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i dated a girl in my dream i can’t remember who she is but i kind of miss her

Equatorial Guinea has the most expensive internet in the world after Zimbabwe, according to a list published this year by Ecobank, a pan-African bank.…

Selfie with my area 51 friends


kapag ang babae nauunawaan lahat ng bullshit mo, nag sstay kahit ilang beses ka na sumablay, naka ngiti parin kahit wala kang ginawang maganda yun ang isang halimbawa na she's a keeper, pero yung ay halimbawa din na di mo siya deserve pare.… @rogerkver comments on futarchy. Amoveo is a blockchain that enables futarchy type contracts…

Buried in @NBCNews’s video of Trump and Epstein is this moment where Trump clearly grabs a woman and pats her behind. Real gentleman.…

Join the #Vidulum team on discord - and experience control over your #crypto private keys through the #VDL #wallet #btc #bitcoin


The reason why $LINK is falling is because @coinbase will be supporting staking for Link tokens. The Whales are accumulating, and you should be too. #chainlink #link #coinbase #bitcoin #xrp


Getting rid of Trump won’t cure America’s racism any more than electing Obama did BUT IT WON’T FUCKING HURT WILL IT

If you have got some bitcoin or are thinking of buying some, you probably want to know where you should keep it. Find out about the best bitcoin wallets for 2019 @blockchain @Bitcoin #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Crypto #Ethereum #BTC #Forex #Money

แทยอนคอมเมนท์ในอินสตาแกรมของจงฮยอน SHINee


Anyone else c whats happening to AMERICA. With all immigrants coming to America, all our history, values our traditions. All these being removed and replaced. Replaced with what the immigrants want. Their traditions their flags. What the hell ppl. Stand Up b proud of USA again

This is what the squad has in mind for America. If you don't believe JUST ASK THEM !…

wala kwenta kang lalaki kung gusto mo lang sya madale

kralım nerdesin sen yokken kpop'ı yarattık falan diyorlar

What are the odds people are actually gonna get killed when they try to storm Area 51? (Because you KNOW a few are going to, right? Or at least show up to watch.)

Area 51’s thoughts on all this: “Don’t.”

Japan's wilderness is growing as foresters and farmers die off

ICYMI: Hong Kong professional groups and university student unions urge US politicians to pass bill on city’s democracy and rights #antiELAB #HongKong #china #NoToChinaExtradition @krislc…


上野を特集した番組が放送されてて、博物館動物園駅なんて当然知ってるよと思ってたら中に巨大ウサギが設置されているのは知らなかったのでびっくりした。 内部の詳細な映像や、通過する電車から見た光景が見られたのは良かった。

Hey Lois I've been messed up by all this traveling (am now in Hong Kong)


香港书展抗议者暂未现身 独立出版境况萧条仍坚持

#غرفة_الرياض تعلن برنامج لتأهيل 1000 شاب وشابة في مجال تطبيقات جوجل مسمى الدورة: - محترف تطبيقات جوجل السحابية (مجاني). محاور الدورة: 1- الحوسبة السحابية من #جوجل (#Google_Cloud) 2- جوجل اناليتك ادوورز (#Google Ads) 3- الجي سويت (G Suite) @GoogleArabia

Hoo boy I have waited a long time for #Google and others to get caught as they have screwed people for years and not just in search results .. #Blogger and #YouTube ..…

#غرفة_الرياض تطلق برنامجاً لتأهيل (1000) شاب وشابه في مجال تطبيقات #جوجل #Google .. للمزيد #صوت_أعمالك


Gần giờ G rồi đừng chủ quan nhé các bạn :) fan hàn fan thái fan trung của em bé thì như ngồi trên đống lửa còn các bạn fan vn thì "em nó chắc suất debut rồi", "đợi số liệu của naver tôi mới lo" :)) ủa các bạn ơi không cập nhật được tình hình hiện tại ạ?

