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В соцсетях дизайн нового Xbox Series X сравнивают с холодильником, монументом из «Космической одиссеи» и мемным Томом. Консоль также объявили победителем в конкурсе «самое тупое название»


Esto es TODO lo que sabemos de Xbox Series X, el nuevo monstruo de Microsoft…

Xbox Series X: así es la nueva consola de Microsoft que se acaba de presentar…

Don't know how I feel about the Xbox series x

I knew someone was gonna do it. It was a matter of when. #TheGameAwards Source:…


Xbox Series X is now a sick PC with a terribly confusing name. Moms call everything Nintendo, you think they’ll be able to tell the difference between Xbox One X & Xbox Series X?…

Xbox Series X - Exclusive Details On Microsoft's Next-Gen Console ─ GameSpot #Gaming


STAR WARS沼は深過ぎるからEP4〜EP6以外のフィギュアには絶対に手を出さないと言っていたアタシが消息を経ったヨーダ。

El tráiler final de Star Wars episodio IX: El ascenso de Skywalker revela uno de los giros más interesantes de la película.


色々伝えたい事があるのですが 呟きだすときりがないので hideさんへ 世界中からお祝いされる事でしょう! 今夜は大変な事になるのでしょうね♪ #hide #HIDE #XJAPAN #JETS #LEMONeD


Nats: your regular reminder that the objective is winning #independence, not securing another referendum that is then lost. Given what’s occurring down south, the latter would be truly catastrophic. #GE2019

STAR WARSファンならわかる事。 カイロレンのライトセーバーの使い方が下手すぎる。  エピソード7にて

I'm going to try to have a social media free day. For the best, I think. Please let me know if there's any awesome Star Wars related news, otherwise, peace out.

PS4's Ghost Of Tsushima Releases Summer 2020, New Trailer Debuts


今年は葦名で来年は対馬! 説明に「武士の道から外れた境井仁が、冥府から蘇りし「冥人(くろうど)」となって誰も歩まざる道を進み、対馬を敵の手から解き放つ。」 って、それ倒されまくると竜咳が流行るやつなのでは。 『Ghost of Tsushima』「冥人」トレーラー


[Brinson] Lamar Jackson has 20 touchdowns on 90 completions in his last six games.


told my boss I was too upset over death stranding not winning best narrative and goty at the game awards to come into work he said he understood and told me to take all the time off I needed


We in Port Hills not only get a carpet-bagger candidate, we also get to pay her $114k a year councillor salary while she is learning the job (no small task) and campaigning, and her District Health Board salary ditto. No respect for this one.…

with SNP gains & maj of nats in NI, the Union is bust. we need to find a language to defeat the ‘one nation’ lie

These two gamgstas had Indian fighter jets doing the migraine skank



「The Game Awards 2019」 にて『DEATH STRANDING』が ・Best Game Direction ・Best Performance(Mads Mikkelsen) ・Best Score & Music 各賞を受賞! おめでとうございます! #デスストでつながれ #デススト #DeathStranding…

quick sketch to celebrate @studioZAUM's disco elysium winning 4 TGAs best game i've played all year


#TheGameAwards ödül törenine Disco Elysium damga vurdu. En İyi Hikaye Anlatımı, En İyi Bağımsız Oyun, En İyi RYO ve En İyi İlk Yapım dallarında ödüller almayı başardı.


Stormy night. The wind blows fast. The rain is furious, and the thunder claps from the sky, Claiming dominion over the earth. But then comes the Sun To fulfill its vow, To light up your little world bright after such a stormy night. #vss365 #vsspoem #vow #poetry

Fast and Furious: Crossroads? Now that’s a crossover I can get excited about! Bring it on! #fastandfurious #crossroads


FA Rumors: Rendon, Rangers, Dickerson, Marlins, Shogo, Cards, Cubs…

I know technically Nats and the UK Tories are on the same "side" of politics, but I also know a number of NZ Nat voters who would never vote for someone like Boris. Maybe there are some NZ Labour voters that would not vote for Corbyn too?

The #Ravens scored 42 points in a game in which they went 2/8 on 3rd down. (Their 3rd down play calls were making me cranky!) #RavensFlock #RavensvsJets

This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. #bebest


#Angels backloaded 7yr/$245M contract of Anthony Rendon. From 2020-2026 it breaks down like this: $25.5M, $27.5M, $36M, $38M, $38M, $38M, $38M. Angels in a great spot to add much more to make a run.

The Angels got Anthony Rendon. So, *looks around*, what’s next?…

Largest free agent contracts: Cole $324m (Yankees) Rendon $225m (Angels) Strasburg $225m (Nats) Wheeler $118m (Phillies) Grandal $73m (White Sox) Moustakas $64m (Reds) Leaves 24 other teams.

Still no practice for Sean Lee. He worked with an athletic trainer off to the side during the portion open to reporters. Tony Pollard and Jeff Heath were both upgraded to full participants.


Re: Star Wars night. Old friend Keith Yandle (covered him while he was with the Rangers) being called the Yandleorian. Bobrovsky is Bob-A Fett. I'm already done with this.

This is a big one!! Can’t believe I’m debuting in VA @SITW 2020!!! ✈️#SITWfest


My predictions for #TheGameAwards 1. A new From Soft game. 2. Jack Black farts into a mic 3. Tony Hawk Presents: Skate 4 4. Reggie announces he has begun hunting Bobby Kotick with the goal of eating him and taking his job. 5. Sting drops from the rafters 6. Mario + Rabbids RPG

We had Gordon Brown and Tony Blair as PM’s in our lifetime you muppet…

Since 1945, the British people have still only elected three Labour Prime Ministers: Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson and Tony Blair #ge2019 #ElectionDay2019

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Final Trailer Reveals Some Mind-Blowing SPOILERS For The Finale #StarWars #StarWarsTheRiseOfSkywalker…


The new Star Wars is only one week away

Josh Hader would be a pure weapon coming out of that bullpen. Give Chapman a break from saves here and there. Pitch multiple innings with pure octane and that wipeout slider.

Thomas Greiss (10-4-0, 2.24 goals-against average, .930 save percentage) for #Isles vs. Sergei Bobrovsky (11-7-4, 3.19, .898) for #FlaPanthers as teams on the ice for warmups here in Sunrise. It's Star Wars Night. I'm really hoping to get Baby Yoda's autograph.

I just remembered that Tony Stark died and now I’m sad


Je me suis rematté The Last Jedi ce soir. Et déso les gens, mais il est vraiment très cool ce Star Wars. Surtout a ce deuxième visionnage en me laissant emporter plutôt que d'essayer de tout analyser/décoder comme au premier. Don't @ me.

Come join us for 20/20 New Years Service on December 29th, 2019 at My Gathering Place International with LeaAnn Pendergrass. Doug Addison will be sharing a word for this new year!

#Eskimo say the deal for new head coach Scott Milanovich is for 4 years. #CFL

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