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After years of anticipation, @Louis_Tomlinson has finally shared the details of his debut solo album. From the release date to the tracklist, here's everything you need to know about #Walls. -->


edward snowden looks like a furry

I cant even put into words the feelings I have towards them. I’m just so grateful and lucky they’re in my life. Ateez, thank you for your endless hardwork this year. Let’s see what the future holds ☺️ @ATEEZofficial #빠짐없이_빛나던_에이티즈의_1년을축하해 #ATEEZ_1st_Anniversary


These are THUGS. Congress needs to censure this mafioso-like behavior, put them in jail, FINE THEM! Make sure they don't try this Vaudeville Show again. It's costing taxpayers $$$ to bring the SCIF they compromised back so we can protect ourselves from our enemies.…

In light of Bethesda's decision to add a $100 subscription service to Fallout 76, I've decided to pick up a physical copy of The Outer Worlds and I think you should too. Give that game money and rub it in Bethesda's stupid face.

“among the Republicans who joined the protest, 12 of them are members of the Oversight or Foreign Affairs committees — meaning they have been allowed to sit in on all depositions held in the SCIF in recent weeks.” Taking grandstanding to new depths.…

Then why hasn't @mattgaetz and his merry band of miscreants not been arrested for busting in on the SCIF?…

Some words of courage for the mid week. #WednesdayWisdom


#Impeachment is a serious and constitutional process. Would #Republicans please stop making a mockery of a process they were only too willing to embrace when the subject was President Clinton?…

Rep. Matt Gaetz: "We're going to go and see if we can get inside." WATCH: Republicans storm closed-door SCIF hearing to protest impeachment inquiry

TONIGHT: I will be joining @LouDobbs to talk about House Republicans fighting for truth, transparency, and due process with the Democrats' unauthorized impeachment inquisition of @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. Watch @FoxBusiness at 7 EST.

Matt Gaetz led about 25 House Republican lawmakers into the secure basement of the SCIF. Republicans blew past police officers to enter the room and began shouting once they got there, loudly denouncing the process and impeachment

"I believe that the influence of woman will save the country before every other power." -suffragist Lucy Stone, 1869 #WednesdayWisdom


Take a moment. Relax. Breath. Close your eyes and enjoy being you. Celebrate your victories today, however small or large they might be. #WednesdayWisdom

Trump conspired with House Republicans to obstruct impeachment hearings by storming secure room: report -…

I'm just sayin', Laura Cooper must have some beans to spill.

✨ Calling all Adventurers to share their #WednesdayWisdom ! What is your best tip for creating a new Fighter class character? ✨


Seventy percent of success in life is showing up. #WednesdayWisdom #SuccessMatters


Edward Snowden: The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything and I’m trying to change that Joe Rogan: have you tried DMT?

i respect you both as artist and person @Louis_Tomlinson, you make me the proudest! thank you for being who you are! we love you and we're so fcking excited to #Walls

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. - #quote #WednesdayWisdom


Rep Adam Schiff is running roughshod over the jurisdiction of other committees. As a senior member on @HASCRepublicans, which has jurisdiction over defense issues, I demand access to the testimony of DOD employee Laura Cooper. What are they hiding? #DemocracyDiesInDarkness

Pentagon’s Ukraine expert Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper resumes impeachment testimony after Republican protest causes 5-hour delay…

NEWS: The Pentagon sought to block Laura Cooper from appearing for her deposition today, prompting House Intel to issue a subpoena, per an official. She is complying with the subpoena. Deposition started just after 3pm.

i think the cubs hiring david ross is an emotional and misguided decision

The Kawhi Leonard @NewBalanceLA Omni 1's Has Landed!!! @SnoopDogg @Flea333 @IceCube @GeorgeLopez Denzel Washington #LAOURWAY #2020

NEW: Defense Department directed Laura COOPER not to appear for her deposition today. Dems issues a subpoena and she is testifying anyway, per an official working on the impeachment inquiry. Same story as several State Dept. witnesses.

For all the hyper nationalists here who hate Pakistanis in the name of saving Pakistan: "Patriotism is not about loyalty to a government, Patriotism is a constant effort to do good for the people of your country." -Edward Snowden

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden explains the US '#DeepState' @Snowden @NSAGov

Man, the testimony of Laura Cooper must be absolutely devestating to @realDonaldTrump and the House Republicans who stormed a SCIF with banned cellphones must be scared shitless. Cc: @RepMattGaetz @SteveScalise

There you go people! Joe Rogan (long time asset for pushing deep state narratives into the culture) ... is doing a marathon interview with (traitor and CIA asset) Edward Snowden regularly portrayed as a "hero" by the Left. What are the odds?? "Expand your thinking" - Q…

David Ross hiring on the north side - sort of reminds of the time the White Sox hired Robin Ventura. Robin had no experience as a manger but still somehow ended up with the job. Ross in the same boat.

would you fuck Edward Snowden

ICYMI - Big Potatoes: David Ross More Than Just Some Cuddly Joe Maddon Retread #Cubs Insider

#TheReasonICouldntBePresident Too white for the left, too gay for the right

Two hours with Edward Snowden and this is what they pick up…

David Ross is back — as Cubs manager. But which Cubs players will likely return in 2020 and which will be gone?

David Ross I love you to pieces.


Chicago Cubs to hire David Ross as manager

David Ross will be the next manager of the #Cubs and he described some great qualities for a clubhouse on #BaseballStories with @jaysonst. #EverybodyIn FULL EPISODE:…

Good to go for the watch party @Nationals Park tonight! Wonderfully cool so throw on the Nats layers! #WorldSeries #FinishTheFight #WinTheFight


3) Mark Green, Carol Miller, Vicky Hartzler, Alex Mooney, Jeff Duncan, Drew Ferguson, Gary Palmer, Jody Hice, Duncan Hunter, Ross Spano, Bradley Byrne, David Rouzer, Markwayne Mullin, Randy Weber, Pete Olson, Ron Wright, Scott Perry, Greg Murphy, and Ben Cline.

Sometime soon, David Ross is expected to be introduced as the new Cubs manager. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at his life, from a cross-border birth to World Series glory to TV fame to a new job in Chicago.

"I believe David Ross is going to hold these guys accountable and the fundamentals are going to get better" - Steve Stone

I'm a mom and my boy would be a lot better off with me staying home and giving him most of my attention. #TheReasonICouldntBePresident

Forget cowbells. I have a fever, @Nationals baseball fever, and the only prescription is more peppers!!!! #STAYINTHEFIGHT #FINISHTHEFIGHT

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