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Alright folks. Another day off for us today (fucking part timers) but back on it with fresh headliners content tomorrow. Going forward if we feel like we do not have the content, then we wont upload. Quality over quantity for sanity. Still shit content though sorry. M

not responding to my dms. i no longer do promos

you do not talk to a woman or any girl in a way you wouldnt talk to your fucking siblings or mum what the fuck is wrong with certain men i cannot phathom it im just gonna start hitting men with my car im fed up lets see how they feel about catcalling n staring with broken legs

Doesn’t matter what Susan, Cory, Mitt and Lisa do; John Bolton, a man who has engineered his own agenda for a very long time, will not go softly into the night

Lucky Cat have fun. What are you waiting for? Download it to get reward.

ていさんがタイムラインに投稿しました! いますぐチェック! #メッセ, #iPhone, #暇つぶし, iOS: Android:

Oh džīz... Just Google it! Don't ruin my mood by your ignorance. I'm not free info on topic X.…

ALERTE INFO - Gaultier annonce que son défilé haute-couture mercredi à Paris sera son "dernier"…


Who else noticed Bernie cut it short with Billionaire Tom Steyer? No small talk. No looking for donations or other crap. I’ve lived in the DC Area my whole life. It’s rare to see a politician brush off a Billionaire. Working people? Yes. Billionaires? Not so much. #ITrustBernie

Does #octranspo GM John Manconi start to understand the problem? The LRT technology is not new and used worldwide but surprisingly I cannot find any incident with overhead wire in Paris which has 10 LRT lines! Still, our system already failed for this reason! #ottnews #ottLRT…

Michael Moore slams Elizabeth Warren over Bernie Sanders scandal…

Trump Calls Out Dems' Plan to Rig Election Against Bernie Sanders....and Pelosi is Involved… via @gatewaypundit

Me being 12 and not knowing english thought they sang «you’re my crib tonight» instead of «you’re my kryptonite» in one thing…

Un CRS perd son sang-froid sur une jeune fille... #greve17janvier #Paris

이러다 용커를 하나 열게 생김

i'm completely smitten for you, my love. it's been such an honor to witness you shine! #SehunAtBerlutiPFW

Sinh nhật 4 đứa nhỏ Blackpink đến nhanh thật. Thấy sinh nhật Jisoo là biết sn Jennie sắp tới, nhắm mắt phát đến sinh nhật em Chaeng, quay qua quay lại lại đến sinh nhật Lisa:))

i still wanna know the fact why Antoine arnault followed jisoo on ig? huwayyy the fact she’s the only k-idol on his following? whyyy?

the ghost of whitney houstan entering jisoo’s body

32tr stream ko bằng 1 nửa stream của DNWTDWY của 2 màu mà đã là No.1, nhạc sờ mờ hẻo vậy @.@ hàn lâm quá nên ko ai nghe chăng ?


Google'ın sahibi trilyonerler kulübüne katıldı


I had never been to the Ensemble Theatre before. The bar has an amazing view??


Mapy Google wiedzą co dla mnie dobre :)


Here's how you can stay away from online UPI frauds on apps like #GooglePay , #PhonePe and #BHIMUPI…

Cómo quitar los anuncios de Realme al instalar aplicaciones de Google Play // Vía xatakandroid

Donald trump what an ass

Our Justice Dept. is suffering from political rot under Trump-Barr. Investigating Years-Old Leaks and Appears Focused on Comey

You must admit Trump is great material for commedians. They take the piss out of him everywhere, he does have funny mannerisms and hairdo.

Joker filmindeki sahne gerçek oldu: Televizyona çıkıp kız arkadaşını öldürdüğünü itiraf etti


Well, actually, in 2016 Bernie supporters regularly protested at Hillary events. A particularly ugly scene I covered was for WOC--black & Latinx women--and mostly white men set up a literal guantlet to jeer & scream at the women outside. I spoke with women who said it was scary.…

Bernie is Azor Ahai and Warren is Nissa Nissa. i will not be explaining further

#USMCA will harm family farmers. If you don’t believe that, think back on the lies told by backers of NAFTA, MFN for China and all the other bad deals. The same people who lied to farmers before are saying this is a great deal. It is NOT a great deal.…

yeonjun commenting to moa's posts in weverse while we're in war

the iconic mc trio ever, JinJiDo ♡ #JISOO @ygofficialblink



tangential to the point but I’ll always remember my first banh mi. It was from banh mi Saigon on route 9 in hadley Massachusetts on our way driving to see neutral milk in Hartford that’d be around fall 2012

So Now even the live stream host joins the long list of people who do not believe Pearl Jr's Bobby Anderson aka Peter Midani is Michael Jackson like he called in during the live stream and proclaimed himself to be. See, You can tap dance around and make a spectacle of yourself

i love you with my whole heart and we all do but enough is enough. why are you always quiet when issues need to be addressed? do we not matter to you? @Harry_Styles…

y’all sound like toddlers going against something we say just bc you think we’re telling you what to do. everybody has enough common sense to not scream during emotional songs dummy bitch

Do anything for you, is it not enough for you?

One key reason the lying fascist Democrats want to impeach Trump is because his policies work and are benefiting everyone. People are seeing what a President can do when he focuses on helping the American people and not the Party. Of course they hate him for beating Hillary.

So, from a purely storyteller perspective, I think it's great that Watchmen will only have the one "perfect" season. I haven't watched it but not everything needs or should have 10seasons.

Adventures in @Whisper : There are a lot of fake sugar daddies/mommies who troll the app looking for victims. I just had one say they saw my profile and it made them want to be my daddy. This is all you get in a whisper profile...


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