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Amerika refuses to condemn Israel because, birds of a settler-colonial feather flock together.

#UPDATE: Hamas armed wing Al-Qassam announce the latest batch of rockets was targeting Hatzerim Airbase with Sejjil rockets- sirens sounded in Be’er Sheva and surrounding communities in southern Israel

*BREAKING NEWS* Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu just made the following speech in front of the Knesset: “To Ismail Haniya, and the leaders and operatives of Hamas: We, the people of Israel, owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You have succeeded where we have failed.....

Lebanon Fire Rocket to Israel Israel which country is this??? Go to Europe #FreePalestine #IsraelUnderAttack


Cómo están blinks ?❤️ OUR CHOICE IS BLACKPINK I voted #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK


Vote BLACKPINK for International Music of the Year on Séries em Cena SEC Awards… I vote for #HowYouLikeThat #MusicaInternacional at the #SECAwards @BLACKPINK




i've only been a mbb for about a year now, but it feels like forever. i can't describe how grateful i am to them, they've given me so much strength & happiness. thank you for everything, i love you beyond words. #몬스타엑스6주년 #6YearsWithMONSTAX #6YearsWithOurTomorrowWONHO


Gabriella's Vietnam recently opened serving Vietnamese food, but not the stuff most people are familiar with like pho and broken rice. Chris and Thanh Nguyen were more interested in featuring the lesser known but authentic dishes they grew up eating.​…

IsraelischeS Militär bestätigt - Raketen aus dem Libanon auf Israel abgefeuert… #Weltpolitik #Innenpolitik

1500 Palestinians face expulsion in #Jerusalem. 200 protesters have been injured. 9 children have been killed. Sanctions on South Africa helped free its black people - it’s time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians. Join the call. #SheikhJarrah…

Ya falta menos para que salga Butter, ya me imagino haciéndole streaM a tremendo arte que se vendrá. #Dynamite #BestMusicVideo #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt


Se quieren sentir pendjxs? Mi teclado me cambiaba el choice por choise en el tag line de todos mis votos de hoy y recién me di cuenta pq alguien me dijo, re distraída la moon OUR CHOICE IS BLACKPINK I vote #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK

Cost of insuring against a 20%+ correction of #bitcoin over the next three months has spiked with the overnight sell-off


SnatchAI of gives good chance that #Bitcoin #BTCUSD will go UP more than 3% to above $51,043 within the next days. Current price $49,557.

BLΛƆKPIИK (블랙핑크) is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. OUR CHOICE IS BLACKPINK I vote #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK


Büyük ihtimalle lisa solo çıkıcak 1 -2 aya falan sonra jisoo’nun dizisi gelir sonra da ot4 cb alırız belki araya chaennie subunit faaln gelir


Alo những bạn nào đang ở Hà Nội cẩn thận nhé CẢNH BÁO ⚠️ Trong khoảng thời gian 30 phút đến vài giờ tới sẽ có mưa rào và dông khả năng xảy ra lốc, sét, gió giật mạnh cho các huyện Chương Mỹ, Quốc Oai sau đó có khả năng lan ra toàn Hà Nội

Draghi chiude il caso del sottosegretario (Lega) Durigon (rapporti con malavitosi e "Il generale della Finanza che indaga lo abbiamo messo noi") dicendo che le investigazioni le stan conducendo dei colonnelli e non dei generali. Ok…

Autocomplete Places Search Box using Google Maps JavaScript API #morioh #javascript…

Build a CRUD GUI App with Python, Tkinter Library and Sqlite3 #morioh #python…

“A Palestine and Israel violence outbreak”…

tak sekarang ni sape nak amik gambar aku? lancau la israel

At midnight eastern, please tune into @foxnewsnight — I’ll be talking live from Jerusalem with anchor @ShannonBream about the latest developments in Israel’s war with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. It’s been another brutal night of millions of Israelis living in bomb shelters.


Thời tiết chổ các cậu thế nào ở mình thì nắng cực I'm voting for @BTS_twt for #BBMAsTopSociaI


As with most of things Modi, Make In India ended up as nothing but an expensive PR exercise. A disaster. US tariffs on China was a once in decades opportunity to bring manufacturing to India. Vietnam grabbed with both hands, while our PM was busy doing PR.


3 Ways to Code Rock Paper Scissors in JavaScript (Beginner To Intermediate To Advanced!) #morioh #javascript #gamedevelopment…

Si no somos Mutuals aun,puedo ser tu bestie,Interactuo contigo y todo el pedo ❤️ YG PROMOTE BBMA l vote #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK

Ayuden a tener 100 seguidores apenas abrí esta :) YG PROMOTE BBMA I vote #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK

Ông Meo mới phát hiện con doi trên người ổng. Mọi người thấy phát hiện vĩ đại không. #JackJ97 #J97 #LayLaLay

cứ ôm trọn tuổi trẻ của tôi nếu các Cậu thích ... bông hoa đẹp nhất cũng chỉ nở một lần , hãy giử mình luôn xinh đẹp #JackJ97 #LayLaLay #J97

I don't have a choice than to be a stakeholder in this project. I think you should do the same guys... @NnabuikeK @Qoded_q @AkanjiOpeyemi #SOLHusky #SHKY…

YG PROMOTE BBMA I vote for #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo #iHeartsAwards - BLINKS KEEP VOTING, DON'T BE LAZY. EVEN RETWEET !!!!!!! Please follow me till I get 100 followers :( I'll follow back <3 Keep voting !

les paso a recordar que en blackpink son cuatro, no dos o una, cuatro necesitó que eso quede en claro. YG PROMOTE BBMA I vote #HowYouLikeThat for #BestMusicVideo on #iHeartAwards @BLACKPINK

Nhất thời, có những câu thoại mình tự cho là khá ổn nảy ra trong đầu, nhưng khi mình định viết nó ra thì lại không thể nhớ được gì ... #BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @BTS_twt

Prens KİM SEOKJİN bey yorulduysanız bu tarafa geçelim ıvjfıvjıvj #ButterTeaser3 #BTS_Butter #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt


Biden to send U.S. official Hady Amr 'immediately' to meet Israeli, Palestinians leaders #Israël #ישראל israë…

"The dirty secret—though secret only to traditional America—is there is no predicate required for the Justice Department or the FBI to launch the most intrusive and potentially abusive investigative actions against citizens."…

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