If you need any help in terms of #Digital #Product #development, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional team is ready to help you. #support #consulting #agile #Software #appdevelopment #Webdesign #webdev #code #Developer #business


The “Peach Jam” (top) and “Nike Nationals” (bottom) colorways of the Nike KD 12 drop on 7/18. =>


#Google Bir Servisini Daha Kapatıyor! Trend içeriklerin bulunmasını kolaylaştırmak amacıyla Google tarafından hizmete sunulan Blog Compass, blog ve internet sitesi sahipleri tarafından tercih edilmedi. Google, bu nedenle uygulamayı birkaç ay içerisinde kapatacağını duyurdu.


The “Peach Jam” (top) and “Nike Nationals” (bottom) colorways of the Nike KD 12 drop on 7/18. =>


The “Peach Jam” (top) and “Nike Nationals” (bottom) colorways of the Nike KD 12 drop on 7/18. =>


The “Peach Jam” (top) and “Nike Nationals” (bottom) colorways of the Nike KD 12 drop on 7/18. =>


For those people who think building flyover is the main criteria of development. @AAPDelhi is not behind even in this challenge!!!! #DelhiModel #development


#Conservationists sometimes ask us what #anthropology involves and how it differs from interview/survey-based research. Here's @BrunelAnth @ArcusGreatApes PhD student @PaulThung talking about his recent workshop in C. Kalimantan on using #ethnographic methods in #conservation.…

lượng tiêu thụ album idol tại Trung Quốc 2019 (xếp theo thành viên nhóm nữ gen 3) #MGMAVOTE #BLACKPINK


From Viet Cong to Team USA: Hanoi garment factory's Olympic transformation…


CÁC NGÀI SẼ THÀNH PHẬT . KINH DIỆU PHÁP LIÊN HOA . Vua hoa kỳ zenny cater , Vua trung quốc zenny cater , Vua ý zenny cater ,... Chuyển luân thánh vương zenny cater . Hoàng hậu hoàng phi vương phi . Quan hộ pháp , đại tướng hộ pháp , hộ pháp , họ zenny , thần dân .


Bài viết của V-ARMY đồng lòng đưa lên Top 1 để BTS có thể thấy rõ hơn.... liệu nó ko phải là 1 bài viết chân thành và chu đáo,dành thời gian và công sức để viết sao ??? I dare to assert this is not 1 drama as you said #MGMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt

Good morning Viet-nam! czyli jak wygląda nasza codzienność w Biên Hòa…

Bãi Tư Chính và lô 06-01: Rõ hơn về tàu Trung Quốc ‘quấy nhiễu’ Việt Nam

This Saturday, Old Parish will be taking over at Maesteg parkrun to allow our RD’s & core team the chance to run. We’d like to get as many people in their club colours as a thank you for their support. So dig out a black or yellow running top and join us for a run, jog or walk


The British underclass - mostly white - looks a lot like the black underclass in America. Whatever else that means, it means race is not the core issue.…

デュラントのシグニチャーに新色! NIKE ZOOM KD 12 "Cement Grey" 来ました!…

My ❤️ breaks for families of Black boys that they must live w/this perpetual & very real fear. Our Decl. Of Independence held sacrosanct our unalienable rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. This defies these rights to the core. We have no justice. #EricGarner…

Ambassador to Germany @RichardGrenell at @nixonfoundation event: @realDonaldTrump deserves credit for bringing Iran to the table, is open to cutting new deal with regime #FoxNews

C’est toujours gros.... Puis, ça arrive. Les USA sont mal barrés. #Trump a touché le fond, pense t’on, et, chaque fois, il tombe + bas, la division et la haine entre Américains se creusant d’autant, chaque fois. Imaginez réaction des partisans de Trump, s’il perdait élection..…

Bitcoin price dips towards $10,000 but McAfee stands by his $1m bet #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain #btc #news #cryptocurrency #eth #ltc #xrp


Wow! Just used the #FaceApp aging software on #bitcoin. Some things never change.


From RNZ ''Dunedin is still in the record books and holds records for the most people sprayed with paint simultaneously - 4171 back in 2013 - the most southerly vineyard and the fastest person to type a text message on a mobile phone while blindfolded''. Christ.

