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"The British establishment, in concert with the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, have been calling for a second Brexit referendum since the first one went the 'wrong' way in 2016. Thursday, they got it — and how."…

do I full send and upload this video tonight or tomorrow morning

Dark implications in a lot of this, and I'm not sure about a thing or two, but there is a fundamental truth here about the ability of a well-funded party of the rich to smash opposition through disinformation. Coupled with the long-term economic decay of Labour's heartlands...…

/mvs/ Annyeong. Buat yang suka K-Drama nih, ini bagus guys. Judulnya Labour Inspector Mr Jo, ini action, comedy ada romance nya juga. Sekarang aku lagi namatin baru masuk episode 20. Aku yang cowo suka sih, karna banyak Action sama Comedy nya.


Boris Johnson llama a «cerrar las heridas» del Brexit tras contundente victoria en las elecciones


Victorious Johnson urges Britain to move past Brexit divide

My cousin got her two year old daughter a puppy for her birthday today, so it looks like I’m stepping down from my place in the family as “The One Who Makes The Worst Decisions”

there’s so much content rn, my tl is full of tonight’s performance, tarot card readings(ones that came true and future one) and twotuckgom just released their new video ?? MONSTA X FEEDS US WELL

Check out these behind the scenes pics from our shoot with @StephenCurry30— we teamed up to surprise 40 youth for a special film screening, followed by an engaged and thought provoking Q&A: Full video:


All these silly half-wits like Owen Jones, Lily Allen, Stormzy and their ilk are huffing and puffing because Labour lost but the real reason they are upset is because last night made them realise how utterly irrelevant they are to the British public. #wasteofspace

Very proud of the campaign run by @MaryWimbury and @WRX_Labour Mary - you were so committed and your cheerfulness at all times, and especially in all weathers was a lesson for us all - thank you x

U.K. Election Takeaway: The Green Party failed to convince the general public about the “Climate Emergency”. A sea of Tory Blue covered most of the British Isles, however those supporting the end of the world hysteria would appear to be confined to a tiny spec on the South Coast


Baffling and infuriating that actual adults are saying Boris Johnson will have no choice but to tack to the center now. Nope. He will move to the right and tell lies about his own policies. That's what he's done so far and it's a winning strategy.

Líderes israelíes, eufóricos por victoria de Boris Johnson…


This is just like how after the American Revolutionary War Brexit King George III sat around with his entourage to decide our fate.


Con la Brexit le nazioni dell'Unione Europea diminuiranno da 28 a 27. Quindi l'Italia guadagnerà una posizione per importanza: finalmente saremo VENTISETTESIMI!!! #Brexit #13dicembre

Tory House Jock Jamie Green talking absolute shite on BBC about their being no SNP mandate and being encouraged to do so. A nasty and sad wee baw faced creature happy wi scraps fae his master's table.

Here's where British evangelicals stand on Brexit. (They're not all on the same page)…

La scozia vuole un altro referendum sulla brexit. Tipo quando scrissi alla mia ultima fidanzata "sei sicura che non vuoi tornare a fidanzarti con me?". E lei "ma non rompermi i coglioni che son sposata e ho tre figli e poi ci siamo fidanzati in quinta elementare".

"The scale of the Labour defeat suggests that another decade of Conservative government beckons. But realistically, the unionist position that the Tories committed to in Scotland is producing diminishing returns, and looks unsustainable in the long term."

To my fellow minorities of varying and multiple description, I would genuinely reconsider you relationships with folk who are happy about the Tory result down south. What they must really think of us within the confines of their own mind is scary.

- Deportation to Somalia for shorter prison sentences - Jail time for khat sellers/users - Stricter policies for Somali mums taking their kids back home in holidays This is a small list of things Somali Tory fanboys voiced to Theresa May (when she was in Home Office).

Jeremy Corbyn was defeated after a vicious campaign to smear him as anti-Semitic

"Labour doesn't need power to save the failed scions of privilege from unemployment" How Corbyn's rich, privileged inner circle drove Labour to disaster…

Tories won only 43% of public vote. They are a government with MINORITY support. No mandate for anything. Both @UKLabour & @Conservatives support anti-democratic voting system. Labour's refusal to support #PR was huge own goal. No PR helped Boris win. SUPPORT @MakeVotesMatter


No. I don't believe the Tory Party has any substantial membership. It is kept alive by hedge fund donations. Labour and the Tories do not reflect the real divisions of the British people.…

One of my biggest concerns is wasting money and effort on climate change and not cleaning up real pollution like plastic in our seas and countryside. Tories are on the wrong path with this.

It's extremely depressing to see leftists claim that left Labour is Corbyn and that all of the policies are his alone. Really? You think there are no other leftists in the country who could lead better?

loads of tories keep replying to my tweets and then immediately blocking me like babies. why are they so scared? come fight me bitch!!!!!! LETS GOOOOO

Election results 2019 live: the results now that every constituency has declared…

Lots of good GE commentary around but this by @davies_will especially so. One thing it illuminates is how/why the Tories' strikingly 'blank policy' campaign was quite different to the more traditional campaigns of the other parties.…

Donald Trump congratulates Boris Johnson on a 'great WIN' in the UK election #Economy


what the fuck google translate


Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won a majority of seats in Britain’s Parliament in a Brexit-dominated election, in which Johnson campaigned on the promise to take the U.K. out of the European Union next month. Details:…

John Bercow EXPOSED: Damning pro-Brexit statement in election leaflet revealed…

THIS IS IT THIS IS T H E SPEECH SHE ADDRESSED EVERYTHING. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I’m so happy to love this woman, she is an inspiration to me&she changed my life, I couldn’t imagine my every day w/o her, and I JUST LOVE HER. no words #HappyBirthdayTaylor

Boris Johnson's next speech is just going to be this…

DC said there was an announcement today.... wonder what it is... UK? US? Europe? South America?


This amazing warrior sadly passed away at 21 years today, and I wanted to show you all what a beautiful angel he was. May he Rest In Peace. #cats #cutecats #bestmeow


Economists are first against the wall. Imagine seeing the footage of children starving and using food banks or freezing and sleeping in coats and this is your take. Fucking demented behavior.…

#TheGameAwards this year was amazing, had an absolute blast watching it and seeing all the upcoming games for the next, also congrats to my boy @bugha on esports athlete of the year <3

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." We no longer need imagine.

A great end-of-year for the Urban Design Forum WA. Amazing energy and call to action from some very speedy speakers @flytplan @AnikaChabra @GilesGraham88! And thanks @STALACONTEMP for having us in your sublime venue!


Imagine being a journo right now and your hot take is how you were so right about Corbyn. Fuck me, that’s what you want people to focus on????

President Trump's team mocks Greta Thunberg with edited 'Time' magazine cover


“AG Barr’s made a series of public statements & taken actions that are So plainly ideological, So nakedly partisan, & So deeply inappropriate for America’s chief law enforcement official They demand a response.” -Eric Holder #ImpeachBarr…

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