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i feel so sad right now that we all can’t go a single day without arguing and fighting

Joe Biden has been credibly accused of sexual assault

Pakistan fighting Corona Virus on war footing Approved 80 acres to be transformed into graveyards. Great work @ImranKhanPTI

In 2016, Hillary offered changing the Medicare age to 50. Now Biden’s grand compromise is changing it to 60. Biden Boomers are attacking universal healthcare with the same talking points Republicans used in 2008. The Dems are too far right to be saved. It’s time to burn it down.

"I'm not voting for Biden because I'm special and I have shit to say" Yea, no. You're not special.

querida quarentena hoje eu fiz um seminário sobre naruto para convencer meus pais a olharem cmg

Im going to force joe Biden to smoke salvia

el primero es el q dice solo naruto vdd??


#BHDunia: Kerajaan juga mengumumkan cuti umum pada 28 Oktober ini sempena hari memperingati kelahiran Nabi Muhammad SAW…

#BHDunia: Mereka yang ingkar arahan berkenaan boleh dikenakan denda maksimum Rp100 juta (hampir RM30,000) dan hukuman penjara maksimum satu tahun…

the way quarantine still won’t push me to beat persona 5, xenoblade 2, ffvii/x/xii, monster hunter world, tales of vesperia, you get what i’m saying

**** WINNER "Remember" 200410 01PM KST #1 Bugs (=) #1 Naver (=) #1 Genie (=) #19 MelOn (-7) #11 Soribada (-4) #36 Flo (+1) WINNER - '리멤버(Remember)' M/V ▶️ #WINNER #위너 #리멤버

#BHDunia: Gambar lucah terpampang pada skrin komputer dan sesi pembelajaran maya dicelah percakapan lucah oleh lelaki tidak dikenali ketika guru mengendalikan kelas…

Thứ sáu Hư hỏng nào Ai muốn hư hỏng cùng em ib zalo nhé


**** WINNER "Remember" 200410 12PM KST #1 Bugs (=) #1 Naver (=) #1 Genie (=) #12 MelOn (-6) #7 Soribada (-1) #37 Flo (+4) WINNER - '리멤버(Remember)' M/V ▶️ #WINNER #위너 #리멤버

This is an admission thread. Admit shit. I admit I was wrong to defend Elizabeth Warren because she ended up working to fuck us over than unite against Biden. I distinctly remember the claim that we will coalesce around whoever leads in Dec 2019- Warren or Sanders.

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 4 points nationally


[N O T I C E] Czennies! Vote for Jaehyun on the StarPlay Poll, “Top visual male idol who came out of a painting?” He is currently in 5th place! Voting ends April 24th at 10AM KST. #JAEHYUN #NCT127 @NCTsmtown_127


please yell it louder for the people in the back, then yell it again and again. never stop yelling it…

thinking thoughts about this jaehyun


me @ jaehyun’s instagram


#COVID19 Cases in the ASEAN As requested by a Shaker, here's the tally of COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and deaths from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-member countries. Total cases: 16,538 Deaths: 592 Recoveries: 2,632 Data:


#スッキリライブ BTSの血汗涙が聞きたいです。

For those who wants update: We found a new name. Totally outside of what you might think, but totally describe myself and where I want to go. To be honest, I'm excited and I have more and more ideas coming for this new brand. See you later o/…


#BHDunia: Negara anggota menghargai usaha dan kerjasama ASEAN yang membuktikan komitmen mencari penyelesaian pandemik COVID-19…

Thằng bạn nó ngủ mà con căc nứng chà bá... Muốn nhào vô bú nó ghê


Covered Justin Herbert in high school then watched him play for my alma mater, so I’m always going to listen to/watch content on him. These segments are good. @MoveTheSticks and @BuckyBrooks:… @GuyHaberman and @JohnMiddlekauff:…

it’s a huge relief when an apolitical artist is friends with a political fave bc that usually means i won’t have good art ruined for me by a shitty artist. like robert pattinson and death grips, you know? the “hannibal burress and daniel radcliffe are landlords” thing made me sad…

200410 06 KST #ON Melon 1st ▲1 Genie 9th ▲3 Flo 13th Soribada 37th ▽1 #방탄소년단

藤井厳喜氏WF 安倍総理の緊急事態宣言について 日本政府、ついにチャイナ経済リスクについて言及。 チャイナデカップリング政策への補助金と国内生産回帰、ASEANへの大幅な投資補助→親中政策見直しへの可能性と展望について

#ThankAJourno was inspired by the loss of @mariamercader from @CBSNews a member of many orgs like @NAHJ. W/the #’s of journalists passing & testing + for COVID19 increasing we don’t want 2 miss the chance to Thank You now! We see U & appreciate ur commitment 2 bring us the story!


Dongpyo dijo q vio que flash entro en el chart de melon y seguro el le dijo a los demás así q todos ahora saben y yo-

Tak način altruizma so bili v Aziji vajeni že dolgo pred korono. Alibaba je pošiljala brezplačno blago v države ASEAN, zraven pa "obdarila" še lokalne politike, potem pa jih začela izsiljevati za monopolni dostop do lokalnega trga. There's no such thing as free lunch.…

I just reminded myself of Sodia from Tales of Vesperia... My god what an awful character

#スッキリライブ un hombre intentó arrojarse del paso a desnivel en @Chedrauioficial en Tlajomulco.

"Kita selalu memikirkan dan memberikan perhatian khusus kepada warga negara kita dengan penghasilan kecil, para pekerja di sektor informal...," kata Retno.…

Hey @Daniel_SuarezG look at the lap I just laid down on @thegranturismo at Willow Springs Raceway in my @ToyotaRacing Supra. Bet you can’t beat that! @RACERmag | @PlayStation #TeamToyota


"These days, every song reads differently. The Blue Nile’s “In love we're all the same/ We're walking down an empty street”. I still can’t listen to that one." Wyndham Wallace on love and culture in the time of C-19


lembram quando o daniel só levava punição e todos caiam matando encima dele? Pois então, a Flay MIJOU na sala e cuspiu na mesa do Vip, ela cuspiu cerveja na Gi e bebeu água da piscina, se vocês romantizam isso por ela está bêbada vcs estão enganados. Mal educada #flayexpulsa


탐라 살아남

the audience singing the end of spring day with them...

Chưa bao giờ mà t thất vọng về một cái page như thế này. Mang tiếng là YG stan nhưng BLACKPINK thì chẳng bao giờ thấy? Video Coachella hoành tráng thế chẳng thấy đăng 1 câu tự hào, nhưng nhà người ta thì có thể cho lên page. Đó là lý do tại sao t yêu #BLACKPINK


I feel like we have about one trail for every person here in Montana, but yesterday was a gorgeous Spring day and everyone was out — and every runner, walker, stroller, and dog worked to get at least 6 feet away from each other when passing

2020 may be lost year for Vietnam's preferred ASEAN chairmanship, which would've included 2nd reading of SDNT for binding CoC in SCS. But now Hanoi has unexpected opportunity to show just how competent/responsible it is--& the world will be very impressed.…

Yeah Army được tổ nghiệp độ rồi, mọi người nhớ chuẩn bị 1 thùng nước để khi các anh vẩy nước thì hất thẳng gáo nước vô mặt tạo cảm giác 4D nhé @BTS_twt #BANGBANGCON


ASEAN foreign ministers agree to set up a #COVID19 response fund to collectively fight against the virus


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