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Nigga really wanna die in the night time

can my dms stop breaking i wanna play GAMES ‼️

Lots of teams have ended recently, so what free agents wanna join @VisionTeamGGs?



i just want 6/6 pics thats all i Want

Okay Twitter, Billy from #StrangerThings (aka Dacre Montgomery) just showed up to the #SAGAwards with this new girlfriend, Liv Pollock. Do we stan? Are we jealous? All of the above?


What kind of waiter serves Donald Trump at the White House? A Very Table Genius credit to my friend @jhandel

drop your favorite pics, gifs or videos of BTS and make sure to include #BTSxAZ

this is was me 50 minutes into 2020 going home while listening to lady lady lady such a nice moment

July 1942: Jews of Thessaloniki, Greece are massed in Aristotle Square upon orders from the German command to register for hard labor. They were kept in the square for hours, humiliated and brutalized by German troops. Eventually, the.. More photos:


La excusa del bebé es más vieja que la tos. Anda ya, trilera. #TdelDescuento19E

#Titans deserve a ton of credit. Nobody expected them to get past the #Patriots AND #Ravens. It was a great run.

uma semana pra matrícula aaaaa daí poderei falar oficialmente que sou @UFPR real oficial

But he can be remembered for multiple things! He's probably a good guy, but he also cheated! People are complex and we can remember them with complexity, not just for one side.…



I am very happy that global one its are with koneits #Irresponsible_CJ I felt little bit of hope that CJ might listen to us #CJ_새그룹으로_보상해 Let's fight and boycott CJ ENM until we get our boys back

i beg shannon stops my bare and simple heart rate

When are we gonna boycot these clowns for real? They don’t fact check and let lying JK fans post blatant lies. They defame Tae & act like they don’t know who JK is while they write at least one article a day about him. Enough is enough. Please report the article and the account.…


[asking] rate dong sama tebak pake apaan gambarnya, makasih. Maaf aku kurang tahu warna juga soalnya buta warna parsial kali aja salah warna tuh


For months there has been a box with a kitty blanket secreted behind my comfy chair which the cat has completely ignored. Today I decided to get rid of it only to find it is filled with a floofy black cat! How do they know this stuff?!?

"Australia booked their ticket to the final four of the AFC U-23 Championship in Thailand thanks to Al Hassan Toure's goal, but there were plenty of lessons to be learned from the Olyroos' hard fought win." via @JohnnyDuerden. #SBSTheWorldGame

if yall are defending zico in any way despite his recent behavior and shit that’s come out abt him then u can block idc

I’m in E-S43and my Role Name is saoong. Enter my Invitation Coden9md4n3g to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…

I’m in E-S30and my Role Name is Hoàng Tảo. Enter my Invitation Coden9g6io4g to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


I’m in E-S43and my Role Name is Bành Bạch. Enter my Invitation Coden9md3bh0 to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


I’m in E-S40and my Role Name is Sumo. Enter my Invitation Coden9kv5kk0 to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


I’m in E-S27and my Role Name is LillieLucy. Enter my Invitation Coden9eogc4g to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


I’m in E-S38and my Role Name is LinseyBess. Enter my Invitation Coden9k0bsbg to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…

I’m in E-S29and my Role Name is Kenkris. Enter my Invitation Coden9fmeij0 to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


I’m in E-S26and my Role Name is HilaryEmma. Enter my Invitation Coden9e96q4g to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


I’m in E-S24and my Role Name is Dương Hổ. Enter my Invitation Coden9dap0o0 to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


I’m in E-S43and my Role Name is RockLynd. Enter my Invitation Coden9md24b0 to claim Exclusive Rewards for FREE!…


O cantor lançou o seu disco ontem (17) e já garantiu nove das dez faixas do álbum no Top 200, um verdadeiro ícone Confira em: #Vitão #Ouro


Bach Meets Celesta - Inventions & Sinfonias - Kudo Akira iTunes : Spotify :

halsey asiğim sana amk karisi.. gecenin kafa sikeni…

#NowPlaying "Escape from New York (Main Title)" (John Carpenter cover song by Peter Hamer): #YouTube :… #Spotify : #AppleMusic :

Jans jokes that he no longer needs to use Google maps to get around

Not informed - almost 90% of 10,000 UK websites are not in compliance with GDPR requirements for informed cookie consent, according to recent study by MIT, UCL and Aarhus Univ @BBCWorld "Cookies crumbling as Google phases them out" #dataprivacy #GDPR


zico crucified jesus

Oomf made it on allkpop for dragging zico, oomf almost got cancelled my orbit twt, oomf getting dragged by armys and another oomf getting dragged by barbz


#MyBinance2019 @cz_binance 755 days is the day when you and I are together to trust and support each other, to open up a better, brighter cryptocurrency world, I will always use and support of the platform Binance. Thanks @binance for a great journey!!!


Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” Release Date: January 22nd, 2020 $190 Color: Black/Light Graphite/Black Style Code: CU1110-010 =>


Air Jordan 9 “Racer Blue” Color: Black/White-Racer Blue Style Code: CT8019-024 Release Date: January 25th, 2020 Price: $190 Where to Buy Nike: 10am ET Finish Line: 10am ET Eastbay: 10am ET


저녁 약속 있었는데 파토냄 도저히 아무렇지 않은 척 할 수가 업심

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