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Country Club Park 2nd Annual Christmas Expo… via @setxlivetweet

ಪವರ್ ವರ್ಕೌಟ್ ಆಯ್ತು, ಕಿಚ್ಚಾ ದಂಡಿಸೋದು ನೋಡಿದ್ದೀರಾ? #Sandalwood @KicchaSudeep #WorkoutVideo ಸುವರ್ಣ ನ್ಯೂಸ್ ಆ್ಯಪ್‌ ಡೌನ್‌ಲೋಡ್ ಮಾಡಿಕೊಳ್ಳಲು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಕ್ಲಿಕ್ ಮಾಡಿ…

Time: 07-12-2019 10:31:36 Crete, Greece Magnitude: 3.2 ml Depth: 2.0 km Latitude: 35.19° [N ] Longitude: 23.83° [E ] Estimated energy: 4.0 Gigajoule Earthquakes Tracker:…

Trump said tariffs were easy, China would pay... and screwed that up. Foreign policy was childs' play... ruined that. Immigration... broken families, dead children, phony wall being climbed, cut and stolen. Now... toilets. We are worried, we NEED toilets.…

Operation Christmas Child distribution of shoe boxes in Cambodia; @Franklin_Graham @SamaritansPurse


เราจะไม่ตอบโต้ความเลว ด้วยความเลวที่มากกว่า แต่เราจะตอบโต้ด้วยความดี.... ....ไทยเรานี้รักสงบ... #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniverse #Thailand


Me: mom you had studied this subj, help me in assignment Mom: Google kr lo i- :(

Semi-final 2 is @BlackFerns vs @USARugby The winner will face Canada in the final of the #Dubai7s Follow it LIVE:


Two boys in Cambodia get Operation Christmas Child presents in Cambodia; @SamaritansPurse @Franklin_Graham


ไทยควรเลิกทำชุดประจำชาติแบบสายลากจูงได้แล้ว กลับสู่สามัญเถอะไม่อยากจะติมากเพราะยังไงก็เชียร์ฟ้่าใส ให้ได้มง อย่าด่าเรานะเราเชียร์ก็อดหลับอดนอนเชียร์มาเหมือนกัน #Thailand #MissUniverse #MissUniverse2019


في صندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان، نؤمن أنه يجب تعزيز حقوق النساء والشابات ذوي الإعاقة في التمتع بتكافؤ الفرص، والعيش حياة خالية من العنف القائم والتمتع بصحتهن وحقوقهن الجنسية والإنجابية. @qatarsocialwork #DICDD2019 #leavingnoonebehind @HI_UnitedStates @HI_Canada


j’crois j’vais aller habiter au Canada pour le motif suivant, je cite “Légalisation du cannabis à des fins récréatives”

25歳になりました✩ ママになって2回目の誕生日◎ 日々忙しすぎて 大変なことたくさんだけど 大切な家族とか大好きな友達 親や妹弟たちにも支えられて 幸せが身に染みる( * ॑꒳ ॑* ) これからの1年も 大変なことたくさんだと思うけど 日々楽しみながら 大切に過ごしていきたい(*´ω`*)

アモン君が来てから火力が上がった( ˘ω˘ )

Vietjet Air arrives in India. The airline will operate daily flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Delhi.


Halsey and @BTS_twt BTS Member #Suga Release Emotional New Song “SUGA's Interlude" @BTS_ARMY… #SUGAsInterlude


Meanwhile the Vietnamese lineup for today’s #semifinal match against #Cambodia. Just j/k, it is a well guarded secret! #SEAGames2019 #football


Dr @SubramanianKri, Chief Economic Adviser, @FinMinIndia, GoI will be one of the prominent speakers at the 'FICCI Young Leaders Summit: The New Indian for a New India' on 9 December 2019 in New Delhi. #FICCIYoungLeaders


“For the past few weeks, it has been terribly bad situation. Going out means walking into a gas chamber, one can come here and breathe pure air." We are at a time when oxygen has been commoditized. Pretty sure not Delhi alone. We should be proud.…

EXCLUSIVE: India & Nepal are now entangled in a bitter border row. Earlier this week New Delhi stopped Nepal’s special envoy to visit India to discuss the matter — Read my report in @ThePrintIndia: #Kalapani #Susta…

Hon. MP from North-West Mumbai @GajananKirtikar is endorsing the @BigSleepOuts campaign happening at Central Park, New Delhi today! Come and spend a night out! Join the fight to #endhomelessness.



