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Serena Williams is my ultimate favorite. Such a fighter. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. No matter what they say she always keeps pushing and fighting. ICON! #AusOpen

Apparently according to a small Findom population you're all "Scavenger Dommes" because "youre listing after me" and my 4 hour date thing and just me personally and my account is laughable and repulsive because I "Dont even send". I've Never done anything to any of you.

Serena Williams vows to bounce back

When historians look back at the Ukraine scandal, they will probably see it not as a separate incident but a continuation of the Russia scandal. @jonathanchait writes

Serena abusa dos erros, perde para chinesa e é eliminada do Australian Open #AustralianOpenNaESPN #espnWBrasil

Jarosław #Guzy: W #YadVashem nie było powtórzenia agresywnych tez, które #Putin wygłosił w grudniu. Natomiast została powtórzona wizja historii, która z punktu widzenia Polski jest nieakceptowalna.

Why the auto tariff story looks a lot like Ukraine extortion…

Man muss das positiv sehen: Endlich mal ein Ex-SPD-Chef, der nicht bei Putin anheuert (jedenfalls noch nicht).…


Unknown Craft Over Zion National Park, Utah

Adam Schiff is right, #RightMatters. Let’s prove that the right thing still matters by not dignifying his sham of an impeachment. If the right thing still matters, we’ll be seeing Schiff in deep trouble very soon & at the very least thrown the Hell out of Congress!

Jennifer Lopez is vivacious in Valentino as she prepares for her outing at Super Bowl LIV

FACT CHECK CLAIM: Former NSC official Tim Morrison reported the Ukraine phone call right away because it was political. VERDICT: False. Morrison saw nothing illegal—or political—about the call.…

Red....Blackburn post her last line...."Russia, America's greatest enemy." But yet she supports Trump and his brazen idolatry of Putin? How stupid are these people?…

My response after Adam Schiff’s brilliant closing remarks last night is We are lost . . . The GOP & POTUS don’t care about “right.” I hope I am proven to be wrong. #ConvictAndRemoveTrump #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

On the second day of the Senate #ImpeachmentTrial, Democrats argued that former Vice President Joe Biden was only carrying out official U.S. policy when he pressured Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor because of corruption concerns

FYI. BTW "Our population has split into two camps," he said, adding: "On one hand there are those who support Putin; on the other, there are those who can read, write, and reach logical conclusions." So familiar!…

Joe Rogan's endorsement of Bernie Sanders is going to create red on red fire in one of the two parties. Democrats seem to be determined to make sure it's their party. Video incoming.

Ich hab bis vor kurzem geglaubt Joe Rogan && Seth Rogen sind die gleiche Person und hab mich immer gewundert lol

A dramatic and perfect ending I’m the director Life as a masterpiece So #DoubleKnot #StrayKids #DoubleKnot #StrayKids


NFL: Mark Nzeocha: Das ist der Deutsche im Super Bowl

Do you want free Netflix Account? We Are Providing its all Free Check Out Here --> #RightMatter #RightMattersTruthMatters #JoeRogan #KIISGrammys #YangSurge #Serena #ImpeachmentTrials #netflixdown #netflix #Vindman #iubb

내 영어 랩을 좋아하는 사람들을 위해❣️ #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #StepOutofClé #DoubleKnot

#thesexiestthingyoucansay hey babe i got you some tacos, horchata and a pikachu plushie.


#WithMyTaxRefund I’m buying ramen...on instalments

easy money baby


#60DaysIn “all respect “okay Dennis your looking stupid as all hell dude !! Your there to become a tv star nothing more flex your little muscles on tv haha looking stupid by far the most ignorant disrespectful yet!!

Does Dennis/Quincy have a CTE? No one can be that off to want to try to fight the chief and think he runs the jail he volunteered to join. Please remove him from the show already! His narcissism is too much. #60DaysIn

Id be embarrassed if I was Dennis’s Mom....He is one arrogant butthole. Ready for him to GO or get a rude awakening by another inmate #60DaysIn

For fun I had Nina Garcia bumped to the 2nd row of a Michael Kors show. #ProjectRunway


#تم_اضافة⁩ .. مسلسل : A Million Little Things الموسم الثاني || الحلقة 10 ⁧#مسلسلات_فاصل_إعلاني #AMillionLittleThings || ⁦#ABC The Kiss


Hey @christina_ochoa if Eric doesn’t have it, who does? #AMillionLittleThings

Chris Duarte is the first player in college basketball to record 30 points, 11 rebounds, and eight steals in a game since January 30th, 1999. Alvin Young of Niagra did it.

How vile do you have to be to attack the recipient of a Purple Heart? Vile enough to kowtow to the NRA who donated over $1M to her campaign. #MoscowMarsha is looking out for herself, not America. VindmanIsAPatriot…

The Greased Lightning I had in 9th grade was made of cardboard and I had to hold it up while I was “driving” it. #AMillionLittleThings

Chris Duarte has arrived. 30, 11, and eight steals in Oregon's 2OT win over USC. Missed opportunity for the Trojans to get a key Quad 1 win.

State of IL owes me exactly $1. I've chosen to have them mail a paper check to me. #WithMyTaxRefund

Will Dayoung just eat some damn food so she stops fainting! #ProjectRunway

Terry Stotts is the biggest problem with the blazers besides injuries #DALvsPOR

Lauren London appreciation tweet


Christian Siriano when the designers don’t take his advice #ProjectRunway

Soooooo I don’t see The Game with Lauren London for the new homage line....saw YG though..... just saying

A fucking basket interference AND goaltend missed on Portland. Dallas gets shafted on officiating like this alp too often. #DALvsPOR

#ProjectRunway Victoria. 'Nuff said

Adam Schiff’s opening arguments lay out a damning case for impeachment…

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