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College Made Them Feel Equal. The Virus Exposed How Unequal Their Lives Are.

#ZOOM | Coronavírus altera rotina de trabalhadores que prestam serviços essenciais -


By the time we get to 2023 Prof Jonathan Moyo will be back in Zanu PF and he will have decimated the MDC into splinter groups fighting each other.

We are in the Spiritual War of all Spiritual Wars; its time we jumped in and acted like it. Stop fighting with your human abilities and instead use your new ones given to you at your Salvation. We fight not against flesh and blood.....

Thinking of brave, generous, loving Iranian doctors & nurses & all medical staff fighting #CoronavirusPandemic in every hospital of #Iran. Only way to save lives is to declare people's rights from the regime. Make it spend health services on the public. #IransAngels


Manposs, bong! ulah sang pengkhianat negara. sdh. ga bisa urus negara, malah bikin merugi terus. pemimpin yg bodoh hasil pilihan para pengikutnya yg pandir. Jual ajj kecebong ke cina biar di gilas :…

8 years ago the ⁦@MudHens⁩ hosted the ⁦@tigers⁩ for the final day of Spring training before regular season opening day. 8 years!? Time flies.




& they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll & to open its seals; for You were slain, & have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe & tongue & people & nation & have made us kings & priests to our God; & we shall reign on the earth." Rev. 5:9-10

kiss back naman dyan tine charot…

ชอบซีนนี้ ใน #คั่นกูEP7 สารวัตรตาโตเมื่อได้ยินการสารภาพรักจากไทน์ หลังจากที่ตัวเองได้พูดสิ่งที่รู้สึกไปจนหมด ความรู้สึกที่เก็บมาเป็นปี โดยการสารภาพรักจากไทน์นั้นไม่มีคำว่ารักแม้แต่คำเดียว ตอนพี่ดูฉากนี้ หลังจากได้ฟังที่ไทน์พูดแล้วก็ได้แต่กุมใจ ❤️ #BrightTalkXLazada


Week 1 of University of California, Zoom:


‘My mum interrupted a work Zoom call to tell me off’: The millennials who have moved back with their parents during lockdown…

.@niallswldflwr @lonelyyheartash and I stayed on the zoom call for 7 hours but now me must sleep. Goodnight everyone.

Ders var diye kalktım sesim robot gibi dershane işi fazla ciddiye aldı birde eski kıraşım da olacak zoom'da sizin ebenizi seveyim


Vietnam protests Beijing's sinking of South China Sea boat…

Hola, cuando termine la cuarentena teinvitoaculear, tu sabes quien eres, chao :*

Jung Jaehyun sang the iconic part of the sit down && he enjoyed it with the song, he did too much flip hair in the vlive AND he‘s SO cute in purple clothes today oh my goodness!

Bno chao. Gente. Me . voy. A . dormir. Mierd.



omg sejeong sang skyline, it's my favorite plant song i'll cry

asia#93初動落ち多すぎた  次頑張ります  相方@kentuuuuu


I am so sick of all of these dumb asses in the media who are pulling for the Coronavirus. Calling hydroxychloriquine "SNAKE OIL?" They are the ones selling snake oil. They are tiresome, all of them, and all these doctors tiptoeing around the subject. There is no excuse now.

Hace muchos años atrás se produjo la mayor plaga de la historia de Europa: la peste negra. Se originó en china cobrando la vida de millones de personas, de allí pasó a Asia central y, a través del flujo comercial, llegó a Europa. Se me hace conocida esta historia.

EXCUSE ME! He said no pickles.


dont judge me BUT i did laundry today for the first time since spring break

Esses partidos que surgiram, como o Novo não enriqueceram em nada o debate político nacional. É sempre a mesma coisa. O trabalhador carrega o peso. E os patrões e ricos não pegam uma meia no chão. Uma meia.

One of Asia's biggest slums has confirmed its first coronavirus death as top Indian doctors warn that the country must prepare to face an "onslaught" of cases that could cripple the health system to levels far beyond what Europe and the US are experiencing

follow trick bolsonaro brasil manu carnaval lgbtq +18 porn daddy kink bbb20 bbb pyong lee futebol meme me diz o que você quer bomboclaat seolhyun selca sco pa tu mana bts blackpink cu aoa anime otaku sdv fada sensata daniel iphone. #followtrick #BBB20


ok now give me a reduced tuition for spring quarter…

Spring forward- fall back. If you have to ask this question there is no hope for you.…

queria ta agora em algum role com minhas amigas todo mundo louco bebendo fumando maconha cheirando lolo e as amiga se bjando rebolando a raba ate o chão

From you have I been absent in the spring, When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim, Hath put a spirit of youth in everything...” William Shakespeare, Sonnet 98 #spring #canadianpoet #writingcommunity


Major reversals by @WHO on #coronavirus since January: (1) NO human-to-human transmission, (2) NOT a global emergency, (3) NO need for travel restrictions, (4) NO need for healthy people to wear face masks. Is it any wonder that people in Asia have stopped listening to WHO?


lets talk about sarawat's 3 posts on ig caption first pic: last year at silapakorn caption second pic: this year in chiang mai caption third pic: next year, anywhere as long as i have you #คั่นกูEP7


近づいてきたな、この時が。今回はどうしても勝たなきゃならないんだ。オールスターリーグ2020 Spring 決勝&5位〜8位決定戦 @AbemaTV で4/6 15:00から放送

Gn. Spring may be here. But, that doesn't mean I will forget about these Winter-themed cuties.


Full coverage: High school spring sports season is canceled…

Daniel Blanco foi muito bem com Fabinho pena que a Globo teve um descaso ao não renovar seu contrato. Uma pena depois ele ter caído na Record nas enfadonhas bíblicas. #TotalmenteDemais

Flowers bloom and fall / Spring breezes dance in the air / But, Coronavirus makes people be scared / Millions of people lose their jobs / And they were ordered to stay at home / William doesn’t walk the path of meditation to WH / He raises a prayer of thanks / PC: William Moon


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