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I am, and always will be, a proud European who chose to make her home in this country. I won’t lie to you: something broke for me today. But we have to keep fighting together. Like @the3million, I give a #BigHug to fellow EU citizens. But I also have a message for Boris Johnson.

The prime minister has promised to 'massively increase funding' for the emergency services.…

England is now on the verge of BREXIT after landslide victory of Boris Johnson led by Conservative Party in third general election within four years. #diplomaticguru #BrexitElection #BorisJohnson #DonaldTrump #narendramodi #europeanpolitics #VladimirPutin #ShinzoAbe #XiJingping

How can you be unhappy voting for Jeremy Corbyn, but perfectly fine with voting Boris Johnson? The mind BOGGLES

I can't believe it absolutely gutted, we have in power a party that has consistently ruined the North and yet people still voted for them. Boris Johnson is out leader jesus fucking wept

Das britische Volk hat deutlich entschieden: Es hat genug vom Gezerre rund um den #Brexit - und möchte das Referendum endlich umgesetzt sehen. Ich gratuliere Boris Johnson zu seinem starken Mandat und wünsche ihm nun ein gutes Gelingen beim Austritt aus der #EU. #UKElection #AfD


.@BorisJohnson Wins Parliamentary Majority | Sahara Reporters The exit poll spells disaster for the main opposition Labour Party, which was projected to win just 191 seats – its worst result since 1935. #Brexit #BrexitParty READ MORE:


Libra dispara com vitória de Boris Johnson no Reino Unido…


bro i'm seriously tearing up i missed loona so much amd i feel like 365 is going to be so amazing omg :(

One positive, what a majority for a Green Party MP. Amazing!


happy birthday taylor<33 you’ve impacted my life in a way that i could never imagine #HappyBirthdayTaylor

ok imagine... wallows opening for harry

Fairy Tail V2 for English in America got 26th overall in Sales for 11 days out of the entire month of November not bad at all. Pretty solid number and high rank for only 11 days out of the month especially in America with a bunch of popular mangas


I can imagine No 10 last night, all patting each other on the back & Stanley Johnson saying to @BorisJohnson, "I told you the chavs & plebs are stupid & will believe any lie we tell them."

This is a good example of a lib invested in failure, praying for decline just to make Trump look bad instead of seeing the great good that is taking place for America.…

Thankful to International Media Houses like #Forbes,#Al_Jazeera_America, #CPJ, #the_straits_times, #the_Boston_globe, #Columbia_Journalism_Review, #Fortune, #Wired & #Peoples_policy for internationalizing the issue of our editor Qazi Shibli who was arrested on July 25. 2/3


El 13 de diciembre de 1527, hoy hace 492 años, se creó la Real Audiencia de México primer tribunal supremo de justicia en la América continental. @mexico, @DerechoUNAMmx,@MexicoesCultura, @cultura_mx, @HuffPostMexico, #ViajemosPorMéxico, #Mexico


Trump promised to eliminate America's budget deficit. But government spending just pushed the 12-month total past $1 trillion for the 2nd straight month.…

hay guyz ik im literally the most annoying mf but i just want to say that i love u all and i’m here for all of u! my life has been lowkey cheeks recently and ive been very ~down~ but i had a really good day today and it gave me hope for the future! i love you all, wholeheartedly

I agree the coup d'état destroyed the "Peaceful transfer of Power," + severely hindered this govt and what it REALLY could have achieved. The HoR r the 1's who have made America a laughing stock around the world.…

“「クラウドネイティブは、新たな段階に入った」、その意味は (1/2):KubeCon+CloudNativeCon North America 2019報告(1) - @IT”

my school's fake referendum got 48% labour and 18% tory so at least theres some sort of hope for the far future

Imagine getting stabbed or something and u have to bleed out on the street because u can’t afford £130 to go to A&E…

Thank you to our extraordinary MCs & Tech Crew from @mrs_palaio @CationLisa classes for doing an amazing job ensuring our One Family Holiday concert at PBS & @JamesGrievePS is a success.


Esto fue el martes en la”Plaza de la Dignidad”,llena de energía y unión,imagine como se vivirá mañana;asista el viernes a las 17:00hrs;y apoye,al igual que en todo Chile,para que seamos millones,exigiendo nuestros derechos.#paranoolvidar #TodosContraPiñera”Traidor” #PiñeraAcusado


The most amazing part isn’t the turnovers, it’s that they play 6 players.…

Reminder , when you see the exit poll, that Blogger voted labour

Be ashamed if you didn’t vote labour

Uk oomfs hoping for a labour comeback before bts right now

Labour have lost touch. If they can’t speak to Blythe Valley voters who turn to the Tories then there is no hope. time to recoup and remember what it’s like to be a proper opposition.…

Paul Mason disliking the public. And it's this type of politics that has define Labour over the past four years. #GeneralElection2019…

Y’all can imagine LG6, in your mind. YOU OWN THAT!! #LG6


imagine being so privileged that u can genuinely say that ur neutral/indifferent abt politics and actually mean it. imagine being able to say that u don't care abt what happens in politics, be it ur own country or another, and say that truthfully. wow

Fuck sake. Uni days was my last hope too


OH! MY GAAAAAWD!! I really hope that we could legally and Constitutionally do this!! I could SOOOO do another nine years of the BEST PRESIDENT EVER! @realDonaldTrump !! Two-Smokes…

Among many other things this Tory win means anyone planning on going to university now has no chance of escaping £28,000 for a 3 year course or £56,000 in the case of my 6 year course of debt. Thank you Tory voters I hope you’re pleased with yourselves

Abstract, Original, Acrylic Painting, Wrapped Canvas, 20 x 20 cm, Christmas Gift Idea, Art and collectibles, Home and Living via @Etsy

Christmas is a season of theology ... if it is done right.

Merry Christmas! — at First United Finance And Leasing…

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Michael Bublé. Listen to 'Christmas' on @AppleMusic .


Voted. Yes, for Labour. They have their problems. But they’re miles better than the hideous alternative.

Why vote Labour in Stirling? Employment Labour will end insecure employment by banning zero hours contracts and raising the minimum wage for all workers.

Opinion | A Vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Is a Vote for Anti-Semitism…

EXCELLENT ON THE E.U. CABAL - Brexit: Ursula von der Leyen faces a ’big mess’ says professor…

Alte Journalistenkrankheit, hab Taxifahrer in London gefragt, wen er wählt. Er „ich wähle taktisch.Ich bin für Remain. Ich halte zwar nichts von Corbyn, aber er könnte niemals so viel Schaden anrichten wie Brexit. Also wähle ich Labour. Auch wenn ich für liberals bin“

Voted Labour. Simply because I’m not a low-life scumbag. Now if only the rest of the country could get that in their heads.

Adding my voice to the thousands online, but this is the most important vote of my generation, and I hope everyone: 1) goes out and votes, there’s nothing more important 2) makes sure they vote for a better future; based on logic, empathy and values beyond one group (Labour)

Credit where it's due: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the media that has distorted and hidden the history of the US in Korea and completely ignored the agency of South Korea in its attempt to make the peace. This is your shameful legacy.…

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