen depth leads to them leaving Trevor May on the mound for 50 pitches and now throwing Zack Littell for a third straight day. This is really bad.…

Trevor May out after a walk to Marcus Semien. Pineda and May have combined to walk eight batters today

Trevor May May want to stay off social media again tonight.

A marvelous 8 day stretch by Trevor May #MNTwins

At least Trevor May is really good at fort-space or that other game the kids are into these days.

Marvel para sempre! Fase 4 vem ai. Painel da Marvel na #CCXP19. #MarvelSDCC


I see Marvel posts. Everywhere.

190721 [ معلومة ] أغنية هيز We don't Talk Together بإنتاج شوقا تحصل على المركز الأول في انكيقايو #WeDontTalkTogether1stWin @BTS_twt


RDJ was legit a super max contract. Marvel had to wait for that contract to expire lol

.@Marvel announces that ‘#DoctorStrange in the Multiverse of Madness’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch will be the first horror movie in the MCU.


How much do Madrid want for bale ?

no big club in the world wanted bale until today..had like 5, 6 good performances in the last 2 years..he was even bad with national team

The Lion King 1½ is better than that Lazy live action remake.

Why don’t Bale go back to Spurs


A Heavenly collaboration of a Disney classic: Circle of Life, from The Lion King - Alex Boyé & the Mormon Tabernacle C... via @YouTube

Literally every tweet I complain about Lindsay Ellis stealing my jokes has gotten more likes than my original tweet joking about CATS. I hate you all.…

Watching Lion King now that I'm older (but not necessarily smarter), I came to realize that all this time, Timon and Pumbaa are my real heroes. Why? Obviously, other than being loyal friends who risked their lives, they have the coolest philosophies, they're quick-wit and funny

Manny Pacquiao venció en fallo dividido a Thurman y es campeón


Thurman gained the respect of Manny and Filipino fans last night but majority of American boxing fans on twitter are still bashing him it seems...

Senate colleagues congratulate Pacquiao for winning bout vs Thurman


Manny Pacquiao mostró su vigencia, quebró el invicto de Keith Thurman en decisión dividida y unificó el título mundial


#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho Trump is NOT a "political strategist". Look up the traits of a Narcissistic Sociopath, - Trump is acutely psychotic & has been demonstrating every one of them. He needs to maintain his grandiose delusions at all costs & he does it with LIES.


Today is the final day of #SDCC with ‘RIVERDALE’ set to begin their panel at 11:45am PT to discuss their upcoming fourth season. #SDCC2019


1. crazy eye 2. medicine psychiatric 3. womans 39 year age solitary pet cat #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho

July 21 2019’s Inkigayo Broadcast Score breakdown #WeDontTalkTogether1stWin • 음반 10% (Physical Album 10%) Thank You For Goodbye : 0/500 We Dont Talk Together : 7/500 You&I : 0/500 • SNS 30% (Youtube MV views count from July 8th - July 15th) TYFG : 71/3500 WDTT : 1060/3500 !!


ハルマリカップルが気になってしょうがない #DragonGate #神戸ワールド


DRAGON GATE神戸ワールド放送席から。戸澤陽選手、鷹木信悟選手のお祝いメッセージにお二人の「カラー」が出まくり、嬉しくなりました。只今帰京。20周年にカンパイします。 #dragongate


今日の興行でよーく分かった。万が一、マグナムが来ることになったら、確実に会場に行く。DRAGON GATE NETWORKだと、TOKYO GOやMr.EGOISTが聴けない可能性がある。 #dragongate #dragongatenetwork

Congratulations to new Open the Dream Gate Champion,the 15th individual to hold the title,King of Gate 2019,the remarkable Ben-K @ben_k_1019 #DragonGate #dragongatenetwork


ドラゴンゲートKOBE プロレスフェスティバル2019!ドラゴンゲートネットワークでは見逃し配信もしております!まだの方はぜひ! #DragonGate


Q. When is India Planning to launch its spaceship to land on the moon? A. India is launching to moon July 22nd : click below to read more #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho #PacThurman #ItsSoHotThat #Toonami #SundayMorning #AskSixx #PacquiaoThurman Wesley Snipes Marvel Blade Mayweather

#CartoonFilmMashUp Peter and the wolf of Wallstreet

#CartoonFilmMashup King of the hills have eyes

#CartoonFilmMashup Charlie Brown and the Chocolate Factory

What do you enjoy doing on your free tome or what do you do on a daily bases? #AskSixx @NikkiSixx…


RTTT NuvaComedy #MTVHOTTEST Little Mix Lady Gaga

RTTT NuvaComedy #MTVHOTTEST Little Mix Lady Gaga

RTTT MelisaAnnis #MTVHOTTEST Little Mix Lady Gaga

The stakes are high in the co-main event. Who ya got? @OleynikUFC or @TheBigTicket205. #UFCSanAntonio


"the future is female for marvel" YAS QUEEN!

