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Hem fet zoom amb uns amics perquè és dijous universitari i m'ha pujat una mica tot? Hem fet zoom amb uns amics perquè és dijous universitari i m'ha pujat una mica tot.

Jeje, justo el día que cerró Google Plus, que por cierto ya se cumplió un año de eso, fue que creé mi cuenta de Twitter, y si que me he llevado bastantes impresiones en este sitio, algunas buenas y otras malas, pero me quedo con las buenas n n #MiAniversarioDeTwitter


Stüssy x Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 (Fossil) will be available Friday (4/3) on CNCPTS.COM at 10AM (EST) #stussy #stussyxnike


A3: I had a meltdown yesterday from too much online connection: Zoom calls, parent emails, student emails, Remind messages, Schoology glitches and lags, Schoology messages.... I got overwhelmed early in the day and couldn't be productive for about 2 hours. #waledchat

Next Zoom meeting from the waist down only just to even things out.

Govt launches Aarogya Setu, a mobile application,which is a Bluetooth based COVID-19 tracker. App gives info regarding risks,Best practices,advisories relating to #COVID19 Download d app & stay safe!… IOS:… #AarogyaSetuApp


My mother got dressed up for Zoom. Said it’s like being on tv lol

Crytek teases Crysis cryptically in Cryengine video

Liz Gillies via Instagram 6 years ago today. (April 2nd, 1014) ‘Cat all my hair off & dyed it blonde.’ & ‘GOTCHA! Happy Belated April Fools. It was in a ponytail.’


Where there's a will, there's a way.

what a day where I get to quietly play sims and watch Angela Davis remind us that the nation state is obsolete

Does anyone know what kind of pet Angela Davis has? @HoaiAn_Pham saw it's tail, and I'm trying to win a debate rn.

Atenção, frila! A gente já tinha falado que frilas e vagas já aparecem no nosso chat de membros. Bom, hoje apareceram 14 novas oportunidades! Filie-se para entrar na conversa:…

ej weźcie sb wpiszcie w google 'creepy love stare' to zobaczycie coś fajnego:DD

meu deus todo os meus amigos parecem que passam o dia no Google classroom e eu sou a única que procrastina meu deus meu deus

Yo 2020, it’s April 2nd, you can say April fools now. We’re all waiting

#ThrowBackThursday to when Tony Award-winner @DavidYazbek, along with the New York Youth Symphony Musical Theatre Composition Program, hosted a masterclass at #NYFANewYork.


Shocked this thread could go wrong – Alyssa Milano attempts to unify the Democrat party by degrading Bernie Supporters and calling them ‘toxic’ in the process

I think it was nice of Daniel Marans to write that super--long obituary of Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign for HuffPo without once fucking mentioning voter suppression or DNC fuckery. Typical, but I am just sayin.

I love your audios, I even began my own asmr channel, any tips for novices? — Stick with it! Reply to every comment, make everyone feel appreciated and welcome. Don't get hung up on numbers or how much time you've spent; if you're……

**** WINNER "HOLD" 200403 01AM KST #14 Bugs (-2) #38 Naver (=) #15 Genie (=) #37 MelOn (+1) #20 Soribada (+1) #42 Flo (-2) WINNER - '뜸(Hold)' M/V ▶️ #WINNER #위너 #뜸

I just ordered some silk bedsheets so my question is, would anyone like to wear matching silk pjs and do a slide race from the top of my bed to the bottom? Winner gets a vanilla slice

April Fools is over, so no more owo

I'm glad people enjoyed my April Fools' Biff-posting, it gave me something to do yesterday. Sorry the bulk of the posts came later in the evening, I was celebrating my mother's birthday for most of the day. I'm definitely keeping this profile banner for the time being, though.


"When we practice mindfulness in our daily lives we open to the wonders of life and allow the world to heal and nourish us." | — Thich Nhat Hanh

Ex-Obama adviser Plouffe predicts 'historic' turnout for Trump, says Biden now at a disadvantage…

Bernie is running a close second, with 75% of Biden's delegates and half the primaries still to take place, but @Alyssa_Milano calls for Bernie to drop out. Yet just last fall she recognized that canceling competitive primaries was undemocratic.


注文していた、Googleクロームキャストが届きました(^^) Amazonプライムビデオが家のテレビで見られるように…! (スマホアプリからコントロールする) 今はすみっコぐらしの映画を見ております〜!


Well I hope you all enjoyed my April Fools makeover. For anyone who missed it, here is how I temporarily rebranded this account:


Pytanie do ludzi słuchających kpopu Dlaczego do jakichś komentarzy wystawiacie filmy jak wasz idol tańczy? Np. Laska pyta: lubicie chleb Wy: tak i do tego film z tańczącym idolem z jakiegoś koncertu czy coś Co to ma wspólnego z pytaniem? Dlaczego tak robicie? #kpop #COVID19

biden and son investigation halted... hillary's e-mail deposition postponed. 30 % unemployment, markets crashed $ 6 trillion debt for our children. WHO protects CCP. just happened by chance, the day the fake "impeachment" ended.

A BIIIIIG thank you to everyone who stopped by the stream tonight/this morning and hung out. It means the world to me! But we’re not done yet. Affiliate is so close I can taste it! Stay tuned for a tweet when I go live later today! #SupportSmallStreamers

#RevelationABC without doubt one of the most outstanding programs I have ever seen. Congratulations to #SarahFerguson for a sensitive compelling way of telling an agonising story. All power to Bernie & all survivors -as he said no shame is yours- it is theirs & their protectors!

Bernie. You were alone, but not anymore. We believe you. We stand with you. Take care. You are the bravest! #RevelationABC


adidas 4D Run 1.0 'Core Black' Price:$220 Release Date:04-02-2020 Style Code:EG6247 Color:Core Black / Cloud White / Gold Metallic =>


adidas 4D Run 1.0 'Core Black' Price:$220 Release Date:04-02-2020 Style Code:EG6247 Color:Core Black / Cloud White / Gold Metallic =>


Got to Believe April 2, 2020 Full Episode Replay #GottoBelieveApril22020 #GottoBelieveApril2 #GottoBelieve…

The Legal Wife April 2, 2020 Full Episode Replay #TheLegalWifeApril22020 #TheLegalWifeApril2 #TheLegalWife…

Love Thy Woman April 2 2020 Replay Full Episode HD…


Daniel Pearl case: Pakistan court commutes death sentence of key accused in journalist’s murder…


Just added this "cookie remover" chrome extension, basically lets me get past Nyt/WaPo style paywalls just by clicking on it when an article gets blocked.…

Kang Daniel Best Boy Kang Daniel Cute Kang Daniel CEO Kang Daniel Handsome Kang Daniel Polite Kang Daniel Precious Kang Daniel Sincere Kang Daniel Donation Fairy Kang Daniel Solo Artist Kang Daniel 2U Kang Daniel Cyan #KangDaniel #강다니엘 #2U #CYAN


"Google My Business Support During Uncertain Times"

Kang Daniel 2U Kang Daniel Jealous Kang Daniel CYAN Kang Daniel Best Boy Kang Daniel Soloist Kang Daniel Angel Kang Daniel Puppy Kang Daniel Samoyed Kang Daniel Cute #강다니엘 #KANGDANIEL


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