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Gece gece bu şarkıya düştüm çünkü içinde sevdiğim kadın ve sesi var…

【Spotify】 01/18渋谷ストリームホールにて行われたツアーファイナルのセットリストをSpotifyにてプレイリスト配信中✞✞ Everything is for "DAY BY DAY"…

おすすめの曲… Sweet Berry Kiss by Cocco タイトルが可愛すぎて思わず笑っちゃったwww(o´艸`)…

“we are at the stage where words are not needed and just a hand sign in enough.” - kim junmyeon. #엑소엘이_믿는_첸 #엑소엘은_엑소9명_믿어 #EXOLBelievesInEXO9


UK's Kenny Payne: 'The kids deserve all the credit' #bbn #ukbasketball…

Gotta love this guy, not only he is using an image I made for Rockman Corner as thumbnail but, he is using my video and my video description word by word without giving any credit. I'm not thirsty for attention but, I hate when people don't give credit.


zico is not a good person but for y’all to go OUT of the way to make a tweet that angers people for no reason just to obtain a spot on a music chart in a country you don’t even live in is so fucked up poc feelings arent your toys seek help…

2020.1.19 10:30 (KST) iChart™ 퍼펙트 올킬(Perfect AK)을 축하합니다! (9개 차트 올킬+iChart 주간 누적 1위) 지코 (ZICO) - 아무노래


this kid is just good at all he touches... wish I could take credit for that.…


I've been at Pearson Airport so long that I've started asking people to sign up for the new CIBC credit card

Main countries new followers came from last week: 114 US 84 India 77 Pakistan 21 England 18 Hong Kong 16 Kenya 9 Scotland, Germany, Sth Africa, Tanzania 7 Ireland, Netherlands, Flanders, Norway, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Indonesia, 4 Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia

Streets are saying Alfre Woodard gives one of the best performances of the year in Clemency, but the film doesnt have a UK release date and I've seen next to no promo or campaigning for the good sis Ms. Alfre Woodard. How come Chief Willoughby?

The Jump Shop will be selling a few limited edition items from Jump Festa 2020 for #KimetsuNoYaiba including an adorable tsum plush of Inosuke and Zenitsu along with various other keychains! Release Date: January 2020


It’s been wild Thailand


kahit naman magstan pa ako ng ibang groups, nasasaktan pa rin at bumabalik pa rin ako sa x1 kaya.. #form_NewX1 @x1official101 @x1members


so yunhyeong go straight to ph after their activity in thailand?! plsss,, if u ever see him dont mob him. we all know he’s tired give him his privacy.

chaelisa dançando naquele vídeo e a jisoo aparece

Hello, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Ukraine. I am 10 years old. I live in Thailand. Yes, I speak Thai. I heard a few weeks ago, many people like to ask me why you speak English. I will tell. that I love this language and can you introduce yourself to me?


#JISOO: why don’t you say so?

MILL CREEK "ULTRAMAN ACE" UPDATE: Last night, Amazon listed both editions with a release date of May 12th, opposed to @MillCreekEnt's listing of April 21st. Today, MCE's website also changed the release date from April 21st to May 12th. Stay tuned for more info! #ウルトラマンA


New Balance 1700 Release Date: January 31st, 2020 =>


. January 2020 #2. . NIKE AIR FORCE 1 REACT WHITE/BLACK/UNIVERSITY RED RELEASE DATE:01/17/2020. Style Code:CD4366-100. . Camera:Canon EOS 80D . eos_canonjp Lens:SIGMA Art 30mm F1.4 DC HSM . . #sneakers…

Xin dừng lại đi các bạn Kfans... Các bạn có quyền tức giận nhưng Chen không phải ra khỏi nhóm vì sự tức giận đó của các bạn. Anh ấy luôn hoàn thành nhiệm vụ của mình trong EXO. #엑소엘이_믿는_첸 #엑소엘은_엑소9명_믿어 #EXOLBelievesInEXO9 @weareoneEXO


Sắp đến comeback của trai nhà rồi, nên mình nghĩ các bạn nên đăng những bài đăng hướng dẫn cách stream cho ARMY mới đi. #BestMusicVideo #iHeartAwards #BoyWithLuv @BTS_twt

Nếu lúc trước có lịch của X1 ở KCON 2020 rồi thì chắc em Hán nhuộm tóc để đi diễn á. Đm nhưng bây giờ chỉ có thể thấy tóc của em qua mấy cái video insta thôi

The best Korean movie series on Netflix! Boys Over Flowers (2009) Not to introduce much, Boys Over Flowers is the most legendary and famous film on this list @ActorLeeMinHo #LeeMinHo…


Facebook xin lỗi về lỗi dịch xúc phạm tên nhà lãnh đạo Trung Quốc


ÔH MÀI GÓT BÊN SING•H CÓ CÁI MÓC KHOÁ DỄ THƯƠNG QUÁAAA nhưng mà tui không chuyển khoản đượt....


mày không biết tiếng trung quốc tị mày đừng có nói chuyện #ZhangebodiDeactivationParty

내 캐들 이상한게 지들은 약 안 먹으려고ㅠ하면서 남들은 꼭 먹으라고 함

아직도승우스토리못봤어요 #엑스원_새그룹_결성하자 저는낮잠잔여자니까더하다가 #form_newx1 보고자야겠어요궁금해미쳐요

yohan just posted but i already miss him i miss his voice charot #엑스원_새그룹_결성하자 #form_NewX1

junho tadi gimana #엑스원_새그룹_결성하자 nikmatin konser nya ya #form_NewX1 balik konser jangan lupa jajan dulu ya @x1official101 @x1members

2020.1.19 1:30 (KST) iChart™ 퍼펙트 올킬(Perfect AK)을 축하합니다! (9개 차트 올킬+iChart 주간 누적 1위) 지코 (ZICO) - 아무노래


Chưa uống nhưng sao e như người đang say


y’all always have some shit to say about zico.. shut up

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