The co-main event of #UFCSanAntonio is coming up next. Who you got, Aleksei Oleinik or Walt Harris?

Queen And Adam Lambert Deliver A Masterful Show On All Levels At L.A. Forum…

I never knew how much I needed to watch this cover of Under Pressure from the movie It's Kind of a Funny Story… #DavidBowie #Queen

“And now she dominates me every day.” Say it with us, folks: TITLE OF YOUR... #SDCC #Brooklyn99

Apparently there's a trailer for a new Cats (the musical) movie, a thing I refuse to learn anything more about.

asian rep in shang-chi, lgbt rep in valkyrie "looking for a queen", a deaf actor playing a deaf character, and a big film with poc as its lead. the mcu had to reach rock bottom to finally unveil this absolute win

kinda wanna watch lion king tonight, someone take me :-)

gusto ko ulit panuorin lion king hehe

Can't wait to be back in Melbourne, I got some work to do #mcu #sdcc #Phase4

Remember how I said their would be 3 major upsets this round is the next one at the G ? Will be fascinating that’s for sure I’m not saying Hawks will win but I’m very interested to see if Cats can keep it going or have got a flat spot

My audition for Cats (2019)


Braintree police are asking the public to not commit any crime until #heatwave2019 is over:

Galatasaray'a bir duvar daha! Yeni hedef Morgan Schneiderlin...…

I’ve heard enough of Eric Sparkes side. First of all you racist, it’s “Vice Chair Thomas” to you. #IStandWithErica. OK @PublixHelps @Publix, you heard this penis free white man, saying your policy is to let customers work it out amongst them selves. How’s that working out for ya?…

#IStandwithErica 1. The man she had a confrontation with is a Dem and always has been and is VERY anti-Trump 2. He denies her claims and even outed himself & went to Publix to defend himself 3. Erika is already changing her story. You’ve all been conned. Again.

Nearly every single racist incident that has gone viral over the past three years has turned out to be a hoax. -Jussie Smollett -Covington Catholic -Erica Thomas When will liberals learn? #IStandwithErica

last chance u and chill???

Rodrygo exhibe su guante en su debut con el Madrid: golazo de falta por la escuadra… #ICC2019


انقدر هوا گرم هست پلیس ماساچوست از مجرمین درخواست کرده که تا دوشنبه جرم نکنن به خاطر شدت بالای گرمای هوا!/جدی #HEATWAVE2019



waterparks fans and kpop fans are THRIVING RN #HOPELESSISGOINGTOJAILPARTY

So Italian born "radio inventor" Guglielmo Marconi died on this day in 1937. He was born in 1874. That's 2 years AFTER radio was already invented in West Virginia. Wait. What??? #History #SaturdayMorning

Chester Bennington's music soothed the angst of millions. He was one of the biggest talents in the history of music. #RIPChesterBennington


CAPCOM: "Eagle, we'll have the state vectors and the REFSMMAT as soon as we get the high gain. It will be another 10 minutes or so before we get through the P22, and when we maneuver to attitude and get the high gain, we'll have the updates for you. Over." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

This is your 24hr READATHON THREAD! We have begun! Tell your queen quickly - where is your current read at, and what is it & your map location?

CAPCOM: "Eagle, Houston. Could you give us an idea where you are in the activation? Over." Aldrin: "Roger. We're just sitting around waiting for something to do. We need a state vector, a REFSMMAT, a reading on the AGS." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

#Indigo line staff is telling everyone that in the load-in procedure moving from one spot to another people may get jumbled and don’t get “hung up” on their spot in line. Met with laughter. #SDCC

To the surprise of absolutely no one, I really liked the Lion King. The animals are cute, the script is very similar to the original, and Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner are an excellent Timon and Pumba. And Beyonce as Nala is delightful, of course.

I wanna watch THE LION KING :<

The Lion King!!! (@ The Classic Gateway Theatre - @gatewayfortlaud for The Lion King in Fort Lauderdale, FL)

DC has announced they are developing Justice League Dark: Apokolips War slated to be released in 2020 #SDCC #DCSDCC


Running from Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge to Concord center a field of Black-Eyed Susies in full bloom. #SaturdayMorning #Massachusetts


It's the Freddy Funko Show! Freddy Funko is headed to SDCC! Are you attending SDCC this year? #FreddyFunkoShow #SDCC #FunkoSDCC #FreddyFunko #FunkoFundays…


You don't really want civility, anyway. If you did, you wouldn't still be supporting this President. You want something else:You want consent to your abject cruelty. You're not going to get it. #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation…

Scoop up some of best Con Exclusive collectibles from #SDCC!