皆様お疲れ様です 白い薔薇で失礼いたします #花 #薔薇 #rose #flower


zepp tokyo 来てます。


NHỮNG THẾ ĐẤT TỐT THEO PHONG THỦY SINH TÀI PHÁT LỘC Những lô đất được cho là “nở hậu” thì được ví von là “túi vàng” tích trữ tài sản tốt cho gia chủ. Điều đó cũng đồng nghĩa giúp gia chủ an tâm, vững tài, phát lộc.…

Bán nhà quận 12 TPHCM|Nhà đẹp 3.5 tấm đường Nguyễn Thị Búp phường Tân Ch... qua @YouTube


Vâng chính là em :))))


Le VPM/@FMPhamBinhMinh a affirmé que @OIFfrancophonie était partenaire important du #VietNam, lors de l’entretien ce vendredi 6 décembre, à Hanoï, avec la secrétaire générale @LMushikiwabo


JUST IN: Kristina Marie Knott tops women's 200m heat #1. Knott clocked 23.07 seconds, enough to destroy the 18-year-old SEA Games record of 23.30 seconds set by Thailand's Supavadee Khawpeag in 2001. #SEAGames2019


Kelly got a deal on steaks & shrimp, baby red potatoes, & asparagus at ACME over a few days so she's going for it tonight. WE are gonna eat like kings tonight. Decided to have a Manhattan or 2 after a boardwalk walk. Got a lot on the list done & took a long hot shower. Success?

Be my homie and my baby

Baby Yoda is still in the picture. "They don't advertise for podcasters in the newspaper. That was my profession. Ex-cop. Ex-blade runner. Ex-killer. Ex-podcaster" -Deckard, 2050ish. #ScienceFiction #Podcast #BSPN…

Watch live: ‘Tis the season! The 42nd annual December Nights kicks off at Balboa Park…

The meeting site for our cleanup event has changed. Please meet at the Stadium Lot on H St (between Kern and Inyo) at 3:00pm. You can park for free in the Spiral Garage or the parking garage on Tulare Street & Congo Alley. Forecast calls for rain so come prepared. See you there!…

Trump’s response to a reporter’s question about leaks and draining the swamp:…

Dec.12! The Shakespearean tyrant cried, “a horse a horse my kingdom for a horse,” Trump will cry out for another appeal, but all will have been exhausted. - SCOTUS grants Trump's request to temporarily block 2 banks from disclosing his financial records…

REVEALED: Ukraine was the Origin of the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax and It Ran Right Through the Office of Eric Ciaramella… via @gatewaypundit

#ICYMI: Tickets for the annual 'Friends of KHKE/KUNI' event featuring @kevinmorby at the historic Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo are on sale NOW! Secure those tickets today at >>


Greenwood 14, Iowa Park 13, 5:58, 2Q. Trey Cross scores on 14-yard run as he sneaks in the bottom right corner of the end zone. #MRTsports

めっぽう負けてます、、、すいません。。。 姫センVS嵐山 関西人気No.1決定戦!… #嵐山最高

金沢公演の時はぜひ私の友人がやっているそば屋さんにいってほしい。 ほんとにおいしいから そば打ちに福光屋の仕込み水を使ってるの そばも天ぷらもだし巻き玉子とかおつまみもお店の雰囲気も最高だから仲良しの王国民にはぜひ行ってほしい。 小立庵(しょうりゅうあん)

In a not-quite-an-O. Henry moment, my wife and I surprised each other tonight with early gifts of holiday music. She gave me a CD of Rat Pack Christmas; I gave her a CD of Lou Rawls Christmas. Now I'm digitizing music while she assembles the cats' new condo/tree.

New: Trump could be impeached partly for admissions on Fox News POLITICALLY INCORRECT…

Retired Olympic skater Kwan unscathed after auto collision


Thank you @taylorswift13 for spending 57 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

いつもご覧いただきありがとうございます。 12月7日(土) 「大河」 「サントス」 出勤! 残り少なくなっております、ご予約はお早めに☆ ◆Spa Valiente(バリエンテ) 西新宿◆ #マッサージ #ゲイ #出張 #西新宿

This is how my decade sounded on Spotify. Get your #spotifywrapped.…

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