Trump claims he’s not racist. Right. And the Pope’s not Catholic, bears don’t shit in the woods, the sun doesn’t rise in the east and Dumbo doesn’t have big ears. #msnbc #cnn #foxnews

kang yeosang is too beautiful for this world


JUST IN: Colorado immigrants rights groups say flag incident at Aurora detention center detracted from message via @BySajaHindi

me when i see a cute alien trapped in area 51

idk im bored and im gonna go listen to music stolen from everyone leave twitter for 1 hour and let your mutuals reply to this tweet with an opinion they have of you, a positive message to you or a photo to make you smile, then come back to see what you got

If you’re at a poker game and you don’t know who the sucker is, ask who owns bitcoin

Se os ET da área 51 não souber falar nossa língua, como que nois vai avisar eles q a liberdade cantou?

My alien from Area 51


Yes music #PoseFX it’s a tragedy for me to see the dream is over...

Trivia team name tonight was "Fox Mulder Raided Area 51 Before It Was Cool"


yoonmin au where Yoongi’s dog Holly ran away from home 3 years ago never to be seen again. Until Yoongi’s jogging at the park and sees the little one being walked by another man. He’s so struck by it that a second later he’s running to them and screaming “you stole my dog!”

왜 다들 구르는거야?

Policía de Perú captura a presunto miembro de ISIS

Looking for an unrelated file & found a photo I took in 2016 of a group of Honduran asylum-seekers traveling around the United States to advocate for those who have made the long journey from Central America to the U.S. border. They all lost limbs during the trip.


Google hopes to speed up AI training with new 'data echoing' technique #ArtificialIntelligence #Google #ai #ml…

ノベルティの流行り。 どうやら水らしい。 グーグル水。 アダガク水。 #Google #ノベルティ #水 #ミネラルウォーター #足立学園 #東京都


Undercover x Nike Daybreak “Bright Citron” Color: Bright Citron/Black-Summit White Style Code: BV4594-700 Release Date: July 19th, 2019 Price: $160


[웹에서 1분만에 벌어지고 있는 일들] #google 450만 건 검색 #youtube 450만 뷰 재생 #tinder 140만 스와이프 #twitch 100만건 재생 #netflix 70만 시간 재생 #twitter 51만 트윗 #instagram 28만 포스팅 #uber 9,800 건 라이드…

Sau mỗi lần chiến thắng bạn có thêm kẻ thù.

Bác Chiến ra sân bay không đi cùng nhau, quay show cũng không đến cùng lúc với nhau, chẳng về chung với nhau Vậy mà phim vẫn hot, 博君一肖 vẫn No.1 Bảng CP weibo Thế mới thấy phim hot là do phim hay, diễn xuất giỏi chứ không phải xem ai fanser lố hơn :)

In just one day #KangDaniel #ColorOnMe album has entered Top 100 overall sales on ktown4u at rank 69 with 21k copies sold. This list compiles 100 albums with highest sales on ktown4u with the earliest data as old as 2014. #강다니엘


2019.7.17 [Ktown4U Charts] #ColorOnMe is ranked #2 on the daily charts with a total of 21, 081 pre-orders as of 10 am KST. #강다니엘 #kangdaniel


Day 23 #100DaysOfCode Today I learned some #Java on @treehouse. I was working with objects and learned about getters and constructors. Definitely a productive day. #CodeNewbie #development

あっ おっぱいがやわらかい

Nike KD 12 'EYBL Nike Nationals' - July 18, 2019 |$150


Nike KD 12 'EYBL Nike Nationals' - July 18, 2019 |$150


Bắn chìm tàu Trung Quốc xâm phạm, Nga cảnh cáo: ‘Đừng vuốt râu hùm!’ Hà Dũng - Theo Trí Thức Trẻ, 06/08/2013 06:43 Đăng lại bài này để các bạn thấy Nga bảo vệ vùng đặc quyền kinh tế (EEZ) như thế nào. Các...…

#ComplexCon Chicago officially kicks off July 20, we already touched down in the Windy City for Community Week. We organized a number of events throughout the City, here's a recap of our first event our collaboration with @ChampionUSA and @SocialWorks #ComplexNews

Two significant pieces of #development news in Pittsburgh this evening: 1. Pittsburgh City Council members signal their support of inclusionary zoning in Lawrenceville after a public hearing 2. City Planning Commission members green lighted a "landmark" Strip District development