This was the first place to hear "The Eagle has landed"

On the day we celebrate the first Americans walking on the moon, @USArmy Col. (Dr.) Andrew Morgan prepares for his 1st spaceflight. Morgan will blast off from Kazakhstan and rendezvous with the @Space_Station: #Apollo50th #KnowYourMil

Climate change is going to kill us all in 12 years. Orange man bad. Trump makes women drink from toilets. Some-people did some-thing. Impeach Trump. Resist Garbage disposals are scary! Men are pigs! Women who pretend to men are awesome! I voted for HIllary #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

This woman, Katie Hopkins, is horrifying. I can't imagine exactly who to compare her to here in the US. She's like a Miller/Gorka/Posobiec/Ingraham mutant. Read this thread for a thorough explainer on who the #RascistPresident is retweeting.…

A delegation of BNM London zone met @StephenMorganMP member of House of Commons and discussed the human rights issues of #Balochistan where Mr. Morgan shared his concerns.


Chester Bennington was one of the only two celebrities I've ever cried for, the other being Robin Williams. Linkin Park is hands down my favorite band of all times, and it still feels so surreal that he's already been gone for two years. It was too soon... #RIPChesterBennington

Coffee and guns! Come on out to @FSCVABeach and visit the @PHCroasters team.



20 July 1969. Lunar Module “Eagle,” prepares for its descent to the lunar surface.


Eagle and Columbia are preparing to separate; the crew are checking communications between the two ships. #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Of coooourse Trump retweeted an islamophobic, anti-semitic, former apprentice contestant to defend his racist attacks on @Ilhan…

Trump Insists He "Did Nothing to Lead People On" in Rally Chant, Calls Chanters "Patriotic"

#Apollo11 is currently on the lunar farside; 12th rev. Aldrin: "Landing Gear Deploy, Fire." Armstrong: "Here we go, Mike." Aldrin: Bam, it's out. Ain't no doubt about that." Armstrong: "And it's gray." The Eagle has legs!

Netflix needs a basketball version of Last Chance U

Why the president’s highlighting of Katie Hopkins matters - especially now.

Last Chance U got all this youngboy playing got me ready to lace em up

Trump Promotes Activist Who Called for “Final Solution” for Muslims

I see Katie Hopkins is trending. If it’s not about her dropping dead, I’ll be very disappointed.

Obviously Coach Brown in Last Chance U has to watch his language more (something a lot of coaches have to work on, don’t act like we’re all choir boys) but he constantly talks about graduating his players, them contributing to society, etc.

Last Chance U is something else.

Last chance U all day

this rl the worst last chance u szn these niggas suck

I'm so unbothered, I'm so unbothered I am Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter I am the Nala, sister of Yoruba Oshun, Queen Sheba, I am the mother Ankh on my gold chain, ice on my whole chain I be like soul food, I am a whole mood #TheGiftAlbum

WHY is #SignsYourHouseIsHaunted trending when I'm listening to @ThisIsHorror's podcast episode with @paulGtremblay talking about the haunted house experiences he's had in his childhood home - that his parents still own... and his daughter is now experiencing...?!

#SignsYourHouseIsHaunted Halfway through the argument, my wife started scolding me in 7 different languages.

#SignsYourHouseIsHaunted When you're the one haunting.

I see #ThingsStupidPeopleSay trending, and I wonder why... because if you're that interested in seeing what stupid people say, just browse the #Trump2020 hashtag.

I got to experience the legendary Hall H for the first time watching @Russo_Brothers do their thing. congrats on all those new titles @AGBOfilms has got in the works, your momentum is next level. Also 21 bridges looks so good #sdcc


nnton the lion king bareng bikin bulu uduk merinding, ngode terus, so iam sorry gw ngntuk.

Lion King (2019) Review: There were too many lion kings so it was hard to keep track of who I was rooting for.

「【7/21東日本橋】溢れ出る母性♡おかあしゃん」東京都 - 猫の里親募集情報(271315) :: ペットのおうち…

I want to see the lion king so bad

Netflix a profité de la San Diego Comic-Con 2019 pour dévoiler le tout premier teaser de la future série inspirée de l'univers The Witcher.… #TheWitcher #Netflix #SDCC2019 @NetflixFR @witchernetflix

If the Cats movie and the Lion King remake fuse well have the perfect CGI feline film

The surreal, creepy new ‘Cats’ movie obviously needs a John Mulaney rewrite


#LoVeForever #VeronicaMars someone re-write the ending...cause Logan shouldn’t have died!!!!!!!!


i just watched shane’s eugenia cooney video and if any of yall have ever bullied this babie i hope u feel very bad about urselves

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