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JAMIE JOSEPH JAPAN RUGBY Very well done YOU Are now a legend

are they not gonna tweet the video link?


इंडियन आर्मी की इस कार्रवाई में पाकिस्‍तान की सेना को बड़ा नुकसान हुआ है और उसके कई जवानों की मौत हो गई है… #IndianArmy #Pakistan #BreakingNews

cuándo conozco a una army y me toca hablar con los nombres artísticos d los chicos para q me entienda

In the W column baby! Let’s go #HTTR only 10 more miserable sundays left.

MY PERIOD WAS 17 DAYS LATE AND UM- IM PREGNANT. i’m only 15, my parents are gonna kill me. my whole life i’ve thought having a baby so young would ruin my life, but knowing that break up live is the reason i’m pregnant makes me happy

【念のため…(・ω・*)折りたたみ傘ね】4時発表 千代田区の今日の天気 曇一時雨 最高21℃ 最低17℃ 降水(午前)50% #Tenki_東京…

.@iamsrk talks about films & cinema at #JoyAwards in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!

西陣織の細尾、初の旗艦店で オープニング展示が開催中 | Numero TOKYO

And that justifies abandoning the Kurds. Oh also we’re increasing our military commitment to Saudi Arabia. Cause debt and ending world policing and not risking American lives for ungrateful others. Or something.…

شاروخ: "Thank you Saudi Arabia “ انا : #WelcomSRKInSaudiArabia

baby u the highlight of my lowlife


y’all remember when harry deleted his story of his shirt and we were all so sad that he never interacts with us so like what if he saw all that and decided “fuck it” and started being more active for us and talking to us like that’s my mf BABY


Nineteen people are dead and 16 missing after Typhoon Hagibis pounded Japan's capital city of Tokyo and its surrounding prefectures


tag olayi sacma sapan kimse desteklemiyor hepimiz cok sinirlendik bu konuya zateb ama bu yuzden artik army olamiyorum diyenleri goruyorum line da aq mal misiniz

天空の町『ラヴェッロ』 Place:イタリア


Breaking News: Turkish Army and SNA completely take control over Tal Abyad. Son Dakika: TSK ve SMO Tel Abyad'ı tamamen aldı. #barispinariharekati #OperationSpringPeace

#PMIKvisitsIran: Prime Minister Imran Khan says he will visit Saudi Arabia on Tuesday with a positive state of mind and will emphasize the importance of dialogue between the two countries to resolve differences #PMIKForPeace… #رہبرامت_عمران_خان

日曜日は : ELE tokyo 場所:麻布十番 エントランス で ジュリアン といえば インスタでDMください ID : combesj M : ¥1000 1D W : free #tokyo #party #shibuya #roppongi #クラブ #クラブミュージック #ナイトクラブ #夜遊び #パーティ #渋谷 #東京 #六本木



アウェイならではの思い出。 勝つっていいね。ほんと。 二桁&ハットトリックおめでとうございます!今年は色んな面でMVP!


Indo-Maldives joint army excercise “Ekuverin” is a joint training program held every year since 2012. It’s held alternatively in Maldives and India every other year.


선빵 친 놈이랑 받아친 놈이랑 같은 취급 받으면 씨벌 난 폭주기관차 할란다 양심뒈진것들아ㅋㅋ 피해는 우리가 보고 짐 뻔뻔하게 같은 짓 하면 같은 사람 된다고 씨부리는 거 별 같잖아서 내가 선빵 치고 댕길란다


#PMIKvisitsIran: Prime Minister Imran Khan unequivocally said that this is purely an initiative of Pakistan and no one asked us to resolve differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia…

#BREAKING Turkish Army and SNA completely take control over Tal Abyad. TSK ve SMO Tel Abyad'ı tamamen aldı. الجيش التركي و الجيش الوطني يسيطر على مدينة تل أبيض بالكامل

so..... we were talking about thick yoongi?


#PMIKvisitsIran: Some vested interests want conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia: Prime Minister Imran Khan #PMIKForPeace… #رہبرامت_عمران_خان

Goodnight I love you all

If you're excited about this #Gophers football team right now, I can't blame you. 6-0 on the horizon for the first time in 16 years. I'd love for you to check out @Minnesota247. You won't regret it.…

Ps I love you is a f*cked up movie

Rescue efforts begin after a powerful typhoon unleashed heavy rainfall on Tokyo and surrounding areas, leaving seven dead and 15 missing.


勉強せずゲームばかりの中1息子…叱るべき? 放置でOK? (TOKYO MX) - LINE NEWS… #linenews @news_line_meより

could this break possibly resemble purgatory even more so than it already does? what else could army twt have left to GIVE??

I would die to see Simone try a triple back, a 3.5 double tuck or even a quad double on floor someday. Or some cool front tumbling, which we never see from her. And that Amanar from her today makes me hope she trains the TTY again ys brings the Biles back on vault for Tokyo.

【(^o^)/】10時発表 千代田区の今日の天気 晴 最高28℃ 最低19℃ 降水(午後)10% #Tenki_東京…

【静岡】静岡市舞台の映画完成 16日から無料上映…

本日10/13(日)11:05より 最新ご予約状況はこちら↓ ハレヤカな気持ちになれる1日に・・・ #上野メンズエステ #東京メンズエステ #美魔女 #もち肌 #圧倒的癒し #晴れやかな施術 #ゼロ距離


こんにちは! #表参道 #韓国料理 #COSARI TOKYO です^ ^ #本日#ランチ より、#通常営業 いたします! 「皆さまの食卓になりたい…。」 皆さまのお越しをお待ちしております!


Congrats to alumni Sydney Hines, an Army soldier and Emily Savery graduating from the Air Force! We are proud of you ladies and thank you for serving our country! So good to see their smiling faces with their proud moms! #strongandsmart


Happy birthday my idol ❤ I love you 3000 #HappyBirthdayJimin @BTS_twt



안경만 걸쳤을 뿐인데 미친 ‘너드미’ 발산하는 스타 6인 #엑스원김요한 #김요한 #엑스원 #X1 #KimYoHan @insight_co_kr 님이 공유

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