This is no surprise for @DalrympleFans, but the British underclass - mostly white - looks a lot like the black underclass in America. Whatever else that means, it means race is not the core issue.…

#Toronto Council has approved a settlement with the developers of a proposed retirement residence on the south side of Bloor Street just west of Islington Avenue, and walking distance from the subway station. #development


“I like to tell Black stories, I like to tell LGBTQ+ stories, and I like to tell stories about women, because that’s at the core of who I am. Those are the three lenses I have..." -ME for @them c/o @ATTHelloLab…

Nike Women's Air Max 200 'Mystic Green' - July 19, 2019 |$120| =>


DM nhau một hồi chị em hoá ra em nhỏ hơn ạ :)))) trẻ trung quá mn lầm tưởng lollll

Nike Air Max 200 “Mystic Green” Release Date: July 19th, 2019 $120 =>


Nike Air Max 200 “Mystic Green” Release Date: July 19th, 2019 $120 =>


Nike Air Max 200 “Mystic Green” Release Date: July 19th, 2019 $120 =>


Nike Air Max 200 “Mystic Green” Release Date: July 19th, 2019 $120 =>


"What does 'racist' even mean anymore?" asks senior National Review white guy.

.@JoeNBC notes President Trump's extensive criticizing and complaining about America: "Using Donald Trump's own logic, he should have gone back to Scotland."

President #Trump says progress has been made in efforts to reduce #US tensions with #Iran Reuters

bts run taught us: -u can't trust vmin cuz they'll sell u for the piece of gum -yoongi is a cheater but everyone let's him be -u need seokjin in ur life -hobi is gonna play u -joon is probably gonna bust a vein during one of those challenges -and jk is just there for andrenaline

18**** yoongi enthusiasts im drawing something for yall,,, just wait

fir shut up before i bxx:! singapore

#WeWantBTSInIraq والله تعبنه بس لسانا مستمرين ومنكدر نوكف شنو المعنى بأنو الكويت والسعودية اكو عدهم اشخاص يتحدثون معهم حتى يجون واحنه العراق لاهذا ظلم وابشركم من هسة ميجون للعراق اسفه اذا تحطمت امالكم بس هذا الواقع بس اني مراح استسلم واظل اطالب @bts_bighit @BigHitEnt @BTS_twt

Wag na wag kang susuko. Dahil habang lumalaban ka, lalaban din kami para sayo. Idadala ka pa namin sa Big 8. Magiging Ultimate Big Winner ka pa kaya labang lang! I love you Kare! #WeTuesKARINA | @msKarinaB #PBB8BatchSupport


Kang Daniel (WANNA ONE) est de retour... avec un premier mini album solo! Tous les détails chez @BoutiqueMusica #KangDaniel_color_on_me…


"TESILLO HIZO UNA GRAN COPA AMÉRICA" #90MinutosFOX Fabra destacó el nivel de su compañero en la Selección Colombia que jugó como lateral izquierdo en Brasil 2019

There is absolutely 0% racism in the tweet that Donald Trump put out President Donald Trump! What he was telling those lovely ladies in Congress if you're unpatriotic and hate America there's the door don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!…

Anunciaron los nominados a los premios #Emmys2019 | La lista completa


Uncovering the Secrets of Area 51: We don’t need thousands, we just need one ... welcome to my TED Talk on how the plot of National Treasure 3 wrote itself

Area 51 must be where my dad went when i was 2 cuz i ain’t seen him since

Area 51 is a documentray gurl why u lying — what’s a documentray…

Real talk to mamen, meron kang bars pero broke kapa ren

#WeWantBTSInIraq الي يكول شكد وصل الهاشتاك وصل 29k مابقه شي عله 30k بس اذكركم بشغله لان دتنشرون بوقت مختلف ومنشورات قليله حاليا الهاشتاغ ختفه موعدنه 8:30 @BigHitEnt @bts_bighit @BTS_twt

#SomePersonalNews: After 6 years at @qz in Hong Kong and DC, having more fun with journalism than I ever thought possible, I'm thrilled to be joining @Reuters as the DC Economics editor at the end of August!

