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More than 500 law professors have signed an open letter saying there is "overwhelming evidence" that "Trump engaged in impeachable conduct" and has "betrayed his oath of office," adding articles of impeachment must be drafted. #AmericansForImpeachment…

Es gab eine Zeit, als das ZK oder Politbüro der SED sich mit fehlenden Frauenbinden beschäftigte. #Trump ist doch krank.... Gegen Spar-Richtlinien: Trump will mehr Wasser in Toiletten-Spülungen…

Gracias, Echo & the Bunnymen, por haberme acompañado 7 horas este año en Spotify. Eres mi n.º 1. #SpotifyWrapped…

es sind einfach mehr leute die sich über spotify screenshots aufregen als leute die ihr spotify posten

Thank you @simpleplan for spending 8 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

The first scene The last scene of Marriage of Marriage Story Story…

Marriage Story çok güzel film❤️

Кэти Перри: что ж, кажется маленьким Арми уже пора баиньки, пора ложиться в люлю Как правило, те самые Арми: #BTSxJingleBall

Apple Music United States: #149. Living Proof — @Camila_Cabello (+3)…

What I love about Marriage Story, My ★★★★★ review of Marriage Story

SpaceX’in değerinde yıllara göre artış: 2019: $33.3 milyar 2018: $25 milyar 2017: $20.8 milyar 2015: $10 milyar 2010: $1 milyar 2009: $547 milyon 2008: $410 milyon 2007: $280 milyon 2005: $163 milyon 2002: $27 milyon (Bloomberg, CNBC) @JonErlichman

The fate of at least 15 oil tankers idling off the coast of China holds the key to determining the path of global freight rates

เมื่อตกรอบสิบคนมิสซูปเลยดิ้นกันใหญ่ รวมตัวมาวอแวเราหน้าดู ทุกคนถ้าใครเห็นมันเข้ามาเม้นกวนๆไม่ต้องหัวร้อนนะ บอกมันว่าขอบคุณที่สนับสนุนคนไทย..จบ ใครจิตตกก็เข้าในเพจพี่อาร์ตี้นะ คนหน้างานเค้ารู้ดีว่าเรามาแน่ ไปฟังพ่อแม่น้องพูดได้ดีมาก #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniverse #Thailand

Charges against a Slovak politician show hate speech laws can be a risky tool

#Tecnología | ¿Sabes cuáles fueron los videos más vistos en YouTube durante este año? Aquí te lo contamos todo #6Dic

El cine debería "centrarse más en el cambio climático”, dijo este viernes #6Dic el actor español Javier Bardem


—Praga, dígame. —¿Vas a estar ahí toda la mañana? —Sí, hasta las dos menos cuarto, salvo incendio o explosión. #Nomedejéissóloenunpuente #CosasLibreras


Went to two groceries @Publix and @Walmart looking for Lipton's cup of soup as I have had a nasty cold and I like the convenience of boiling water for tea and a light meal. Seems I am not alone. Met a couple with the same dilemma. And I find it empty on the shelf.

Breaking down in the Walmart parking lot... cause I can’t fix my stupid blinker light at 3:30 in the morning

Amoroso solicita a Sudeban congelar cuentas de diputados #Política #EUVzla

#6Dic Carrie Filipetti, subsecretaria de Estado para el hemisferio occidental (EEUU), aseguró que la minería ilegal es una amenaza para la seguridad nacional de EEUU


#6Dic Venezolana Andrea Noguera Finalista de singles y Campeona de Dobles en el Cosat APT Junior Open categoría 14 años


#Guárico | Vecinos aseguran que comunidades de San Juan de los Morros pasan un mes sin servicio de agua mientras esta se derrama sin control en la calle José Félix Ribas #6Dic #Venezuela

#SepaQue El contralor general de la República designado por la ANC, Elvis Amoroso anunció que solicitó a la Sudeban el bloqueo de las cuentas a un grupo de parlamentarios encabezados por el presidente del Poder Legislativo, Juan Guaidó

Opep+ evalúa impacto de ajuste de producción petrolera para 2020 en Viena #SolidaridadUniónYPaz


Cuando muere un líder aparece otro. Perdimos a Guaidó pero tenemos a Nakary.

Thank you Los Cadetes De Linares for spending 23 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped2019

as if I met camila for the first time 5 years ago and now here I am celebrating the release of her second album. I’m emo. #Romance @Camila_Cabello


Miley tried to do this in her bangerz era but couldn’t succeed…

#Tucker #Hannity Bloomberg wants to seize guns. Bloomberg wants to seize large sodas. Bloomberg wants to seize coal mines. Bloomberg wants to seize many of our freedoms. Bloomberg is: #LittleSeizer

Breaking: Alexi calls Democrat Bloomberg a racist.…

“We’re going to try to get to the bottom of why the aid was held up”

Your actions should have least to the Army and Walmart (but not to Trumpland)…


guys omg i just met bts omg the best 100 minutes of my life yoongi smells like movie theater popcorn and namjoon actually proposed to me and told me i was the prettiest ramen cup in the whole walmart are y’all jealous my mom’s mom’s boyfriend’s sister got me the vip ticket

Bloomberg has already spent over $57million on ads. That doesn't change the fact that he's exactly what we don't need right now.

There are approximately 4 people at the Pac-12 Championship.

i look horrible the pics are horrible quality but thank u @Camila_Cabello for answering my dumb question


link pra criar a conta no meta e avaliar, avaliem gente, não custa nada e o user score tá caindo! avaliem pq é importante!…

STEALLLL MASSAGE GUN UNDER $100 Plus, it’s from Walmart so you get their AWESOME return policy


Happy #RomanceOutNow day! Watch our new interview with @Camila_Cabello, talking all things #Romance, @ShawnMendes & more, right here ➡️

Walmart is literally my least favorite place on the entire planet

This HEB got an entire BBQ restaurant inside it, they got a happy hour, what kind of damn flex, it's in the exact same spot and shape of those walmart McDonald's!!! Bruh!!! You did not have to go for walmart's throat like that!

4th down, Johnson to Weeks for a 24 yard touchdown. Warriors 7 Patriots 7. 11:10 remaining in the second quarter.

¡GANÓ NACIONAL! #LUB Nacional 106:72 Sayago El Bolso hace los deberes y derrota tranquilo al colista. Moglia 21, Morrison 18 #VamosBolsoVamos

minha mãe além de sair e me deixar cuidando da praga do meu irmão, nem vai deixar o telefone comigo

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