Last 24 Hour Top Twitter Trends in Caracas, Venezuela

Trending Tweets in Caracas, Venezuela

Today on TODAY: Officials are working around the clock to determine a motive for Friday’s deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola. Plus, President Trump will not participate in the impeachment inquiry hearing on Monday.

Weeaboos were spatially anti-trump and I open a bag of Baked Cheetos for the mystery box.

Mixing politics and parsley: Why this spice seller spent $700,000-plus on Facebook ads for Trump's impeachment

Prince Andrew Trump Maxwell At Pimps And Hoes Party via @YouTube

Qanon is 100% coming from the Trump Administration. via @YouTube

According to confidential documents obtained by @RollingStone, @Spotify’s new advertising tool promises listeners for those who can afford it. Read more below…

i wonder what one directions spotify stats are for this year

Ok watching marriage story cockroach free tonight no one HMU

How Monsanto Mobilized Academics to Pen Articles Supporting #GMOs:…

به‌به Marriage Story بسیار زیبا بود توصیه می‌شود. یه عاقد هم دم دست داشته باشید که اگه یهو جوگیر شدید همون‌جا بتونید ازدواج کنید.

BOJ Will Consider Downgrading Factory-Output Assessment: Reuters

De reina a jurado: Paulina Vega participará en #MissUniverso2019.


Burkina Faso to Use 13% of Budget for Defense as Jihadism Soars - #GoogleAlerts

Walmart se equivocó y puso a la venta antes de tiempo un peluche de “Baby Yoda”


Amoroso solicitó a la #Sudeban bloquear las cuentas de los diputados vinculados con corrupción

Contralor Elvis Amoroso solicitó a la Sudeban bloquear las cuentas de Juan Guaidó #ElvisAmoroso #JuanGuaidó #Sudeban #NoticieroVenevision #Venevision


#Venezuela Amoroso solicitó a Sudeban bloqueo de cuentas de Guaidó y Borges


Queremos ver a #Guaido PRESO. Llegó el momento antes de que se escape del país. #GuaidoLadronYcorruptoEnZK #GuaidoEstasDespedido

#LasMásLeídas: La modelo, de 20 años, Swe Zin Htet, representante de Birmania confesó que es lesbiana. #DL #DiarioLibre #Noticias #Actualidad #Revista

Diputado José Brito destroza a Guaido con declaraciones durisimas contra la corrupción del presidente interino. #PetroAguinaldo

Plaza De La Dignidad se llena de destellos rojos #LaMarchaMasGrandeDeTodas #6dic

what if you got a spotify wrapped but for concerts You opened 14 moshpits Your most seen band was the same local opener who plays before every metalcore show at ur venue You spent 6 hours looking at merch You bought 1 beanie

All I am asking, and it is a very simple request, is for Michael Bloomberg to all of a sudden start speaking Spanish in the middle of a debate.

Colombia’s credit rating is under threat from tax cuts being debated by congress, former Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas said

Worsening trade tensions may delay the removal of U.S. barriers on imports of Brazilian fresh beef

Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California said he will resign from Congress following his guilty plea to a conspiracy charge

Marlins Park será más pequeño y con grama artificial en 2020 #6Dic


walmart should be the new galar stadiums


#DeseoParaBarquisimeto Visión Ciudad Barquisimeto, "Deseo para mí ciudad un terminal bonito y ordenado, donde todos podamos viajar sin ningún problema. Sería un sueño colectivo consolidado en Revolución Por un #Iribarren+Humano❤


#PatriotaMovil | #DeseoParaBarquisimeto un terminal bonito y ordenado, donde todos podamos viajar sin ningún problema. Sería un sueño colectivo consolidado en Revolución @LuisJonasReyes @PsuvIribarrenVe @gestionperfecta @PartidoPSUV @NicolasMaduro @PsuvTamaca


#DeseoParaBarquisimeto |Visión Ciudad Barquisimeto," Deseo para mí ciudad más obras públicas para el ámbito educativo y de salud. Importante para el desarrollo social de un municipio ejemplar"


#PatriotaMovil | #VisiónCiudadDeBarquisimeto, foro creado para la contrucción urbana d un municipio #DeseoParaBarquisimeto + plazas para el disfrute familiar y ser ejemplo d turismo y cultura @LuisJonasReyes @PsuvIribarrenVe @gestionperfecta @NicolasMaduro @PsuvTamaca


2019 better than 2018... 2020 better than 2019... Support us buying album and merch: Link in bio #WeAreCommas #commas #entailofcrow #band #goals #spotify #music


can't wait for my 2020 spotify wrapped just to be all @hale_appleman 's music

Letting people know about your Spotify is a bit like posting your holiday pics or checking in every place you go! Think I’d rather climb into the microwave in a tinfoil dress or take out my soul with a grapefruit spoon! #spotifyunwrapped

Limbaugh on impeachment, jobs report: Trump has achieved 'peace and prosperity,' Dems have nothing but 'hatred' #FoxNews

As a feminist, I would like to personally apologize to David for interfering with his ability to jerk off at Walmart.…

Photo du Jour (#GE2019): Prime Minister @BorisJohnson takes train to Kent for a day of #GeneralElection2019 campaigning. By Stefan Rousseau/PA


Ministerio Público acusó a hombre por tráfico de marihuana y cocaína en Guárico #6Dic

You went to a Walmart. Walmart advertising caters to its customers. You're the moron here for calling it a feminism problem.…

Real family men are too tired from their 5 kids to notice models in Walmart ads…

#BuenViernes ☺️ #FelizFinDeSemana Q lindo día... a pesar de todo, le ponemos sonrisa como siempre.


soy nakary la del año 1800 la sin derechos

#6Dic | En el marco del plan de leguminosas 2019, hoy visitamos el estado #Portuguesa junto a una Delegación de la República Popular China para mostrar las potencialidades que tienen nuestras tierras para el desarrollo productivo agrícola. #SolidaridadUniónYPaz

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