helu, bạn có thể nói tiếng Trung hay tiếng Anh hem ? mình hong hiểu tiếng Việt bar nó rep dzay á mn

Digital Hub Space  is a Well-Established Digital Marketing  Company In Pune, We are passionate about the web industry and we provide a transparent service to our clients . . #digitalhubspace #webdevelopment #development #developments #webdesign #digitalmarketing #seo #ppc


0.1 cũng khiến ta muốn vả vỡ mặt nhà ngươi MGMA à. @weareoneEXO #MGMAVOTE #EXO

Habang nasa Hong Kong, na-obserbahan ni Alden Richards ang resilience ng OFWs na patuloy na magtrabaho nang nakangiti kahit malayo sa pamilya. Read more:…

China's main export partners, 2018. United States: 19.2% European Union: 16.4% ASEAN: 12.8% Hong Kong: 12.2% Japan: 5.9% South Korea: 4.4% India: 3.1% Taiwan: 2% Russia: 1.9% (National Bureau of Statistics of China)

oke bây giờ nhà mình ko đc bi quan nữa mn ạ, ai chưa donate, ai còn khả năng donate thêm, hãy donate nhiều nhất có thể, vị C thẳng tiến, ko một ai phải buồn, ko một ai phải cáu stress nữa, Việt Nam bù được nhiêu hay bấy nhiêu, vì Yohan mà lấy làm động lực

Chỉ cần chúng ta còn ở bên nhau, sa mạc cũng hóa thành đại dương BTS and ARMY #MGMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt


Hong Kong Protesters, one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet by @TIME #AntiELAB #FreedomHK #HongKongProtests #HongKong #HK…


Complete Angular 8 from Zero to Hero | Get Hired All Angular 8 (Angular 2+,Angular 4, Angular 6, Angular 7) topics with Typescript 4, Bootstrap, [3 Projects] ☞ #angular #angular8 #development #typescript #bootstrap


Vietnamese coffee is evolving—here's what the buzz is all about

Complete Angular 8 from Zero to Hero | Get Hired All Angular 8 (Angular 2+,Angular 4, Angular 6, Angular 7) topics with Typescript 4, Bootstrap, [3 Projects] ☞ #angular #angular8 #development #typescript #bootstrap


why Do’s this Bocks smelling like an cat from “ Hong Kong’s “????? is he in-side There , let me checjk ,,,


"A night in July! What can be likened to it?...Shall I compare it to the core of an enormous black rose, covering us with the dreams of hundreds of velvety petals?" #BrunoSchulz

Trứng dái người đẹp nhất


mời gọi 33000 người like chiếc page mỗi người donate 50k cho đủ :)

#KangDaniel ส่งรูปทีเซอร์เพิ่มเติม~ เตรียมเดบิวต์โซโล่พร้อมผลงานอัลบั้มแรก #ColorOnMe รูปมาแบบต่อเนื่องๆ กันไปเลย >< #강다니엘 #DANIELK…

Vương Nhất Bác đẹp trai thực sự :((((( Nhìn thế nào cũng đẹp trai Nhìn góc nào cũng đẹp trai Anh... ơi...


#MGMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt Đáng yêu không hồi kết :33


Bực mình vãi lòn đcm nhìn nhà nó xong tôi rồ lên nè đang phát rồ nè xì trét xì trét!!!

Release Date: Nike KD 12 'EYBL Nike Nationals' - July 18, 2019 |$150| #SneakerScouts @KDTrey5 @RMBWilliams…


The 20 participants of our #LocalFundraising course in #TheGambia are being empowered to #change the rules of the #development game by acquiring skills & techniques to reduce their dependence on foreign funding. #LocalFundraising #CSOfunding #Shiftthepower @KCDF @Rhiza_Babuyile


“Uncle Ted” #McCarrick reportedly involved in plan to fly thousands of Vietnamese orphans to United States -… #catholic

SNS RAFFLE LIVE Nike x Undercover Daybreak Bright Citron In-App raffle with global shipping Link: Stockx:


