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Pete Carroll said Rashaad Penny will miss the rest of the season after injuring his ACL last night. Carroll said he hasn’t heard about the MRI results but that the doctors “could tell it’s a significant injury.”

juice wrld basically had an anxiety attack induced seizure Shit wild

Grand Ole @opry last Saturday night at @theryman. Sang some Tammy Wynette and hung out with legendary hell raiser @seelyofficial


Two security guards who worked for Juice WRLD and were present at the time of his death on Sunday have been arrested. MORE:


Who the fuck is Juice Wrld??

"E o que me importa é não estar vencido. Minha vida, meus mortos, meus caminhos tortos. Meu sangue latino, minh'alma cativa".

dont know who to follow eventually people become unbearable, if i wasn't me i would have already soft blocked myself. intolerable

Innocent Hindu bengalis who have barely enough to eat lodged in jails with criminals and detained as they failed to prove their citizenship.This is the worst infringement of human rights the country would fail these people if it cannot provide them justice. #IndiaWithCAB

The point of education isn't making money; it's making people.  #quote


Donald Trump tweets 105 times in single day, attacking impeachment inquiry and top Democrats

If Labour loses ... Rupert Murdoch, Tommy Robinson, Donald Trump, Lord Rothermere, Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Jeremy Clarkson, Noel Gallagher and Lord Sugar win

#死んで欲しくなかったキャラ晒す ONE PIECEのエース NARUTOの自来也 進撃の巨人のエルヴィン レインボーのアンチャン 死によって感動と勇気を与えてくる作品は本当にずるい(褒め言葉) 4作品目のレインボーは結構エグめの作品だけど、これ以上の男の漫画は読んだことない。是非読んでみてほしい。


"In a way he might even take pride in, Trump has pushed self-regard so much farther than his predecessors that a different conclusion is required": For US presidents egocentrism often comes with the territory. But Donald Trump’s narcissism is something new

"... there is no indication, thus far, that the Republicans are willing to engage in a real fact-based debate about the conduct of Donald Trump and his obvious, evident, demonstrable corruption," says @carlbernstein.

the other day, in one of park woo sang's youtube videos, he mentioned how the company doesn't really feed them that well... then we got yong going to eat at jype, saying it's so good+she wishes she worked there since you wouldn't have to worry about eating... *hinthint*, rbdumb.

バイトおわたにえん 明日のワンオク参戦する人 大変恐縮なのですが写真撮ってください()

มาสาดสีว่าประเทศฉันซื้อมง ตอนนี้มีใครออกมาขอโทษประเทศฉันบ้าง !!!!! โมโหหหหหหห #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniverseThailand2019


Ninguém pediu a minha opinião, mas eu vou falar do mesmo jeito: Eu, como gosto de naruhina e sasusaku, sou meio suspeita pra falar, acho que o Naruto estava sim apaixonado pela Sakura. Mas só APAIXONADO, o que é diferente de amar. Eu não consigo ver nada além disso.…

どうして家に食べ物がないのか それは明白である 暇な時お腹など特にすいてもいないのに食べてしまっているからだ どうしてなのか。

So queria namorar pra assistir naruto c ele

#死んで欲しくなかったキャラ晒す 鬼滅の刃→煉獄杏寿郎 NARUTO→自来也 BLEACH→浮竹十四郎 ジョジョ→シーザー 鋼の錬金術師→ヒューズ中佐 ぼくらの→ダイチ HELLSING→少佐 グレンラガン→カミナ・キタン 結界師→志々尾限 ダンガンロンパ→七海 まどかマギカ→マミさん 居すぎてほんま泣く。

DUKUNG TERUSSSS !!! Final Timnas Indonesia melawan Vietnam di lanjutan SEA Games 2019. Selasa, 10 Desember pukul 18.30 WIB. Jangan sampai ketinggalan, dukung dan saksikan LIVE STREAMING hanya di


Hành trình Vàng của đội tuyển bóng đá nữ Việt Nam tại SEA Games 30 qua @YouTube

Y’all give @norsberry a follow! The man does important work for the people!…

this why i stay off twitter more and keep my mouth shut. if you really think people sell their souls to the devil you are a fucking idiot and should die

“We need to stop trying to go back to the people we were, and start moving forward.”

Allergic to stupid people

Zozibini Tunzi full name sang South Africa gamay na lang tani mag Gazini ba char

PINOY PRIDE! Sharief Afif gives PHL another BRONZE medal in the Karate Kumite Individual +75kg category! | via @psc_gov For other updates about the #SEAGames2019, visit our online coverage at


- Vou começar a assistir naruto mas acho que não vou gostar... 2 episódios depois:


Medali perak berhasil diraih oleh Aflah Fadlan Prawira dari cabang olahraga Aquatics: Swimming pada SEA Games 2019 Filipina. Turun di nomor Men 400 m Individual Medley, Aflah mencatatkan waktu 4:21.30 detik untuk meraih medali perak. #TimIndonesia #SEAGames2019


Sertu Rifki Ardiansyah Arrosyiid dari Kodam V Brawijaya persembahkan medali Perak cabang Karate nomor -60 kg Kumite Putra, Sea Games 2019 di World Trade Center, Manila, Filipina, Minggu (08/12/2019) #TNIADMengabdiDanMembangunBersamaRakyat #HariJuangTNIAD2019 #SeaGames2019


Jesus amado, o guri vem me dizer q ele gosta do sasuke e q Naruto clássico é ruim, é o combo da desgraça

i watched some naruto before i went drinkband now im throwed obly thinking about kakashi

คีริน ได้เหรียญทอง วิ่ง 5,000 เมตร ชาย 14:31.15 Pace 2.54 ก็คือถ้าจะ Fun run - beginner ให้ทันคีริน กูต้องนั่งวินเท่านั้น.. #SEAGames2019 #ซีเกมส์2019


"She always broke the rules and sang music that was true to her." —@carrieunderwood on 2019 #KCHonors recipient #LindaRonstadt

Hala daw tung General sang Wakanda si South Africa

It’s a thought that never leaves my mind. I felt it in my stomach walking out of Lil Peep’s doc, and I sang about it driving home listening to ‘Legends’ yesterday. When are we going to talk about this toxic industry, and when are we going to save the people in it? #RIPJUICEWLRD


I forgot to buy scallions for my peanut Thai noodles, and I don’t know when I’m going to get it together.… Máy lạnh âm trần Midea MCD- 50CRN1 R410 Mã sản phẩm: Midea MCD- 50CRN1 Giá: 0 đ 30.900.000 vnđ Xuất xứ: Việt Nam Hãng sản xuất: Máy lạnh Midea Công suất: 5.5 ngựa | 5.5 hp Bảo hành: 2 năm… Máy Lạnh âm trần Midea MCD-36CRN1 R410 Mã sản phẩm: MCD-36CRN1 Giá: 0 đ 26.950.000 vnđ Xuất xứ: Việt Nam Hãng sản xuất: Máy lạnh Midea Công suất: 4 ngựa | 4.0 hp Bảo hành: 2 năm… Máy lạnh âm trần Midea MCD-28CRN1 R410 Mã sản phẩm: Midea MCD-28CRN1 Giá: 0 đ 19.950.000 vnđ Xuất xứ: Việt Nam Hãng sản xuất: Máy lạnh Midea Công suất: 3 ngựa | 3.0 hp Bảo hành: 2 năm

aryn and i are having a christmas night

I've been helping my mom decorate for Christmas and she's been playing Hallmark movies for hours... send help

#ImACeleb well fuck that shit show, Christmas is cancelled

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