#Nike Air Max 270 React Releasing 7/19/2019 >>


Cộng sương sương VN Thái Lan thì hết 7 triệu won rồi còn gì... fandom mầm non kiểu này tự hào ghê cơ

#Nike Air Max 270 React Releasing 7/19/2019 >>


#Nike Air Max 270 React Releasing 7/19/2019 >>


Peach Jam. Nike Nationals. Made for the most elite up-and-comers in the game, the Nike KD 12 'EYBL' drops on 7/18. #Nike #KD12 >>


The Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “MCA” Will Release At ComplexCon Chicago


The Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “MCA” Will Release At ComplexCon Chicago


The Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “MCA” Will Release At ComplexCon Chicago



He could bail out, but couldn't leave Hong Kong till first half of September…

This is America at her greatest. This is the America we want. This is the America we miss, @realDonaldTrump.

نيك سعودية ورقص مكوة خليجي مصري لبناني سوري #سكس محارم افلام سكس نيويورك America صورتك وانت شايب…

GOP lawmaker backs Trump attacks on Dem lawmakers: "'I'll pay for their tickets out of" America


Crisis venezolana hunde los indicadores de hambre en América Latina según la FAO


Diana López Iriarte EEUU ( San Francisco ) DEL 24 AL 29 SEPTIEMBRE 2019… Isabela Delcourt. Whatssap: +1- 408- 599- 8119. Mail: DIANA LÓPEZ IRIARTE - GIRA DE AMERICA 2019…


StarArena Facebook Update - IZ*ONE 1st Concert 'EYES ON ME' in HONG KONG


been on twt for a year and I don't know how many times I've seen this meme on my tl already and they never fail to get likes, B/TS are relevant and it's impossible not to mention them when talking abt sk/kpop just accept it or focus on ur faves to make them relevant too lmao…

everyone who liked metal in their teenage and childhood years now likes kpop it's a fact no i do not accept criticism

#REPOST ภาพถ่ายแรกของดีโอ EXO ในลุคทหารหนุ่มถูกปล่อยออกมาแล้ว! #DO #EXO #ข่าวบันเทิงเกาหลี #KPOP

i hate kpop, bitches be like “i love the world's best main dancer" fuck u which one #MGMAVOTE #BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink


วี BTS เผยเขากำลังป่วยเป็นโรคลมพิษ


nsfw kpop accounts are so scary you’ll literally ask them how their day is going and they’ll reply with a slow motion compilation of their idol thrusting the ground

[#INFO] #Hyoyeon hará su comeback con el sencillo "Badster" el 20 de julio Saldrá en coreano y en inglés…


#HongKong police arrest 47 people during Sunday protest


7/20 Hong Kong concert support 2: see attached picture:) Location will be announced later. See you all and keep safe. #최강창민 #changmin #チャンミン #동방신기 #TVXQ #東方神起 #TVXQ_CONCERT_CIRCLE_with


“She is waiting for an excuse,” the post reads. “Would you die for her?” Rumour has spread on the net since ytd that Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, is expecting a cop to be accidentally “killed” by #antiELAB protesters so that she could reverse public opinion. #ExtraditionLaw


Nhưng mà đấy hqua t cũng bảo với Di là dù Mnet ship Hoàng Kim thật nhưng chỉ có Gum chắc suất thôi chứ Thịnh thì chưa đâu...

sáng h lăng xăng ngoài đường nhận tiền từ các bạn fan nước ngoài nè, tổng cộng $380, mai mình sẽ ra tiệm vàng đổi sang tiền việt vì đổi ở đấy giá sẽ ok hơn là NH~~

The morning after a long night awaiting a Viet Cong ambush that never came. 40 miles East of Saigon, Vietnam, 1965. See more photos here:


Nike Air Max 200 “Mystic Green” Release Date: July 19th, 2019 $120


Nike Air Max 200 “Mystic Green” Release Date: July 19th, 2019 $120


I have pho cravings but it’s midnight and it’s not possible to obtain delicious Vietnamese noodles at this hour. This is the worst.

UNDERCOVER x Nike Daybreak Release Date: July 19th, 2019 $160


When you’re Vietnamese, soup is life ....


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